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Turkish PM storms off in Gaza row

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Erdogan dan Peres tampil dalam debat soal aksi Israel atas Gaza

Turkey’s prime minister has stormed off the stage at the World Economic Forum in Davos after a heated debate on Gaza with Israel’s president.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan clashed with Shimon Peres, whose voice had risen as he made an impassioned defence of Israel’s actions, jabbing his finger.

Mr Erdogan said Mr Peres had spoken so loudly to conceal his “guilt”.

He accused the moderator of not allowing him to speak and said he did not think he would return to Davos.

The Turkish PM stressed later that he had left the debate not because of his disagreements with Mr Peres but because he had been given much less time to speak than the Israeli leader.

Turkey is one of the few Muslim countries to have dealings with Israel, but relations have been under strain since the Islamist-rooted AK Party was elected to power in 2002.

Late on Thursday, a WEF official said that Mr Peres and Mr Erdogan had spoken by mobile telephone, and both men now considered the matter closed.

Palestinian children reportedly injured in an Israeli missile attack lie in hospital in Khan Younis, Gaza, 29 January

Many of the casualties in Gaza have been children, doctors say

Dinner time

In the debate, Mr Erdogan was cut off as he attempted to reply to Mr Peres.

Earlier the Turkish Prime Minister had made an address himself, describing Gaza as an “open-air prison”.

When the audience applauded Mr Peres, he said: “I find it very sad that people applaud what you said. You killed people. And I think that it is very wrong.”

The moderator, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, had given him a minute to reply, then asked him to finish, saying that people needed to go to dinner.

“I do not think I will be coming back to Davos after this because you do not let me speak,” Mr Erdogan shouted before marching off the stage in front of Mr Peres, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and an elite audience of ministers and international officials.

Mr Peres had told the audience Israel was forced on to the offensive against Hamas by thousands of rockets and mortars fired into Israel.

“The tragedy of Gaza is not Israel, it is Hamas,” the Israeli leader said.

“Why did they fire rockets? There was no siege against Gaza. Why did they fight us, what did they want? There was never a day of starvation in Gaza.”

He argued that Mr Erdogan would have reacted in the same way if rockets had hit Istanbul.

More than 1,300 Palestinians and 14 Israelis were killed during the three-week conflict which began on 27 December.

Mr Erdogan later complained that he had been allowed to speak for just 12 minutes compared with 25 for Mr Peres.

“I did not target at all in any way the Israeli people, President Peres or the Jewish people,” he said.

“I am a prime minister, a leader who has expressly stated that anti-Semitism is a crime against humanity.”

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PM Turki dianggap pahlawan

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Banyak warga Turki menyatakan dukungan atas sikap Erdogan
Banyak warga Turki menyatakan dukungan atas sikap Erdogan
Massa warga menyambut Perdana Menteri Turki Recep Tayyip Erdogan di Istanbul setelah dia walk out dari debat soal Gaza di Davos.

Ribuan warga di Turki berunjukrasa untuk mendukung Perdana Menteri mereka Recep Tayyip Erdogan, hanya beberapa jam setelah dia terlibat adu argumentasi dengan Presiden Israel, Shimon Peres, soal pertempuran di Gaza baru-baru ini.

Massa pengunjukrasa, yang melambaikan bendera Turki dan Palestina, menyambut Erdogan di Istanbul sekembalinya dari Forum Ekonomi Dunia (WEF) di Davos.

Dalam adu argumentasi yang berlangsung seru di Davos, Erdogan mengatakan, menyedihkan bahwa ada orang memuji Peres karena membela perang Israel di Gaza, mengingat begitu banyak orang terbunuh.

Shimon Peres mengatakan, tragedi bagi Gaza bukan Israel, tapi Hamas, yang menurut dia, menimbulkan kediktatoran yang berbahaya di Jalur Gaza.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan memperlihat reaksi marah ketika dia tidak diberi kesempatan untuk menanggapi pembelaan Peres atas operasi militer Israel yang menelan 1.300 korban jiwa, termasuk anak-anak.

Ribuan warga turun ke jalan di Istanbul untuk menyambut pesawat Erdogan.

Dia mengatakan kepada massa, bahwa nada dan bahasa Peres tidak bisa diterima, sehingga dia bertindak untuk membela martabat Turki.

“Saya hanya tahu saya harus melindungi martabat Turki dan bangsa Turki,” kata Erdogan.

“Saya bukan kepala suku. Saya perdana menteri Turki. Saya harus lakukan yang harus saya lakukan,” tandah Erdogan.

Wartawan BBC Sarah Rainsford di Istanbul mengatakan, ada kemarahan luar biasa di Turki atas operasi militer Israel terhadap Jalur Gaza, dan kini tampaknya dukungan publik atas aksi Erdogan di Davos meluas.

Erdogan dan Peres tampil dalam debat soal aksi Israel atas Gaza

Erdogan dan Peres tampil dalam debat soal aksi Israel atas Gaza

‘Pemimpin dunia’

Para wartawan mengatakan, massa pengunjukrasa berpekik “Turki bersama Anda,” dan beberapa menunjukkan plakat yang menyambut Erdogan sebagai “pemimpin baru dunia”.

Dalam debat hari Kamis, Erdogan terlibat bentrok kata-kata dengan Peres, yang suaranya meninggi saat dia dengan penuh semangat membela aksi Israel seraya menuding-nudingkan jarinya.

Erdogan mengatakan, Peres mengatakan berbicara demikian keras untuk menutupi “kesalahan”-nya.

Dia mengatakan, banyak orang terbunuh di Gaza, dan dia mendapati menyedihkan ada orang yang memuji Peres karena membela aksi Israel.

PM Turki kemudian menuding moderator tidak memberi kesempatan dia berbicara dan dia mengatakan, dia mungkin tidak akan kembali ke Davos.

Perdana Menteri Turki belakang menyatakan bahwa dia meninggalkan tempat debat bukan akibat ketidaksefahamannya dengan Peres, tapi akibat dia diberi waktu yang lebih pendek daripada presiden Israel.

Sementara itu, Presiden Peres mengatakan, dia berharap hubungan antara Israel dan Turki tidak terganggu akibat perdebatan sengit yang terjadi antara dia dan PM Erdogan.

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Zionist Jews- Godfathers Of Terrorism

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Eastern view of the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Fakhariyyah Minaret (wikipedia)

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Thursday, 22 January 2009 18:52

Palestine, the land of Palestinians, is located in the heart of the Middle East and Jerusalem where Masjid Al Aqsa, Islam’s first Qibla is located, has been its capital since time immemorial. At the turn of last century Palestine was a province of Turkey’s Ottoman Empire. It was a place where violence was unknown and one seldom heard people speak loud leave alone using a bad .Violence raised its ugly head in all its fury, with the advent of Jewish migrants to set up under the combined conspiracy of Jews and European colonial powers a Jewish racist state in Palestine to destabilise the Muslim Middle East.

A 2003 satellite image of the region, with national borders shown in light gray (wikipedia)

Turkey was defeated during World War 1 and Palestine was brought under the British Mandatory Authority. The Arab rulers, including the Saudis, sided with Britain during the war on a promise that Palestine would be given freedom after the war. However, instead of freedom Britain helped the Zionist Jews to drive out the Palestinians from their lands and homes and set up a separate state for migrant Jews.

Under this conspiracy, actively implemented by the British Mandatory Authority, Jews who had not even seen the place were brought in from Russia, Middle East and other areas to Palestine where even around 1990 about 95 percent of the population were Palestinian Arabs who owned ninety percent of the land.

The Palestinians were alarmed and worried at the rapidly growing numbers of violence-prone migrant Jews who started provoking them. For example, while the peaceful Muslims in Jerusalem were celebrating the Prophet Muhammad’s ( PBUH) birthday on 16 August 1929, the Jewish migrants hoisted the flag of the Star of David on the Wailing Wall and roused communal hostility against the Muslims by provocative slogans. This led to armed confrontation resulting in the arrest and the execution of many Palestinians in what was later called the “Tuesday of Blood”.

The Holy Land, or Palestine, showing not only the Ancient Kingdoms of Judah and Israel in which the 12 Tribes have been distinguished, but also their placement in different periods as indicated in the Holy Scriptures. Tobias Conrad Lotter, Geographer. Augsburg, Germany, 1759 (wikipedia)

The British Mandatory Authority trained migrant Jewish youths in warfare skills and provided them with sophisticated arms ,tanks and planes while Arab homes and even mosques were searched for arms;
Arabs who had penknives with them were arrested like criminals and punished. The British hanged Arabs who dared to oppose the arrival of Jewish immigrants on the lampposts of Jerusalem as a means of crushing the protest. Therefore, the British crime against the Muslims did not start with Tony Blair’s partnership in George Bush’s crusade against Islam and Muslims under the guise of war on terror.

Palestine and Transjordan were incorporated (under different legal and administrative arrangements) into the Mandate for Palestine issued by the League of Nations to Great Britain on 29 September 1923 (wikipedia)

In the midst of this calamity, migrant Jews established terrorist brigades such as Hagana, Stern and Irgun under the leadership of Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir. Later these Jewish terror gangs embarked upon a bloody campaign of manslaughter to terrorise the Palestinians, drive them out from their homes and grab their lands while the powerful and well-organised international Zionist propaganda machine deceived the world by justifying these crimes as they are now doing to camouflage their barbarity in Gaza. Thus began organised Jewish violence that still reeks with the blood and butchery of the innocent hapless victims of the region.

UN partition plan, 1947 (wikipedia)

On 22, July 1946, Menachem Begin and his gangs planted bombs in the basement of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, killing 91- 25 Britons,41 Arabs and 17 Jews. While echoes of this explosion were still being heard, there began a wave of violence which ruthlessly devastated the region from which it has not been able to recover to date.

It was this same Menachem Begin,”Godfather of terrorism”, who was later accepted by the champions of human rights in the West as the respectable Prime Minister of Israel and was even awarded the coveted Nobel Prize for Peace.His partner in crime against Palestinians Yitzhak Shamir who led the Jewish terrorist group Stern too became the Israeli Prime Minister.He proudly recalled later his notorious killings in Jerusalem to drive Palestinians out to establish the Zionist State of Israel.

The region as of today: Israel, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights (wikipedia)

These Zionists committed a series of reprehensible massacres against the Palestinian Arabs who were forced into exile by the millions.The US supplied, as it does even today at the cost of American taxpayers,the Israeli Zionist terror gangs with weapons and other means of destruction such as a huge quantity of TNT that was shipped to Tel Aviv.The Zionist terrorists, using a British police vehicle, exploded a barrel of TNT among a crowd of Arabs at the Hebron Gate Market place in Jerusalem killing twenty Arabs and wounding seventy others.

Designed to destroy the Palestinian resistance, Menachem Begin went on a murderous rampage and within a week butchered hundreds of innocent Palestinian men, women and children ­ 100 in the derailment of Haifa Cairo express and 254 in Deir Yassin, a village a few miles off Jerusalem.The Deir Yassin massacre has been one of the most barbarous crimes ever committed against humanity and could be coupled with the infamous “My Lai massacre in Vietnam”.

After dropping seven bombs on this small Arab village of Deir Yassin of 775 people Begin gunned or bayoneted 254 of its unarmed men, women and children of all ages including ninety-year- old Hajj Ismail Attich and the eighteen-month-old baby Mohammed who was butchered on the bosom of his mother. The mutilated bodies of the victims were thrown into a well in the village. Of the 254 victims were 22 pregnant mothers, a woman teacher by the name of Hayat Balabse who wore a Red Cross badge and was tending the wounded when she was butchered, a blind man, Mohammed Khalil Mustafa, and his wife, Latifa Mustafa, who was trying to lead him to safety when the attackers slaughtered both. The women, girls and the children who survived the holocaust were rounded up at dawn by Menachem Begin and his gangs and then loaded into Lorries to Jerusalem where they were paraded through the Jewish streets, jeered and spat upon. Menachem Begin pronounced this wholesale murder a “victory” and boasted about his crime as a memorable day in Jewish history.

Panic overwhelmed the Palestinians who began to flee in terror even before they clashed with Jewish forces. Haganah carried out merciless attacks on other fronts. All the Jewish forces proceeded to advance through Haifa like a hot knife through butter. The Arabs, unarmed and unorganised, fled in panic shouting “Deir Yassin”.

Commenting on this massacre, renowned historian Arnold Toynbee said in his book “A Study of History”: “The evil deeds committed by the Zionist Jews against the Palestinian Arabs that were comparable to crimes committed against the Jews by the Nazis, were the massacre of men, women and children at Deir Yassin which precipitated a flight of the Arab population in large numbers from districts within range of the Jewish armed forces, and the subsequent expulsion of the Arab population from districts conquered by the Jewish forces between 15 May 1948 and end of the year. The blood at Deir Yassin was on the head of the Irgun; the expulsion of Palestinians after 15 May 1948 was on the head of all Israelis.”

According to Moshe Menuhin, the real war “fait accompli” was precipitated at Deir Yassin by Menachem Begin and his terror gangs on April 9, 1948 ­ massacre, panic and the exile of the Arabs.
The irony is that Begin was not even a Palestinian. He fled his native Poland to the Soviet Union where he was sentenced in 1940 to a Siberian labour camp for his Zionist activities. Released a year later, he joined the Allied war efforts when Begin’s Polish army in exile unit was sent to Palestine under British Mandate, in 1942. He abandoned the army uniform in late 1943 and launched a war of ambush and sabotage against the British Authorities in early 1944. The British, condemned Begin as a terrorist and put a price of 10,000 Sterling Pounds on his head for all his crimes.

In the same cold-blooded vein Irgun, Stern and Haganah terror gangs massacred people in a number of other villages. On 14 April 1948 all the people including those from the village of Nasiruddin, except forty fortunate ones who managed to escape, were butchered to death by the bestial, blood-lust Irgun-Stern gangs.On 2 May 1948, carnage on the people was committed in the area of Mazraat El Khoury, overlooking Tiberias by Haganah gangs.
The bodies of many slain women and children were mutilated and a number of old people were beheaded and their limbs cut off. Young people were roasted alive when the Haganah locked them inside a house and set it on fire before the few surviving old people were finally set free by the Haganah .They advised Palestinians to tell their story to the Arab world and sarcastically asked the Arab states to come to their rescue. A mosque was blown up on 6 May, 1948 over the heads of villagers who were locked in by the Zionists at Al Zeitoon, Safad. The entire population of Beit Drass in Gaza was wiped out on 13 May 1948 in another savage attack by the Zionists similar to Deir Yassin massacre. There the pregnant women were bayoneted in the womb; bodies of others atrociously mutilated and all the houses in the villages were finally dynamited. This illustrates the Zionists’ bestial and brutal inhumanity to its best.

Menachem Begin admitted the heroic resistance of the Palestinians in Jaffa as the Zionists paid dearly losing considerable lives before they took over Jaffa. In his book Revolt Menachem Begin said that it was the attacks on Arab towns and villages that caused panic among the Arabs who had to abandon their homes and lands and started fleeing into neighbouring countries as refugees. Some Palestinian Arabs left out of fear while others were either expelled or forced to leave due to oppression or after their homes were destroyed. Palestinian refugees, in many instances, were physically expelled from their homes and villages.

The Zionists also caused the exodus of Arabs from Palestine, through loudspeakers installed in armoured cars, and sarcastically asserted that the road to Amman was open. Another method used was the mass destruction of their homes and villages. For example, two residential quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem, Magharbeh and Saadiyahs, were razed to the ground to establish a parking ground in front of the Wailing Wall.

Since then the Palestinians, driven out of their homes and lands, have been suffering in the refugee camps for more than seventy years. Tired mothers and hungry and sick children still hope in vain that the UN would settle their problems and let them return to their homes again. They still have the keys to their houses and the deeds to their lands now occupied by immigrant Jews. About a quarter million Palestinian Arabs took refuge in neighbouring countries. Visiting a refugee camp more than fifty years later, in 1990, the former British Foreign Secretary Waldergrave described the conditions there as appalling ­ thanks to his country.

In the midst of the Zionist violence and the Palestinian bloodbath, the state of Israel was proclaimed on 14 May, 1948 over a much larger part of the country than that was allotted to the Zionists even by the UN Partition Resolution. What actually emerged as the Jewish State was anything but the “state” planned for under the partition plan. It was the upshot of brute force created in violation of the principles of the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the very resolution under which the Israelis now claim sovereignty. Minutes after the proclamation of the Zionist state, recognition came from the White House in the USA followed by the Soviet Union, which played a crucial role in the creation of the Zionist state.

The Arab armies were to enter Palestine on that day to rescue what remained of the land and its people. But, as it is the case even today, despite billions of dollars worth of arms, the neighbouring Arab countries were hardly in a position to do anything without the fear of colonial intervention. Therefore, between Palestine and their seats of power, these rulers opted for power and abandoned the Palestinians as they had done even today when they abandoned the Gaza Palestinians who were roasted and toasted by the Zionist Jews.

In his preface to Palestine Diary by Robert John and Sami Hadawi historian Arnold Toynbee had this to say on the British treachery and betrayal: “If Palestine had remained under Ottoman rule, or if it had become an independent Arab state in 1918, Jewish immigrants would never have been admitted into Palestine in large numbers to enable them to overwhelm the Palestinian Arabs in this Arab people’s own country. The reason why the State of Israel exists today, why millions of Palestinian Arabs are refugees is that, for thirty years, Jewish immigration was imposed on Palestinian Arabs by British military power until the immigration was sufficiently numerous and with tanks and planes of their own”.

Rejecting the idea of a Jewish state, Albert Einstein, the world- renowned scientist said “the state idea is not according to my heart. I cannot understand why it is needed. It is concerned with narrow-mindedness and economic obstacles. I believe it is bad. I have always been against it.” Commenting further on the Jewish question Einstein said in his book Out of My Later Years, “I should much rather see a reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together than the creation of a Jewish state. Apart from practical considerations, my awareness of the essential nature of Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state, with borders, an army and a measure of temporal power no matter how modest. I am afraid of the inner damage Judaism will sustain.”
The Arab states appealed to the UN and other bodies, of course in vain, to find a peaceful solution. Sixty years later today the Arab rulers are still turning to these very same hostile UN and other forces for solutions to their problems.

The UN Mediator Count Bernadette arrived in Jerusalem in June 1948, the day after the four-week truce became effective in the 1948 war, to inspect thousands of Palestinian refugees in the nearby town of Ramallah, announced his plan for a peaceful solution to the Palestine question. His plan was to create an Arab-Jewish confederation that would cover the whole of Palestine, but with a much smaller portion allotted to the Jews than by the UN partition scheme. The Zionists did not like the idea and to lay it to rest once and for all, they killed Count Bernadotte himself.

Using heavy artillery, 300 Zionist troops attacked the Arab village of Qibyah in the Ramallah district on the midnight of 13 October, 1953. On the following morning the bodies of seventy of its inhabitants, including old men, women and children, were found under the debris of the dynamited houses. The Arabs’ demanding imposition of sanctions on Israel and payment of compensation to the victims’ families by the perpetrators of the crime, was rejected by the big powers in the UN Security Council.

Three years later on 29 October 1956, the Zionists killed 49 Arabs in the village of Kafr Kassim. Israel referred to the massacre as people having been injured by the frontier guards. At 4.30 PM on that day, Zionist Frontier Guards informed the Mukthar of the village to inform the people that a curfew would be imposed from 5 PM to dawn. Mukthar Wadi Ahmed Sursur told the Zionists that about 400 villagers worked outside the village and he could not inform them as time was short. The Frontier Guards promised Mukthar that all men returning from work would be allowed to pass. However, a bitter fate awaited the villagers when they did return from the day’s work as the Zionist gangs massacred them in cold blood without any rhyme or reason.
On the eve of the 1956 war against Egypt by the combined forces of Britain, France and Israel to expropriate the Suez Canal, the Israeli forces made a number of reprisal raids on its northern Arab neighbours in a series of cover up moves to hide their real intentions of a blitz on Egypt. The biggest of these was in Qalquilya in Jordan where, according to UN observers, 48 Arabs were killed. But the mobilization was so large it could no longer be kept a secret. The Zionist troops invaded Sinai, destroyed the Egyptian bases and defeated the Egyptian army before reaching the Gulf of Aqaba so that Israeli warships could use the Red Sea.

In a well calculated war Israel ,backed by the US and Europe ,attacked Egypt, Syria and Jordan in June 1967 and
captured Sharm el Sheikh and occupied the Gaza strip, Sinai Peninsula, West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights .

On 11 June 1967 the cease-fire became effective between Israel and the Arab states. Arab hopes and aspirations were shattered and the Palestinians, languishing in the refugee camps, were thoroughly disillusioned not knowing where to turn to. As the Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Dayan arrogantly said “I don’t want any Arab in my Jewish State” the Zionist troops began committing atrocities on the civilian population of Jerusalem from June 5 to 8, 1967. In her book “War in Jerusalem”, Sister Marie Theresa, who rendered great assistance to the victims described in the following detail the crimes committed by the Zionist Jews;

“Her convent sustained a direct hit during the Israeli raids as a dozen severely wounded and strangely burnt persons lay with their abdomens open and their arms torn out. The arm of one of the women had to be amputated. All had faces riddled with deep burns that made holes in their skins. They said nothing, not even groaning, but gaped with their black eyes fixed and aghast. The Israeli planes had chosen for their targets, some of the poorest quarters of the Old City like Bab Zahreh and Bab Hottah, knowing very well how crowded they were and that there was no military gain to be scored by such savage raids.

Sister Theresa added “we run to the hospital to bury the dead piling at the entrance. The stench was so horrible in the heat that we have to wear masks. We walk in maggoty pools of blood. In the midst of our despair at not being able to find a vehicle for carrying the dead, a Jew arrives to ask about a dead man. To our surprise, we find that the requested man’s body is embalmed, he was English and his rich family had paid for the embalmment. An Israeli ambulance was coming to pick it up. Nothing however for the bodies of the rest! One by one we carry them away with utmost care all the time because the limbs were coming off…. as we approached the Muslim cemetery, a car came up with Moshe Dayan, the Chief Rabbi and Levi Eshkol in it. Jews applauded and the motorcade drove in triumph toward the Temple.

During her visit to the Muslim cemetery, Sister Marie Theresa saw a man “bury his wife and daughter… and massacred children whose skulls broke open”. Upon leaving the place there were a number of Israeli girls who were bursting out with laughter and looking very intoxicated with victory, as they carried revolvers in their hands”.
“In Bethlehem, Israeli cars with amplifiers warned the inhabitants in Arabic that they had two hours to leave their homes and flee towards Jericho and Amman, otherwise their homes would be bombed.”
“We drove slowly in search of the dead woman who was seen in a ditch the day before. Eventually we spotted her and got down to find that she was still clasping the two loaves of bread she had gone out to fetch for her children during the battle. We dug a hole under a rock and buried her in it together with her loaves. We started off again. Three kilometres further on, we came upon two wounded Arabs who had been in that same place by the road for the past three days. Many Israeli vehicles had passed, but none bothered to stop. We carried them to the hospital in Jerusalem”.

Back in Jerusalem, these companions of Jesus were shocked by the cruelty of the Jewish invaders. “With curfew imposed everywhere the Arabs cannot move or work and the families ran short of food. The second wave of Israelis consisted of thieves, looters and sometimes murderers, but the third is even worse for it appeared to be driven only by the thought of death and destruction according to a systematic plan. In the evening Father Paul sees Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli Chief of Staff, without any use. “Anguish grips us like a beast that chokes and wrings the heart. The war is over, but we have been too close to the slaughtered lamb. That fifteen-day-old baby. I think of myself as still holding it to me, bruised and blood-smeared all over. When I wake up during the night, scenes pass through my head and I want to scream. Father Paul was so overwhelmed he could not do a thing”.

These were only a handful of incidents to quote, as the list grew longer and longer. In his book David and Goliath, Ernest Trost tells a story which sums up the Israeli attitude quite well.

“An American, an Englishman, a Frenchman and an Israeli are on the menu of a cannibal banquet. Before they are put in the pot, each one was granted a last favour by the cannibal chief. The American asks for a hotdog, the Englishman for a glass of whisky, the Frenchman for a pretty girl. The Israeli says; I would like somebody to give me a kick up the backside. Rather surprised, the chief sends for his strongest warriors who take great delight in acceding to the Israeli’s request. The Israeli lands a little way off, draws two pistols from his pockets and opens fire on the cannibal chief and his men. The others, panic stricken, run away. The American, the Englishman and the Frenchman run over to him and asked why he did not use his gun earlier. The Israeli replies with a smile, “We Israelis never fight unless we are attacked”.

While the 1956 Zionist aggression was carried out in collaboration with France and Britain, in June 1967, the US was the partner in crime with the Jews against the Arabs. There was jubilation everywhere in the capitals of Europe and the US. Britain and France were happy that this time the Zionists successfully avenged, on their behalf, their set backs in the 1956 aggression against Egypt.

Israel occupied and razed more than 400 Palestinian villages between 1948 and 1967 and established exclusive Jewish settlements in their place. There was hardly a word about this too. Almost six months later, the UN managed to pass a resolution No 242 in November 1967, which did not recognise the rights of the Palestinians to return home or statehood; instead stated that Israel should have secure and recognised boundaries.

Later the Zionists and their Western masters exploited the growing rift between Yasser Arafat’s PLO and Jordan’s playboy King Hussein and used Hussein to crush the PLO by killing about 30,000 Palestinians in the streets of Amman in September 1970. South African-born Zionist Foreign Minister Abba Eban threatened military action to protect King Hussein when Syria tried to intervene and stop the carnage in Amman. Since then King Hussein became the sweetheart of the West, which affectionately described him as the plucky little king who was given a grand political funeral when Israelis brought in world leaders to Amman.

In 1982 Menachem Begin and his Defence Minister Ariel Sharon invaded Lebanon to drive out the Palestine Liberation Organisation which established its base there after being expelled from Amman .Israel thought that they could not control the West Bank and Gaza as long as the PLO was alive and the Palestinians would derive their political will from it. Most Arab dictators too wanted to see the demise of the PLO, as they are helping Israel to destroy Hamas in Gaza now.

Prominent journalist and historian Peter Mansfield said that “anyone now doubting that Menachem Begin, his cabinet and his generals are not a danger to the world peace on the same scale as Hitler and Mussolini is beyond comprehension. After massive air raids Israel has launched a full scale invasion of a neighbouring country, slaughtering hundreds of civilians and terrorizing the population. It has brushed aside UN peace keeping forces and contemptuously dismissed the UN itself. Only South Africa can bear comparison, but beside Israel it appears cautious and restrained.
The attitude of the US is exasperating almost beyond endurance. The familiar pattern which we saw after the Israeli bombing of the Iraqi nuclear reactor and the annexation of Golan Heights is already repeating itself – initial condemnation followed by back tracking. It is no surprise that millions – not only Arabs and Muslims – are convinced that the Americans connived with the Israeli invasion , telling them to go ahead and not to bother about US public disapproval, because it would not be given any teeth.

As Beirut was bombed by air, land and sea, as they are now doing in Gaza, people throughout the world watched the wanton act of destruction unfolding beneath the relentless gaze of television. Within five days 8000 people, 2000 of them in Sidon alone, were killed by the invading Israeli forces and on June 12 and 13, about 400 Lebanese civilians, most of them women and children were blasted to death in their apartments. Hundreds of corpses were buried in one mass grave, now known as Martyr’s Square, in Sidon alone.

British journalist with conscience Robert Fisk who covered the war said in his book Pity The Nation that most of the victims were Muslims and on the edge of Sabra, the Muslim cemetery was so crowded with dead from the Israeli raids that corpses were being buried thirty feet deep in mass graves, one on top of the other.
The bodies in decay are disgusting. The smell of human remains in 100 degrees of heat nauseating and it contradicts our most deeply held values – love, beauty, gentleness, health, cleanliness, hygiene and life. Both physically and mentally that stench was the manifestation of our fear and revulsion. When we first walked down the stairs of the Sidon elementary school, where refugees from
Tire found shelter, were bombed by the Israelis on June 7 night, we faced the smell of those men, women and children killed. Why did they die here? How could such an abomination have taken place? If terrorism was a Katyusha attack on Galilee that killed, one, five even ten people what did this charnel house represent?”

This was not an isolated incident throughout Israel’s savage air raids as the Red Cross estimated at between 1,500 and 2,000 civilian fatalities in Sidon alone. According to the Red Cross, by the end of first week of the occupation 9,583 people were killed and 16,608 wounded. During the second week, the number reached 14,000, mainly civilians, killed and 20,000 wounded. A total of 12,000 men, women and children were killed in Tire, most of them in the Palestinian refugee camps at Rashidiya, Bourj Al Shemali and Al Bass. Nevertheless, the most horrific toll of casualties was in the Muslim areas of West Beirut where 2,461 were killed by the Israeli raids that also killed hundreds of others in many villages along the Litani River.

The air raids and massacres continued with Israel which, by then, had about 100,000 soldiers with 1,300 tanks in Lebanon, demanding complete surrender of the PLO whose forces were trapped in Beirut. As if the carnage by air raids were not enough the Jews began using, the US supplied destructive cluster bombs against West Beirut where the mournful exodus of citizens continued. No food was allowed in and the Israeli troops even grabbed baskets of food from Muslim women and threw them into the ditch. According to Robert Fisk, Phalangist militiamen grabbed two bottles of water from a 65 or 70 year old woman, smashing them saying “F…k your sister” in front of four Israeli soldiers, who laughed.

Describing the Israeli cruelty even in hospitals Dr. Amal Shamma of the Beirut Hospital said “after the Zionists fired phosphorus shells in West Beirut on 29 July, I had to take the babies and put them in buckets of water to put out of flames. When I look them out half an hour later, they were still burning. Even in the mortuary, they smouldered for hours”. Journalist Jim Muir described the invasion as an Israeli American double act, working in partnership, with the Americans trying to reap the fruits of the Israeli invasion.

American envoys continued to press for the PLO capitulation, as they were trying to force the Hamas to do now, which Israel demanded. Washington joined the Israelis in promoting an extraordinary misinformation campaign suggesting the PLO collapse was imminent.
Condemning the barbarous invasion three prominent Jewish figures, Nahum Goldman, Philip Klutznick and Pierre Mendes, said Israel would not be able to liquidate the PLO or solve the Palestine question. Describing the US as the real villain they pointed out that the main responsibility for chaos in the Middle East was with the US because of its military and economic aid to Israel. Former US President Jimmy Carter accused Secretary of State Alexander Haig of giving the green light for the Israeli invasion.

The PLO leaders, as pointed out by Robert Fisk, spoke savagely of the moral cowardice of the fellow Arabs, as they are even today, who failed to react throughout the Israeli carnage? The so called radical Arab nations that had broadcast appeals to mobilize the masses on Palestinian’s behalf failed to send their men or arms to support the cause for which they had fought four wars with
Israel. The Arab nations with their existing regimes were “as still as the grave”, as they are today, and they accepted the Israeli blows only with written – verbal condemnation.
In 1976, Christian militiamen stormed three Palestinian refugee camps in East Beirut. Syrian troops intervened and entered Beirut as part of an Arab Deterrent Force. Instead of offering protection late Syrian President Hafez Al Asad’s forces massacred about 30,000 Palestinians during this operation in Tel Al Zaater. In the melee, the Israeli-backed Christian militiamen massacred the entire population of Sabra and Chatila refugee camps despite the written assurances of US envoy Philip Habib and European countries ensuring the protection of the Palestinian civilians. Phalangists involved in the massacre said in Beirut that “pregnant women will give birth to terrorists; the children when they grow up will be terrorists”.

Robert Fisk, accompanied by two more journalists Loren Jenkins, an American, and Tveit, a Norwegian, who visited the camp on September 18 morning had this to say of the mass killing;
“All of us wanted to vomit. We were breathing death, inhaling the very putrescence of the bloated. There were women lying in houses with their skirts torn up to their waists and their legs wide apart. Children with their throats cut, rows of young men shot in the back after being lined up at an execution wall. There were babies – blackened babies because they had been slaughtered more than 24 hours earlier and their small bodies were already in a state of decomposition – tossed into rubbish heaps alongside discarded US army ration tins, Israeli army medical equipment and empty bottles of whisky. When we drove down to Chatila we had seen the Israelis on top of the apartments in the Avenue Camille Chamoun but they made no attempt to stop us. Walking across the muddy entrance of Chatila we found that these buildings had all been dynamited to the ground. There were cartridge cases across the main road and Israeli flare canisters still attached to their tiny parachutes. Clouds of flies moved across the rubble, raiding parties with a nose for victory.

Down the lane way there laid a pile of corpses: young men whose arms and legs had been wrapped around each other in the agony of death; all had been shot at point blank range through the cheek, the bullet tearing away a line of flesh up to the ear and entering the brain. Some had vivid crimson or black scars down the left side of their throats. One had been castrated, his trousers torn open and a settlement of flies throbbing over his torn intestines. The eyes of the young men were all open. The youngest was only twelve or thirteen years old and the bodies began to bloat in heat. On the other side of the main road we found the bodies of women and several children. The corpse of the middle aged women lay draped over a pile of rubble. One lay on her back, her dress torn open and the head of a little girl emerging from behind her. Another child lay on the roadway like a discarded doll, her white dress stained with mud and dust. She could not have been more than three years old and her head been blown away by a bullet fired into her brain. One of the women also had a tiny baby to her body and the bullet that had passed through her breast had killed the baby too. Someone had slit open the woman’s stomach, cutting sideways and then upwards, perhaps trying to kill her unborn child. Her eyes were wide open, her dark face frozen in horror.

They saw a young woman lying on her back as if she was sunbathing in the heat and the blood running from her back was still wet. The Israeli backed murderers who raped and knifed the woman have just left. Between September 16 and 18 more than 2,000 men, women, children and the aged were massacred in Sabra and Chatila. While the slaughter was going on inside the camp, as quoted by Robert Fisk, outside the entrance to Chatila on Friday at 4 pm James Pringle of Newsweek asked militiamen of Haddad’s forces what was going on inside the camp. The gunman replied simply and in English “We are slaughtering.” Pringle first thought it was a joke only to realise the horror within hours.

As confirmed later the massacre was committed by the Christian allies ­ uniformed, armed, trained, paid and fed by Zionists Jews as their own creatures. Some wearing Phalangist insignia and others dressed in the uniform of Haddad’s militia they were, about thirty, brought in at number one runway at Beirut airport, 24 hours before the massacre, on Thursday September 16, by the Israeli air force Hercules transport aircraft. The Israelis under Ariel Sharon, as admitted later, who controlled the camps, let the killers inside who began to knife and cut the throats of women and children in Chatila and later started sniping with rifles at anyone who moved out of doors. But the real massacre began with mass killings on 17 September Friday afternoon watched from the nearby stadium by the Israelis and Ariel Sharon. Most of those murdered were secretly and hurriedly buried in mass graves beneath the golf course between Chatila and the airport with bulldozers brought well in time for the purpose to cover up the crime. The other bodies found in Chatila were buried near the entrance to the camp amidst great grief and nauseating stench.

Shocked by the crime many countries asked how the Jews who have suffered so terribly under Hitler could be so heartless to commit such atrocities. Although Israel was responsible for the slaughter as an occupier Menachem Begin whose government was accused of “blood libel”, living up to his old reputation and terrorist qualities, announced, “No one will preach to us moral values or respect for human life, on whose basis we were educated and will continue to educate generations of fighters in Israel”.

Israel’s Kahan commission’s flawed report on the massacre, condemned Menachem Begin, Ariel Sharon, Eitan, Drori and other Israeli officers, concluded that Ariel Sharon should bear personal responsibility- for this genocide .Sick of Begin’s crimes even the Israelis came out on demonstrations demanding his resignation while Professor Yeshayahu Leibotvitz of the Hebrew University, the Editor of Encyclopaedia Hebraica said “the massacre was done by us. The Phalangists are our mercenaries exactly as the Ukrainians and the Croatians and the Slovakians were the mercenaries of Hitler, who organised them as soldiers to do the work for him. Even so we have organised the assassins of Lebanon in order to murder the Palestinians”.

As a result of the Israeli invasion, almost 17,825 people were killed between June 4 and September 1982. Ariel Sharon, a man of blood whose history of terror stretches back to the early 1950s when he ran a commando squad which slaughtered 69 Palestinians in the village of Qibbiya and who is known for his lead role in the carnage of Palestinian civilians in villages such as Kafr Kassim, Deir Yassin and other places decades later, was directly and indirectly responsible for this massacre. He did not end his crimes there.

In September 2000, Ariel Sharon triggered off the Palestinian uprising now known as Al Aqsa Intifada, entered Masjid Al Aqsa compound in Jerusalem accompanied by around 2,000 Israeli armed forces provided by Ehud Barak who, as prime minister, slaughtered stone throwing Palestinian men, women and children.

Ehud Barak’s suggestion for dealing with the Intifada demonstrators was to “cut off their body parts”. By any reasonable reckoning, he was a war criminal, destined only to exile and disgrace. His best friends are mentally deranged people such as Avigdor Liberman who openly advocates setting Beirut on fire, launching missiles at Tehran, destroying the Aswan dam and recapturing villages already handed back to the Palestinians. Despite all his criminal background, Ariel Sharon was elected as prime minister by the people of Israel in an overwhelmingly sad reflection on the part of the Israeli voters. The Western leaders went all out to set up international war crime tribunals to bring to book criminals such as former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic for Srebrenica massacre and Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet for his infamous “Caravan of Death, but it has been business as usual with Ariel Sharon the man held personally responsible for the largest massacre of civilians in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

It is a comedy of fact that Ariel Sharon” a villain of peace and architect of man massacre” was accorded a red carpet welcome as a” Paragon of Peace” at the White House by President George Bush-the big bully and a buccaneer of peace.

Receiving Ariel Sharon later at his private ranch Bush offered specially prepared chocolate wrapped in paper designed with the motif of the Israeli flag. Billions of dollars of United States’ tax payers’ money regularly flow annually to help the Zionist entity besides unstinted political, diplomatic, economic and military backing to continue its crime against neighbouring countries and their people. Tony Blair received Sharon at his office as a respected and dignified leader. Both Bush and his wife Laura prayed for Sharon’s early recovery when he suffered a serious stroke. This shocking behaviour of both Bush and Blair demonstrated to the world the brutal control the Jews exercise over the Anglo- American political establishment and political leaders, especially Bush and Blair who shamelessly claimed that they were fighting a war against global terror.

Sharon was given a free hand by Western leaders to kill Palestinians at will on a daily basis, destroy Palestinian homes, evict Palestinians from their lands and build thousands of homes for Jews. When the Zionists continue to kill innocent Arabs and shed their blood, the leaders in the West turned a blind eye. But they were outraged when a Palestinian killed a Jew who was occupying his house and land. Almost all Western leaders screamed and condemned such executions as acts of terror and describe Palestinians as terrorists. No Western leader has ever described Jewish crime and bloodshed in the Middle East as a form of terrorism.

In the midst , in a spotless democratic election held in January 2006 the Palestinians elected with overwhelming majority Hamas, known for their commitment to the Palestinian cause and pursuit of peace with dignity. This election was held under the supervision of former US President Jimmy Carter who described it as free and fair,
This budding democracy in Gaza alarmed Israel, the US and their European and Arab collaborators who wanted Hamas crushed at any cost. Arabs dictators were alarmed that their own people may demand democracy. Israel introduced inhuman measures to collectively punish the Palestinians for electing Hamas. Israel, backed by US and Europe, stopped all donations and cut off the flow of all money to starve Palestine into submission. The Arab regimes too joined this financial blockade knowing very well the misery they were causing to the Palestinians who needed this money to keep body and soul together.

The task of overthrowing the Hamas government was entrusted to Mahmoud Abbas who was bribed, armed and even given arms training by the US through Egypt proving to the world that the US claim to promote democracy is a farce.

Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery said “the message of Jews, the US and Europe to Palestinian is that you will reach the brink of hunger, and even beyond, if you do not surrender. You must remove the Hamas government and elect candidates approved by Israel and the US. You must be satisfied with a Palestinian state consisting of several enclaves, each of which will be utterly dependent on the tender mercies of Israel’.
In the midst of this gloom and while the world was busy watching the 2006 World Cup Football Championships, Israel’s latest Fuhrer Olmert turned Gaza into a yet another slaughter house aimed at crushing Hamas and the flourishing democracy there. As usual, the Western media failed to highlight the Palestinian sufferings and there was deafening international silence.

As expected, the US gave a free hand while spineless Europe called for restraint. India, once the champion of Palestine, virtually abandoned the Palestinians and embraced Israel and established a Delhi-Tel Aviv-Washington axis. The Arab leaders who counted on Indian support watched as helpless spectators. It was business as usual for China with Israel while the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan expressed his concern at the excessive use of force by Israel and the need to preserve Palestinian institutions and infrastructure.

Unable to bear the suffering, Hamas demolished the towering iron and concrete border wall that Israel erected since 2003 and broke open the Rafah border allowing hundreds of thousands to burst out and shop for desperately needed supplies in Egyptian border towns. In this unbelievable movement of joy and freedom they traveled by
car, truck on the foot and on donkey cart and the highway was jammed with packed taxis and pick-up trucks whose beds were filled beyond capacity and racing from Egyptian Rafah to al-Arish. Some journalists have called it a huge “jail break” and Gazans felt a deep exhale of relief joy — both rare commodities in this forsaken land.

Israel continued to tighten its economic blockade to starve Palestinians and force them to rise against Hamas. The situation deteriorated to such an extend that on 9 December 2008 Dr. Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Palestinians Territories, forcefully insisted on the need to protect civilian Palestinian population from being collectively punished by Israeli policies that amount to a Crime Against Humanity.

The UNHRC harshly reprimanded Israel for its policies and called for an end to their “cruel, inhuman and degrading” punishments. Falk insisted the UN International Criminal Court investigate into Israel’s atrocious crimes and those Israeli civilian leaders and military commanders responsible be indicted and prosecuted for violations of international criminal law.”

As a result Richard Falk who was on his way to the Palestinian occupied territories to carry out his officially mandated functions was detained at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv where he was forced to spend 20 hours in a small room before being put on a plane bound for Los Angeles. Falk’s mobile phone was confiscated to prevent him from contacting other officials of the United Nations before his deportation.

The detention of Richard Falk meant a clear violation of UN immunities, which protect UN envoys and their activities. Falk had been invited by the Palestinian Authority to visit the occupied territories to check the numerous and continued human rights violations by Israeli authorities. The civilized world and its institutions cannot continue to turn a blind eye while Israel commits all kinds of awful crimes against the Palestinian people. Many politicians in the West have been taking a cowardly approach on Israeli atrocities due to their fear of the Zionist lobbies in their respective countries.

Even in the face of Dr. Falk’s and the UNHRC’s findings and conclusions Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the other Arab regimes and the feckless Arab League, all remained silent .

The situation continued to deteriorate when Israel intensified its blockade and Egypt once again closing the Rafah border crossing. Condemning the terrible conditions of Palestinians former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, told the BBC during the first week of November 2008 that it was “almost unbelievable” that the world did not care about what she called “a shocking violation of so many human rights. Their whole civilization has been destroyed, I’m not exaggerating .It’s almost unbelievable that the world doesn’t care while this is happening.”
It was under these circumstances, using US supplied latest bunker buster missiles,F-16 warplanes and Apache helicopter gunships, Israel, in the latest of its war crimes against Palestinians on 27 December 2008 dropped around 100 tons of bombs on1.5 million defenseless and starving Palestinian population killing mercilessly 220 men, women, children and the aged besides wounding hundreds.This ruthless and senseless carnage continued unabatedly at the time of concluding this document on 9 January 2008 when the death toll chalked up to 760.

Television footages of scattered dead bodies of innocent little babies, beautiful small children , teenagers, brothers, sisters, parents and the aged ,some lying in a pile ,some being carried away by distraught rescuers and the wounded writhing in pain and reciting verses from the Quran. These pathetic sights melted the hearts of people all over the world- irrespective of religion, language, nationality and colour.

But, they failed to kindle the conscience of the ruling elites in the West and the Middle East as well, because they were party to this crime that was marketed well in advance by Israel Foreign Minister Tizipi Livni ­ a woman who justified this massacre. Israeli justification for this genocide is that Hamas firing rockets into southern Israel which in fact was the land of Palestinians grabbed by the Zionist Jews. However, these rockets are nothing more than slingshots against Israel’s military might and the Palestinians use them out of sheer desperation to highlight their just grievances.

As expected and as usual the most detested and despised US President George Bush, soaked in the blood of almost two million Iraqis, Afghans, Palestinians, Somalis and other Muslims, blamed Hamas. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown whose affection towards Jews has been too strong to condemn their crimes, was rather silent .After all it was British treachery and conspiracy that created racist entity of Israel whose crime records during the past three quarter century have been common knowledge.

President elect Barack Obama too failed to speak out despite growing pressure sending his own message-“Silence Speaks of Complicity”. After all, he must be grateful to the Jewish lobbies and corporate conglomerates that brought him to power. A British columnist pointed out “Britain’s Prime Minister Brown and his predecessor, now peace envoy Blair, both self-confessed Zionists, have given their undying support to a terrorist state (Israel) and steered Britain’s foreign policy on a course that has earned the opprobrium of civilized people. Our Foreign Office went so far as to say they were “deeply concerned” then spouted the mantra: The only way to achieve a lasting peace is through peaceful means”.Reiterating this, another columnist pointed out that this killing spree could not have happened without the tacit approval of America, Britain and the EU. The political pea-brains that direct the pro-Israel western alliance were partying, gorging themselves on Christmas fare or binge-shopping while this massacre of hungry women and children and their despairing men folk in Gaza was being planned and executed.

It has become clear on the fourth day that the Jewish carnage was planned executed by Israel in close coordination with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the PA. According to subsequent reports they were backed by neo con fascist Bush and Cheney in their drive to cause problems to the incoming President Barrack Obama.Some reports disclosed that, though the PA President Mahmoud Abbas slammed this as “barbaric” and “unnecessary “for months he and his top representatives have waged a quiet but intensive campaign requesting Israel to target Hamas in Gaza just before his term in office is scheduled to expire on Jan. 9.

Hamas leaders have repeatedly warned that they will not recognize Abbas after January ninth. Instead, they will launch a major campaign to delegitimize the PA president and install their own figures to lead the Palestinian government. Abbas,
collaborator with the Zionists, expected a large-scale Israeli military campaign in Gaza to distract Hamas from undermining his rule. He has been fully backed by Israel, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak,
Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Jordan’s Abdullah.
Hamas accused the Palestinian Authority of planning to return to Gaza Strip with the help of Israel and was coordinating his moves with the Egyptians and the Saudis. A report by Palestine Information Center stated that Mahmoud Abbas has ordered his officials in Ramallah to set up an “emergency room” comprised of commanders of the PA security forces and the interior minister, to prepare for reassuming office ­perhaps over the blood, flesh, dead bodies and the sufferings of Palestinians and destroyed infrastructure of Gaza.

Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas representative, disclosed that members of the cell were
told to gather information about Hamas leaders’ secret hideouts and pass them on to Israel obviously to kill them. He said number of retired Fatah officers sought permission from Abbas to defend Gaza. However Abbas did not respond. This is the lowest depth to which Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestine Authority that served the Israelis more than the Palestinians, has descended.

In fact after months of persecution of Hamas in the west Bank, PA security forces, in cooperation with Israeli forces, launched the biggest ever crackdown in late October 2008, swept through villages, town and refugee camps , arrested Hamas men on the basis of a list provided Shin Beit ­Israel’s domestic intelligence, subjected them to severe beatings and ridiculed them for their Islamic life and practices. Their target was to destroy Hamas’ political, economic, social, educational and cultural infrastructure.

During a scandalous meeting between Israelis and the PA Security Chiefs in Beit El , near Ramallah, Palestinian General Diab al Ali, known as Abu Fatah, reportedly told the Israelis that ” we are allies, not enemies. We have a common enemy, it is Hamas”. When the details were published even sources within Fatah called him a traitor and demanded that his sacking.

Meanwhile London-based daily al-Quds al-Arabi reported on Sunday 28 that Egypt collaborated with Israel in this massacre to deal a blow to Hamas. Egyptian Intelligence Minister Omar Suleiman deceived Hamas into believing that Israel would not launch an attack on the Gaza Strip in the near future.

Citing sources close to former Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar, Al Quds reported, “Egypt told Hamas on Friday evening that Israel had agreed to begin talks on a ceasefire and would not attack Gaza before these talks ended. Egypt’s assurance persuaded Hamas not to evacuate its security compounds in accordance with routine procedures in place after any threats by Israel. Suleiman also convinced a number of Arab leaders that Israel was intending to launch only limited operations into the Gaza Strip to mount pressure on Hamas ahead of signing a new ceasefire agreement”.

In a heartless move Hosni Mubraka declared that he would keep the Rafah crossings with Gaza closed until Mahmud Abbas regains authority over the territory. Mubarak came in for strong criticism from the Arab and Muslim world for not fully opening its border with Gaza to enable Palestinians to purchase their essential items including food and medicine. However, George Bush thanked Hosni Mubarak for his role in facilitating the latest Israeli slaughter of innocent Palestinians. This was the shameful role of Hosni Mubarak, more a Zionist stooge than an Arab leader, who has become a source of humiliation to the Arabs and Muslims in general and the Egyptians in particular.

Two days before the carnage Mubarak held talks with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni triggering off charges of collusion that led to attacks on Egyptian diplomatic missions both in Beirut and the Yemeni port city of Aden.

Meanwhile it is common knowledge that Israel also had the blessings of Saudis whose long secret links with the Zionists have now come to open with their Islamic mask falling. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan have been puppets of Americans and the Zionists who rule America and one should not forget that these countries were hand in glove with the Zionists, America and Europe in all their designs and destructions against the Arabs and Muslims.

In one of the most humiliating decisions in the history of Islam ,Saudis rolled red carpet to receive George Bush, number one enemy of Islam, Muslims and humanity, though he should not have been allowed to step into the soil chosen by Almighty Allah to raise our beloved Prophet Muhammed ( Pbuh) and reveal the final message of Islam for the salvation of human beings. Once Hosni Mubarak and Saudi Abdullah were bought over the entire, Middle East was neutralized, enabling Israelis to kill the Palestinians at will. The result was the deafening Arab silence.
Yet the sights of death and destruction struck close to the hearts of brutally oppressed Egyptians who accused Mubarak’s regime of taking a spectator’s position while the blood of the Palestinians continues to be shed in the Gaza Strip. They asserted, “Arab governments are complicit in what happens to the Palestinians. These governments assisted Israel tighten its grip on the dispossessed Palestinians and kill them.”

“Mubarak and Tzipi Livni have agreed on the genocide of the Palestinian people,” read one banner. “Mubarak is an accomplice in attacks against the Palestinian people,” read another.

As pointed out by the World Socialist sources the hypocritical and lying reports of the pro Jewish Western media, which shamelessly described Israel’s aerial blitz against apartment blocks, police stations, universities, mosques and office buildings as an act of “self defense,” while equating the occupied with the occupiers and ineffectual homemade rockets with US-supplied F-16s, Hellfire missiles and “smart bombs. No Arab country has condemned this dastardly Jewish crime against Palestinians .Eleven days later, the Arab foreign ministers met with great reluctance, more as a public relations exercise, on Wednesday 31. Knowing the Arab dictators well, the expectations were extremely low when 22 Arab countries met .In fact the Arab populace knew well that it was unlikely that the league would agree to any concrete measure despite widespread protests across the Arab world.
As expected, the Arab League meeting decided to refer the matter to United Nations knowing very well that already a related UN Security Council Resolution was blocked by the US on Sunday 28. The US Security Council only managed to issue a ‘non-binding’ statement that called on Israel to voluntarily end all its military activities in the besieged region. One should not forget that US has so far vetoed over 40 anti-Israeli resolutions sought by the council since 1972. Since 2004, Washington has prevented the adoption of four other resolutions that called for Tel Aviv to halt its operations in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile reports also started to emerge on numerous websites that Saudi Arabia and Egypt tried to delay the so-called Arab summit to provide Israel with sufficient time to destroy Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal has reportedly put pressure on Gulf Cooperation Council countries to postpone the summit while the Saudi state-run news agency had earlier quoted Saud al-Faisal as saying that the GCC had not made a decision on a call for an emergency meeting on Gaza.

Meanwhile there emerged reports that Abdulla of Saudi Arabia has reportedly told President George Bush during a telephone conversation that he would not ask Israel to stop bombing Palestinians in Gaza.

In a sheer traditional display of Saudi hypocrisy, Abdullah called on Palestinian factions to unite against their common enemy when he received a delegation from the International Union for Muslim Scholars, IUMS, led by Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradawi. The question is who the enemy is when there were reports of Saudi collaboration in the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza. As usual, Al- Qaradawi praised Abdullah for his tremendous support for Islamic causes and for endeavoring to unite Muslim ranks. Perhaps al- Qaradawi was not aware that the Abdulla was hand in glove with Israel in slaughtering the Palestinians.

The immediate question is to save the Palestinians before thinking of unity.The need of the hour was for immediate concrete measures to stop the Israeli genocide. Instead displaying sheer hypocrisy and treachery at the opening of the Cairo meeting, Amr Moussa, General Secretary of the Arab League, called for an immediate meeting of rival Palestinian factions as a diversionary ploy.

Responding, the Iranian President Ahmadinejad warned that setting up committees and making speeches would not be an adequate response to the offensive that has killed nearly 400 Palestinians.

“If the Arab League does not want to do anything today, when does it want to act? Aren’t these oppressed Palestinians Arabs? So, when should the capacity of the Arab League be used? The Arab League should act quickly,” said Ahmadinejad who also criticized the United Nations’ failure to rise up to its responsibility and save the Palestinians.

These are the crime records of Zionist Jews with whom the Arab rulers were competing to establish good relations. What a shame?
The Arab rulers have become collaborators with Israel to slaughter their own people to help implement Zionist Jewish evil designs on the Middle East.
Sixty years later today Israel has emerged as the only lawless racist entity of its kind, living up to its illegitimate birth, threatening not only the Middle East, but also the entire world. There is one thing common to all Zionist leaders- from Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu and Yitzhak Rabin to Olmert, Ehud Bark and Tzipi Livini – they are all soaked in Palestinian blood and even the entire perfume industry in the world will not be able to purify them of their sins.
War crimes or human rights violations committed by the major powers or their allies in particular are always treated with impunity, not necessarily according to different yardsticks and standards and go unpunished. The prospects are certainly not encouraging in the case of Israel, which has long been allowed by its Western sponsors to violate a string of UN Security Council resolutions, while other states in the region are subjected to lethal sanctions, and bombing attacks for their transgressions.

The state of Israel is a unique in the sense this is the only case in known history where:

· Sons of the soil, Palestinians, who lived there for more than 4,000 years, were killed and kicked out at gunpoint to languish as refugees in abject poverty to accommodate Jews who hade not even set eyes on this land.

· Jews from any part of the world could settle down in the occupied Palestinian lands, only because they are Jews, whereas the Palestinians, driven out of their homes and still holding the keys to their houses and title deeds for the lands were not permitted to return.

· The United Nations violated its very charter by recognizing a state for these migrant Jews while depriving the sons of the soil, the Palestinians, a home and state on their own lands from where they were driven out.

· History of Zionism has become nothing but a history of crimes, conspiracies, bloodshed, murders, massacres and lawlessness.

· Israel – The only entity in known history that repeatedly elects mass murderers and war criminals as prime ministers.

· The only entity that has caused unprecedented damage to the image of righteous Jews.

· The only entity where a Rabbi, Jewish priest, supposed to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet Moses and occupying Palestinian land could proudly say that the lives of one million Palestinians are not worth a fingernail of a Jew and gets away with it.

Western leaders dare not utter a word against the Zionists and their crimes, as they are well aware of the disastrous consequences. The international Jewry will react promptly and ruthlessly, bring out their skeletons from the cupboards, disgrace and finish them off once and for all. Just to cite two cases were the plight of former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldhiem who later became Austrian Chancellor and failed to please the Zionists and the former US President Bill Clinton, who was disgraced by the scandalous sex liaison with Monica Lewinsky, when he tried to negotiate peace between Israel and Palestinians was not to their liking.

The situation is such that the leaders of the West and even the Middle East simply need to listen to the dictates of international Jewry which brutally controls the economy, finance, industry, media, entertainment and thereby the politics, political establishments and politicians and rule as the invisible force behind the throne in the entire West and thus the world. The philosophy is “toe the line, turn a blind eye to their crimes to survive and thrive. Or else stand up to Jewish crimes, face their wrath, suffer in disgrace and ruin your life”.
Sixty years of Zionist Jews’ crime records have proved beyond doubt that they are not normal human beings with normal human feelings and respect to the feelings of others. Instead they have become heartless and merciless people hell bent on, usurping others basic rights, grabbing others lands and harming others under various pretexts and that too in the most brutal manner which may even make Hitler shy.
One should not forget that the Zionism was described United Nations General Assembly Resolution as a “form of racism”. There is no place for thousands of years of cherished human values in their philosophy For example, Rabbi Yaacov said that “one million Arabs were not worth a Jewish fingernail. Reiterating this Israeli Prime Minister said in 1988 that “Palestinians would be crushed like grasshoppers… heads smashed against the boulders and walls while Menachem Begin described the Palestinians as “beasts walking on two legs”. These are the Jewish leaders accepted by the so-called civilised West.

What is appalling is that even some Arab leaders, ignoring the suffering Palestinians and their legitimate cause, opted to recognise and deal with the Zionists while some developing countries, including giants among them, have conveniently dropped the Palestinians in their rush to embrace and deal with the Zionists!

Now that the whole world including leaders in some Muslim countries too have turned against Muslims where do we Muslims stand and what do we do to save ourselves from future carnages? Ends

The Massacre

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Zionisme dibawa ke dalam agenda dunia di akhir-akhir abad ke sembilan belas oleh Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), seorang wartawan Yahudi asal Austria. Baik Herzl maupun rekan-rekannya adalah orang-orang yang memiliki keyakinan agama yang sangat lemah, jika tidak ada sama sekali. Mereka melihat “Keyahudian” sebagai sebuah nama ras, bukan sebuah masyarakat beriman. Mereka mengusulkan agar orang-orang Yahudi menjadi sebuah ras terpisah dari bangsa Eropa, yang mustahil bagi mereka untuk hidup bersama, dan bahwa penting artinya bagi mereka untuk membangun tanah air mereka sendiri. Mereka tidak mengandalkan pemikiran keagamaan ketika memutuskan tanah air manakah itu seharusnya. Theodor Herzl, sang pendiri Zionisme, suatu kali memikirkan Uganda, dan ini lalu dikenal sebagai “Uganda Plan.” Sang Zionis kemudian memutuskan Palestina. Alasannya adalah Palestina dianggap sebagai “tanah air bersejarah bagi orang-orang Yahudi”, dibandingkan segala kepentingan keagamaan apa pun yang dimilikinya untuk mereka.

Petani dan Tembok Ratapan di depannya, yang menggambarkan pemimpin Zionis Max Nordau, Theodor Herzl, dan Prof. Mandelstamm, melukiskan “Impian Zionis.”

Sang Zionis melakukan upaya-upaya besar untuk mengajak orang-orang Yahudi lainnya menerima gagasan yang tak sesuai agama ini. Organisasi Zionis Dunia yang baru melakukan upaya propaganda besar di hampir semua negara yang berpenduduk Yahudi, dan mulai berpendapat bahwa Yahudi tidak dapat hidup dengan damai dengan bangsa-bangsa lainnya dan bahwa mereka adalah “ras” yang terpisah. Oleh karena itu, mereka harus bergerak dan menduduki Palestina. Sebagian besar orang Yahudi mengabaikan himbauan ini.

Menurut negarawan Israel Amnon Rubinstein: “Zionisme (dulu) adalah sebuah pengkhianatan atas tanah air mereka (Yahudi) dan sinagog para Rabbi”.15 Oleh karena itu banyak orang-orang Yahudi yang mengkritik ideologi Zionisme. Rabbi Hirsch, salah satu pemimpin keagamaan terkemuka saat itu berkata, “Zionisme ingin menamai orang-orang Yahudi sebagai sebuah lembaga nasional…. yang merupakan sebuah penyimpangan.”16

Pemikir Islam Prancis yang terkenal Roger Garaudy melukiskan hal ini dalam sebuah pembahasan:

Musuh terburuk keyakinan Yahudi yang jauh ke depan adalah logika para nasionalis, rasis, dan kolonialis dari Zionisme kebangsaan, yang dilahirkan dari nasionalisme, rasisme, dan kolonialisme abad ke-19 di Eropa. Logika ini, yang menginspirasi semua penjajahan Barat dan semua perang antara satu nasionalisme dengan nasionalisme lainnya, adalah sebuah logika yang membunuh diri sendiri. Tidak ada masa depan atau keamanan bagi Israel dan tidak ada keamanan di Timur Tengah kecuali jika Israel meninggalkan paham Zionismenya dan kembali ke agama Ibrahim, yang adalah warisan bersama, bersifat keagamaan, dan persaudaraan dari tiga agama wahyu: Yudaisme, Nasrani, dan Islam.17

Dengan cara ini, Zionisme memasuki politik dunia sebagai sebuah ideologi rasis yang menganut paham bahwa Yahudi seharusnya tidak hidup bersama dengan bangsa-bangsa lain. Pertama-tama, ini adalah gagasan yang keliru yang menciptakan masalah parah bagi dan tekanan atas orang-orang Yahudi yang hidup dalam belenggu ini. Kemudian, bagi orang-orang Islam di Timur Tengah, paham ini membawa kebijakan Israel tentang pendudukan dan perebutan wilayah bersama-sama dengan kemiskinan, teror, pertumpahan darah, dan kematian.

Pendeknya, Zionisme sebenarnya adalah sebuah bentuk nasionalisme sekuler yang berasal dari filsafat sekuler, bukan dari agama. Akan tetapi, seperti dalam bentuk nasionalisme lainnya, Zionisme juga berusaha menggunakan agama untuk tujuannya sendiri.

Kesalahan Penafsiran Taurat oleh Para Zionis

Taurat adalah sebuah kitab suci yang diwahyukan kepada Nabi Musa. Allah berkata dalam Al-Qur’an: “Sesungguhnya Kami telah menurunkan Kitab Taurat di dalamnya (ada) petunjuk dan cahaya (yang menerangi)…” (Al-Qur’an, 5:44). Al-Qur’an juga berkata bahwa Taurat kemudian akan dikotori oleh perkataan manusia di dalamnya. Inilah kenapa apa yang kita miliki saat ini adalah “Taurat yang menyimpang.”

Akan tetapi, sebuah penelitian lebih dekat mengungkap adanya kebanyakan kebenaran agama yang terkandung dalam Kitab yang pernah diwahyukan ini, seperti keimanan kepada Allah, penghambaan diri kepada-Nya, bersyukur kepada-Nya, takut kepada Allah, cinta kepada Allah, keadilan, kasih sayang, cinta kasih, melawan kekejaman dan ketidakadilan, yang semuanya ditemukan di seluruh Taurat dan kitab lainnya dari Perjanjian Lama.

Terlepas dari ini, perang yang terjadi dalam sejarah dan pembunuhan yang terjadi karenanya juga disebutkan di dalam Taurat. Jika manusia ingin menemukan sebuah dasar, meskipun dengan memutarbalikkan kenyataan, untuk kekejaman, pembantaian, dan pembunuhan, mereka bisa menjadikan bab-bab dalam Taurat tersebut sebagai acuan. Zionisme memilih cara mutlak yang mengesahkan terorismenya, yang sebenarnya adalah sebuah terorisme fasis. Dan, ini sangat berhasil. Misalnya, Zionisme menggunakan bab-bab (dari Taurat) yang terkait dengan perang dan pembantaian untuk mengesahkan pembantaian orang-orang Palestina yang tak berdosa. Padahal, ini adalah sebuah penafsiran menyimpang yang disengaja. Zionisme menggunakan agama untuk mengesahkan fasismenya dan ideologi rasisnya.

Para Zionis juga mendasarkan pernyataan mereka pada penafsiran mereka tentang ayat-ayat yang berhubungan dengan “orang pilihan” yang pernah dikaruniakan Allah kepada orang Yahudi suatu kali. Beberapa ayat Al-Qur’an berhubungan dengan persoalan ini:

Hai Bani Israil, ingatlah akan ni’mat-Ku yang telah Aku anugerahkan kepadamu dan (ingatlah pula) bahwasanya Aku telah melebihkan kamu atas segala umat45. (Qur’an, 2:47)

Dan sesungguhnya telah Kami berikan kepada Bani Israil Al Kitab (Taurat), kekuasaan dan kenabian dan Kami berikan kepada mereka rezki-rezki yang baik dan Kami lebihkan mereka atas bangsa-bangsa (pada masanya). (Qur’an, 45:16)

Al-Qur’an menerangkan bagaimana pada suatu kali Allah memberkati orang-orang Yahudi, dan bagaimana pada kali lainnya Dia menjadikan mereka berkuasa atas bangsa-bangsa lain. Namun ayat-ayat ini tidaklah menyiratkan “orang pilihan” seperti apa yang dipahami orang-orang Yahudi radikal. Ayat-ayat tersebut menunjukkan kenyataan bahwa banyak nabi-nabi yang datang dari keturunan ini, dan bahwa orang-orang Yahudi memerintah di daerah yang luas pada saat itu. Ayat-ayat tersebut menerangkan bahwa dengan berkat kedudukan kekuasaan mereka, mereka “lebih diutamakan di atas semua manusia lain.” Ketika mereka menolak Isa, ciri ini pun berakhir.

Al-Qur’an menyatakan bahwa orang yang terpilih tersebut adalah para nabi dan orang-orang beriman yang Allah tunjuki kepada kebenaran. Ayat-ayat ini menyebutkan bahwa para nabi itu telah dipilih, ditunjuki jalan yang benar, dan diberkati. Berikut ini adalah beberapa ayat yang terkait dengan persoalan ini:

Dan tidak ada yang benci kepada agama Ibrahim, melainkan orang yang memperbodoh dirinya sendiri, dan sungguh Kami telah memilihnya90 di dunia dan sesungguhnya dia di akhirat benar-benar termasuk orang-orang yang saleh. ( Qur’an, 2: 130 )

Dan Kami lebihkan (pula) derajat sebahagian dari bapak-bapak mereka, keturunan dan saudara-saudara mereka. Dan Kami telah memilih mereka (untuk menjadi nabi-nabi dan rasul-rasul) dan Kami menunjuki mereka ke jalan yang lurus. Itulah petunjuk Allah, yang dengannya Dia memberi petunjuk kepada siapa yang dikehendakiNya di antara hamba-hambaNya. Seandainya mereka mempersekutukan Allah, niscaya lenyaplah dari mereka amalan yang telah mereka kerjakan. Mereka itulah orang-orang yang telah Kami berikan kitab, hikmat dan kenabian Jika orang-orang (Quraisy) itu mengingkarinya, maka sesungguhnya Kami akan menyerahkannya kepada kaum yang sekali-kali tidak akan mengingkarinya. (Qur’an, 6:87-89)

Mereka itu adalah orang-orang yang telah diberi ni’mat oleh Allah, yaitu para nabi dari keturunan Adam, dan dari orang-orang yang Kami angkat bersama Nuh, dan dari keturunan Ibrahim dan Israil, dan dari orang-orang yang telah Kami beri petunjuk dan telah Kami pilih. Apabila dibacakan ayat-ayat Allah Yang Maha Pemurah kepada mereka, maka mereka menyungkur dengan bersujud dan menangis. ( Qur’an, 19:58 )

Namun orang-orang Yahudi radikal, yang mempercayai keterangan menyimpang, melihat “orang yang terpilih” sebagai ciri kebangsaan sehingga mereka menganggap setiap orang Yahudi terlahir unggul dan bahwa Bani Israil selamanya dianggap unggul dari semua manusia lainnya.

Penyimpangan kedua yang terbesar dari sudut pandang ini menampilkan anggapan keunggulan ini sebagai “suatu perintah untuk melakukan kekejaman atas bangsa lain.” Untuk tujuan ini, para Zionis membenarkan perilaku mereka melalui kebencian-kebencian turun-temurun yang bisa ditemukan dalam beberapa hal pada Yudaisme Talmud. Menurut pandangan ini, hal yang lumrah bagi orang-orang Yahudi untuk menipu orang-orang non-Yahudi, untuk merampas hak milik dan bangunan mereka, dan, ketika diperlukan bahkan membunuh mereka, termasuk wanita dan anak-anak.18 Kenyataan menunjukkan, semua ini adalah kejahatan yang melecehkan agama sejati, karena Allah memerintahkan kita untuk melestarikan keadilan, kejujuran, dan hak orang-orang tertindas, dan hidup dalam kedamaian dan cinta.

Lebih jauh lagi, pernyataan anti-non-Yahudi ini bertentangan dengan Taurat itu sendiri, seperti ayat-ayat yang mengutuk penindasan dan kekejaman. Akan tetapi, ideologi rasis Zionisme mengabaikan ayat-ayat seperti itu untuk menciptakan sistem kepercayaan berdasarkan amarah dan kebencian. Tanpa mempedulikan pengaruh ideologi Zionis, beberapa orang Yahudi yang benar-benar percaya pada Allah akan mengetahui bahwa agama mereka mengajarkan mereka untuk tunduk pada ayat-ayat lainnya ini yang memuji perdamaian, cinta, kasih, dan perilaku etis, seperti:

Janganlah kamu berbuat curang dalam peradilan; janganlah engkau membela orang kecil dengan tidak sewajarnya dan janganlah engkau terpengaruh oleh orang-orang besar, tetapi engkau harus mengadili orang sesamamu dengan kebenaran. Janganlah engkau pergi kian ke mari menyebarkan fitnah di antara orang-orang sebangsamu; janganlah engkau mengancam hidup sesamamu manusia; Akulah Tuhan. Janganlah engkau membenci saudaramu di dalam hatimu, tetapi engkau harus berterus terang menegur orang sesamamu dan janganlah engkau mendatangkan dosa kepada dirimu karena dia. (Perjanjian Lama, Imamat, 19:15-17)

Hai manusia, telah diberitahukan kepadamu apa yang baik. Dan apakah yang dituntut Tuhan dari padamu: selain berlaku adil, mencintai kesetiaan, dan hidup dengan rendah hati di hadapan Allahmu?” ( Perjanjian Lama, Mikha, 6:8 )

Jangan membunuh. Jangan berzinah. Jangan mencuri. Jangan mengucapkan saksi dusta tentang sesamamu. Jangan mengingini rumah sesamamu … (Perjanjian Lama, Keluaran, 20:13-17)

Menurut Al-Qur’an pun, perang hanyalah khusus sebagai sarana mempertahankan diri. Bahkan jika perang akan diumumkan dalam suatu masyarakat, kehidupan orang-orang tak berdosa dan aturan hukum harus dilindungi. Suatu perintah untuk membunuh wanita, anak-anak, dan orang-orang tua tidak dapat disampaikan oleh agama manapun, kecuali hanya oleh tipu-daya yang berkedok agama. Dalam Al-Qur’an, Allah tidak hanya mengutuk jenis kebencian seperti ini namun juga menyatakan bahwa semua manusia sama dalam pandangan-Nya dan bahwa kelebihan seseorang itu tidaklah didasarkan pada ras, keturunan, atau segala kelebihan keduniaan lainnya, melainkan pada ketakwaan – cinta bagi dan kedekatan kepada Allah.

Hai manusia, sesungguhnya Kami menciptakan kamu dari seorang laki-laki dan seorang perempuan dan menjadikan kamu berbangsa-bangsa dan bersuku-suku supaya kamu saling kenal-mengenal. Sesungguhnya orang yang paling mulia diantara kamu disisi Allah ialah orang yang paling taqwa diantara kamu. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui lagi Maha Mengenal. (Qur’an, 49:13)

Terlepas dari kedok agamanya yang palsu, alasan sesungguhnya dari ketidakmanusiawian dan kekejaman Zionisme adalah hubungannya dengan mentalitas penjajahan Eropa di abad kesembilan belas. Penjajahan bukan semata sebuah sistem politik atau ekonomi; penjajahan juga sekaligus sebuah ideologi. Zionisme, yang percaya bahwa negara-negara industri Barat mempunyai hak untuk menjajah dan menduduki bangsa-bangsa terkebelakang di wilayah ini, melihat ini sebagai akibat alami dari sebuah proses “seleksi alam” internasional. Dengan kata lain, Zionisme adalah sebuah produk Darwinisme Sosial. Dalam kerangka ideologi ini, Inggris menjajah India, Afrika Selatan, dan Mesir. Prancis menjajah Indocina, Afrika Utara, dan Guyana. Karena terinspirasi oleh contoh-contoh ini, para Zionis memutuskan untuk menjajah Palestina bagi orang-orang Yahudi.

Kolonialisme Zionis menjadi jauh lebih buruk dibanding “rekan-rekannya” Inggris dan Prancis, karena paling tidak mereka (Inggris dan Prancis) mengizinkan daerah pendudukan mereka untuk hidup (setelah menyerah) dan bahkan memberi sumbangan kepada negara pendudukan dengan pendidikan, pemerintahan yang adil, dan prasarana. Namun, seperti yang akan kita lihat nanti, para Zionis tidak mengakui hak-hak orang Palestina untuk hidup; mereka melakukan pembersihan etnis, dan tidak memberi apa pun kepada orang-orang yang mereka jajah. Anda mungkin bahkan berkata mereka tidak memberi satu batu bata pun bagi orang-orang Palestina.

Pertentangan Zionisme dengan Yahudi

Sifat lainnya dari Zionisme adalah kepercayaannya kepada tema-tema propaganda palsu, mungkin yang paling penting adalah semboyan “sebuah tanah tanpa manusia untuk seorang manusia tanpa tanah.” Dengan kata lain, Palestina, “tanah tanpa manusia” harus diberikan kepada orang-orang Yahudi, “manusia tanpa tanah.” Dalam 20 tahun pertama abad kedua puluh, Organisasi Zionis Dunia menggunakan semboyan ini dengan sepenuh hati untuk meyakinkan pemerintahan Eropa, khususnya Inggris dan rakyatnya bahwa Palestina harus diserahkan kepada orang-orang Yahudi. Pada tahun 1917, akibat kampanye persuasifnya, Inggris mengumumkan Deklarasi Balfour bahwa “Pemerintahan Yang Mulia memandang pentingnya pendirian di Palestina sebuah tanah air nasional bagi orang-orang Yahudi… di Palestina.”

Kenyataan menunjukkan, semboyan “tanah tanpa manusia untuk manusia tanpa tanah” ini tidaklah benar. Ketika gerakan Zionis dimulai, orang-orang Yahudi tidaklah “tanpa tanah” dan Palestina pun bukannya tanpa manusia…

Orang-orang Yahudi tidaklah tanpa tanah karena sebagian besar mereka hidup di berbagai negara dengan damai dan aman. Khususnya di negara-negara industri Barat, persekutuan ibadat Yahudi tidak punya keluhan apa pun tentang kehidupan mereka. Bagi sebagian besar mereka, gagasan meninggalkan negara mereka untuk pindah ke Palestina tidak pernah terlintas dalam benak mereka. Kenyataan ini akan muncul belakangan ketika ajakan Zionis untuk “Pindah ke Palestina” secara luas diabaikan. Dalam tahun-tahun berikutnya, orang-orang Yahudi anti-Zionis yang kita bicarakan ini secara aktif menolak gerakan Zionis melalui ikatan-ikatan yang mereka dirikan sendiri.

Menerima dukungan resmi dengan Deklarasi Balfour, para Zionis merasakan dirinya berada dalam keadaan yang sulit ketika banyak saudara-saudara Yahudinya menolak pindah. Dalam hal ini, pernyataan Chaim Weizman sangat menohok:

Deklarasi Balfour pada 1917 diputuskan di awang-awang… setiap hari dan setiap jam dalam 10 tahun terakhir ini, ketika membuka surat kabar, saya berpikir: kapan hembusan angin surga lainnya datang? Saya terguncang karena takut Pemerintah Inggris akan memanggil saya dan bertanya: “Beritahu kami, apakah Organisasi Zionis ini? Di manakah mereka, para Zionismu?”… Orang-orang Yahudi, mereka tahu, menentang kami; kami berdiri sendiri di sebuah pulau kecil, sebuah kelompok Yahudi yang amat kecil dengan masa lalu yang asing.19

Surat yang dikirim oleh Menteri Luar Negeri Inggris Sir Arthur Balfour pada Lord Rothschild yang dikenal sebagai “Deklarasi Balfour.” Kanan: gambar surat aslinya; Atas: Sir Balfour.

Oleh karena itu para Zionis mulai terlibat dalam “kegiatan-kegiatan khusus” untuk “mendorong” pindahnya orang Yahudi ke Palestina, bahkan memaksa jika diperlukan, seperti mengganggu orang-orang Yahudi di negara-negara asalnya dan bekerja sama dengan para anti-Semit untuk meyakinkan bahwa pemerintah akan mengusir orang-orang Yahudi. (Lihat Harun Yahya, Soykirim Vahseti (The Holocaust Violence,), Vural Yayincilik, Istambul, 2002). Dengan demikian, Zionisme mengembangkannya sebagai gerakan yang mengganggu dan menteror rakyatnya sendiri.

Sekitar 100.000 orang Yahudi pindah ke Palestina antara tahun 1920-1929.20 Jika kita merenungkan bahwa ada 750.000 orang Palestina pada saat itu, maka 100.000 pasti bukanlah jumlah yang kecil. Organisasi Zionis memegang kendali penuh atas perpindahan ini. Orang-orang Yahudi yang menginjakkan kaki di Palestina ditemui oleh kelompok Zionis, yang menentukan di mana mereka akan tinggal dan pekerjaan apa yang akan mereka lakukan. Perpindahan ini didorong oleh pemimpin-pemimpin Zionis dengan berbagai imbalan. Akibat upaya yang giat di seluruh Palestina, Eropa, dan Rusia, penduduk Yahudi di Palestina mencatat pertumbuhan yang pesat dalam hal jumlah dan tempat tinggalnya. Bersamaan dengan adanya peningkatan kekuasaan Partai Nazi, orang-orang Yahudi di Jerman menghadapi tekanan yang semakin meningkat, suatu perkembangan yang semakin mendorong perpindahan mereka ke Palestina. Kenyataan Zionis mendukung penindasan Yahudi ini adalah sebuah fakta, dan masih menjadi salah satu rahasia sejarah yang paling terpendam. (Lihat Harun Yahya, Soykirim Vahseti (The Holocaust Violence), Vural Yayincilik, Istanbul, 2002)

Pertentangan Zionisme dengan Masyarakat Arab

Para Zionis tidak diragukan lagi telah melakukan kekejaman terburuk kepada orang-orang yang memiliki “sebuah tanah tanpa manusia”: orang-orang Palestina. Semenjak hari ketika Zionisme memasuki Palestina, para pengikutnya telah berusaha untuk menghancurkan orang-orang Palestina. Untuk memberi ruang bagi para imigran Yahudi, baik dipengaruhi oleh gagasan Zionis maupun takut pada anti-Semitisme, orang-orang Palestina terus ditekan, diasingkan, dan diusir dari rumah-rumah dan tanah mereka. Gerakan untuk menduduki dan mengasingkan ini, yang didorong oleh didirikannya Israel pada tahun 1948, menghancurkan kehidupan ratusan ribu orang-orang Palestina. Hingga hari ini, sekitar 3,5 juta orang Palestina masih berjuang untuk kehidupannya sebagai pengungsi dalam keadaan yang paling sulit.

Semenjak 1920an, perpindahan orang Yahudi yang diorganisir oleh Zionis telah dengan mantap mengubah keadaan demografi Palestina dan telah menjadi sebab terpenting berkepanjangannya pertentangan. Statistik yang terkait dengan peningkatan penduduk Yahudi ini secara langsung membuktikan kenyataan ini. Angka-angka ini adalah petunjuk penting tentang bagaimana sebuah kekuatan penjajahan dari luar negeri, kekuatan tanpa hak hukum atas tanah tersebut datang untuk merampok hak-hak penduduk asli.

Menurut catatan-catatan resmi, jumlah imigran Yahudi ke Palestina meningkat dari 100.000 pada tahun 1920an menjadi 232.000 pada tahun 1930an.21 Hingga 1939, penduduk Palestina yang jumlahnya 1,5 juta jiwa telah termasuk 445.000 orang Yahudi. Jumlah mereka, yang hanya 10% saja dari jumlah penduduk 20 tahun sebelumnya, sekarang menjadi 30% dari seluruh penduduk. Pemukiman Yahudi juga berkembang pesat, dan per 1939 orang-orang Yahudi memiliki dua kali dari jumlah tanah yang mereka miliki pada tahun 1920an.

1920 (September-Oktober)

Pengumuman resmi Deklarasi Balfour menandai awal perpindahan Yahudi besar-besaran dan cepat ke Palestina. Tabel di kiri memperlihatkan jumlah orang Yahudi yang pindah ke Palestina antara 1920 dan 1929. Selama masa ini, sekitar 100.000 orang Yahudi memasuki Palestina.

British Government, The Political History of Palestine under the British Administration, Palestine Royal Commision Report, Cmd. 5479, 1937, hlm. 279

Per 1947, ada 630.000 orang Yahudi di Palestina dan 1,3 juta orang Palestina. Antara 29 November 1947, ketika Palestina diberi dinding pembatas oleh PBB, dengan 15 Mei 1948, organisasi teroris Zionis mencaplok tiga perempat Palestina. Selama masa itu, jumlah orang-orang Palestina yang tinggal di 500 kota besar, kota kecil, dan desa turun drastis dari 950.000 menjadi 138.000 akibat serangan dan pembantaian. Beberapa di antaranya terbunuh, beberapa terusir.22

Dalam menjelaskan kebijakan pendudukan yang diterapkan Isrel pada tahun 1948, revisionis Israel yang terkenal, Ilan Pappe membuka sebuah rahasia, rencana tak tertulis untuk mengusir orang-orang Arab dari Palestina. Menurut rencana ini, setiap desa atau pemukiman Arab yang tidak menyerah kepada kekuatan Yahudi, yang tidak akan mengibarkan bendera putih, akan dibumihanguskan, dihancurkan, dan orang-orangnya diusir. Setelah keputusan ini dilaksanakan, hanya empat desa yang mengibarkan bendera putih; kota-kota dan desa-desa lainnya pasti akan menjadi sasaran pengusiran.23

Dengan cara ini, 400 desa Palestina terhapus dari peta selama 1949-1949. Hak milik yang ditinggalkan orang-orang Palestina dikuasai oleh orang-orang Yahudi, atas dasar Hukum Hak Milik Tak Ditempati. Hingga tahun 1947, kepemilikan tanah orang-orang Yahudi di Palestina adalah sekitar 6%. Pada saat negara Israel resmi didirikan, kepemilikan itu telah mencapai 90% dari seluruh tanah.24

Kelompok imigran ilegal yang diorganisir oleh pemimpin Zionis berhasil mencapai Palestina meski
menghadapi hambatan serius.

Setiap kedatangan orang Yahudi yang baru berarti kekejaman, tekanan, dan kekerasan baru terhadap orang-orang Palestina. Untuk memberi tempat tinggal bagi pendatang baru, organisasi Zionis menggunakan tekanan dan kekuatan untuk mengusir orang-orang Palestina dari tanahnya, yang telah mereka tempati selama berabad-abad, dan pindah ke padang pasir. Joseph Weitz, kepala komite transfer pemerintah Israel pada tahun 1948 menuliskan dalam buku hariannya pada 20 Desember 1940:

Pasti telah jelas bahwa tidak ada ruang untuk dua rakyat dalam negara ini. Tidak ada perkembangan yang akan membawa kita semakin dekat dengan tujuan kita, untuk menjadi rakyat merdeka dalam negara kecil ini. Setelah orang-orang Arab dipindahkan, negara ini akan terbuka luas bagi kita; dengan masih adanya orang Arab yang tinggal, negara ini akan tetap sempit dan terbatas. Satu-satunya jalan adalah memindahkan orang-orang Arab dari sini ke negara-negara tetangga. Semua mereka. Tidak ada satu desa pun, atau satu suku pun yang harus tertinggal.25


Gelombang perpindahan orang-orang Yahudi tetap tak surut selama Palestina ditangani Inggris. Akibat upaya yang dilakukan oleh tokoh-tokoh Zionis, sebanyak 232.000 orang Yahudi bermukim di Palestina antara 1930-1939.

British British Government, The Political History of Palestine under the British Administration, Palestine Royal Commision Report, Cmd. 5479, 1937, hlm. 279

Heilburn, ketua komite pemilihan kembali Jenderal Shlomo Lahat, walikota Tel Aviv, menyatakan pandangan Zionis tentang orang-orang Palestina dalam kata-kata berikut: “Kita harus membunuh semua orang-orang Palestina kecuali mereka tunduk tinggal di sini sebagai budak.”26 Banjir kedatangan imigran yang disebabkan oleh pecahnya Perang Dunia II membuat orang-orang Palestina sadar akan apa yang terjadi, sehingga mulai menolak tindakan-tindakan yang tidak adil. Namun, setiap gerakan penolakan dihentikan dengan paksa oleh kekuatan Inggris. Orang-orang Palestina merasakan dirinya berada di bawah tekanan organisasi teroris Zionis di satu sisi, dan tentara-tentara Inggris di sisi lain. Dengan kata lain, mereka menjadi sasaran kepungan dua musuh.

Gambar di kiri menunjukkan orang-orang Yahudi yang pindah ke Palestina pada 1930. Gambar di atas memperlihatkan Yahudi yang tiba pada tahun 1947. Sebelum orang-orang Palestina mengerti apa arti perpindahan ini untuk masa depan mereka, perbandingan penduduk di daerah ini bergeser untuk keuntungan Yahudi.

1) Negara tempat perpindahan di mulai
2) Jumlah Imigran Yahudi
3) Akhir perpindahan
Program perpindahan yang diorganisir oleh para pemimpin Zionis diejawantahkan dengan kecepatan mengejutkan, dimulai pada awal 1900an. Orang-orang Yahudi yang pindah dari Afrika Utara, Uni Soviet, dan berbagai negara Timur Tengah menggeser perbandingan penduduk di Palestina untuk keuntungan orang-orang Yahudi.

Selama kekuasaan Inggris, lebih dari 1500 orang Palestina yang berjuang untuk kemerdekaannya terbunuh dalam pertempuran yang dilakukan oleh tentara-tentara Inggris. Di samping itu, ada pula beberapa orang Palestina yang ditahan oleh Inggris karena menentang pendudukan Yahudi. Tekanan pemerintah Inggris menyebabkan kekerasan serius terhadap mereka. Namun, terorisme Zionis tak terbandingkan kekejamannya. Kekejaman Zionis, yang pecah begitu berakhirnya Kekuasaan Inggris, meliputi pembakaran desa-desa, penembakan wanita, anak-anak, dan orang tua seolah sebuah hukuman mati; penyiksaan korban-korban tak berdosa,; dan pemerkosaan wanita-wanita dewasa dan remaja.

Sekitar 850.000 orang Palestina yang tidak tahan akan kekejaman dan penindasan ini meninggalkan tanah dan rumah mereka dan tinggal di Tepi Barat, Jalur Gaza, serta di sepanjang perbatasan Libanon dan Yordania. Sekitar satu juta orang Palestina masih tinggal di kamp-kamp pengungsian ini, sementara 3,5 juta lainnya tinggal sebagai pengungsi-pengungsi jauh dari tanah air mereka.

Tanah Palestina Dibagi

1) Wilayah Inggris
2) Wilayah Arab
3) Wilayah Yahudi
4) Wilayah Internasional
Ketika Palestina berada di bawah kendali Inggris setelah Perang Dunia I, gelombang besar perpindahan Yahudi ke daerah ini dimulai. Perpindahan ini lambat laun mulai meningkat pesat. Selama masa ini, beberapa badan didirikan untuk menentukan bagaimana orang Yahudi dan Palestina berbagi tanah. Badan yang terkenal adalah the Peel Commission, yang dikepalai oleh bekas Menteri Luar Negeri Inggris untuk India Lord Earl Peel, dan Komisi Morrison-Grady, yang dibentuk melalui kemitraan Amerika-Inggris. The Peel Commission mengusulkan agar pengawasan Inggris ditingkatkan dan daerah ini dibagi antar kedua kelompok, hanya Yerusalem dan Haifa yang tetap di bawah kendali Inggris dan akan terbuka untuk pengamat internasional. Morrison-Grady Plan mengusulkan agar Palestina dibagi atas empat daerah kantong terpisah. Namun, anggota badan ini tidak memperhitungkan bahwa tanah yang sedang mereka bagi ini dimiliki oleh orang-orang Palestina selama berabad-abad, dan tak seorang pun punya hak untuk memaksa mereka membaginya bertentangan dengan kehendak mereka.

Polisi Inggris ikut campur dengan paksa ketika orang-orang Palestina memprotes meningkat pesatnya perpindahan Yahudi. Akibat bentrokan di Jaffa pada 1933, sebanyak 30 orang Palestina tewas dan lebih dari 200 orang terluka.

Orang-orang Palestina yang hidup di kamp-kamp pengungsian hari ini menghadapi kesulitan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan yang paling dasar sekalipun. Mereka hanya bisa menggunakan air dan listrik jika orang Israel mengizinkannya, dan berjalan bermil-mil untuk bekerja demi upah yang amat rendah. Bagi mereka yang pergi bekerja atau mengunjungi kerabat yang tinggal di dekat kamp pengungsian, perjalanan itu seharusnya tidak lebih dari 15 menit saja. Akan tetapi, kejadiannya sering berubah menjadi mimpi buruk karena pemeriksaan identitas di tempat-tempat pemeriksaan yang sering dilakukan, di mana para tentara yang bertugas melakukan kepada mereka pelecehan, penghinaan, dan perendahan. Mereka tidak dapat berpindah dari tempat A ke tempat B tanpa passport. Dan karena tentara-tentara Israel sering menutup jalan untuk alasan “keamanan,” orang-orang Palestina sering tidak dapat pergi bekerja, pergi ke tempat yang ingin mereka tuju, atau bahkan untuk menuju rumah sakit ketika mereka jatuh sakit. Bahkan, orang-orang yang hidup di kamp-kamp pengungsian tiap hari hidup dalam rasa takut akan dibom, dibunuh, dilukai, dan ditahan, karena pemukiman orang-orang Yahudi fanatik di sekitar kamp menjadi ancaman sesungguhnya mengingat pelecehan dan serangan yang dilancarkan oleh penduduk Yahudi fanatiknya.

Tentu, diusir dari rumah dan dipaksa meninggalkan tanah asal seseorang mengakibatkan banyak kesulitan. Namun, inilah takdir Allah. Sepanjang sejarah, masyarakat Muslim telah terusir dari rumah mereka dan menghadapi berbagai jenis tekanan, penyiksaan, dan ancaman oleh orang-orang yang tak beriman. Para pemimpin yang kejam atau orang-orang yang menggunakan kekuasaan sering mengusir orang-orang yang tak berdosa dari tanah mereka hanya karena keturunan atau keyakinan mereka. Apa yang diderita oleh orang-orang Islam di banyak negara, juga orang-orang Palestina, telah diwahyukan di dalam Al-Qur’an. Namun Allah membantu semua orang yang tetap sabar, menunjukkan akhlak terpuji, dan menolak menakut-nakuti orang laii meskipun mengalami kekerasan. Seperti yang Allah nyatakan dalam Al-Qur’an:

Maka Tuhan mereka memperkenankan permohonannya (dengan berfirman): “Sesungguhnya Aku tidak menyia-nyiakan amal orang-orang yang beramal di antara kamu, baik laki-laki atau perempuan, (karena) sebagian kamu adalah turunan dari sebagian yang lain259. Maka orang-orang yang berhijrah, yang diusir dari kampung halamannya, yang disakiti pada jalan-Ku, yang berperang dan yang dibunuh, pastilah akan Ku-hapuskan kesalahan-kesalahan mereka dan pastilah Aku masukkan mereka ke dalam surga yang mengalir sungai-sungai di bawahnya, sebagai pahala di sisi Allah. Dan Allah pada sisi-Nya pahala yang baik.” (Qur’an, 3:195)

Dengan demikian, akan datang suatu hari ketika semua orang-orang Palestina akan hidup dalam kedamaian, keamanan, dan persaudaraan. Tapi ini hanya dimungkinkan dengan menyebarluaskan akhlak Al-Qur’an antar manusia, karena akhlak seperti itu bersifat memaafkan dan toleran; mempertahankan kedamaian; menekankan pada cinta kasih; rasa hormat, dan kasih sayang; dan pengikutnya saling berlomba untuk beramal saleh. Ketika akhlak yang baik mengemuka, penindasan dan gangguan tidak dapat hidup. Dan lebih jauh lagi, ketika akhlak ini ditunjukkan dengan sepenuh hati, persaudaraan Muslim akan meningkat dan mereka akan mendapatkan kekuatan untuk melakukan sebuah perjuangan intelektual melawan kekejaman. Oleh karena itu, menerapkan sistem tata prilaku Qurani akan membawa kita menuju akhir dari kekejaman tidak hanya di Palestina, melainkan juga di seluruh dunia. Kewajiban umat Islam adalah menyebarluaskan tata prilaku tersebut.

Imigran Yahudi yang diajarkan dengan semboyan “Setiap orang harus bekerja dengan satu tangan, dan memegang senjata di tangan lainnya” segera mengambil bagian dalam gerakan Zionis. Sementara beberapa orang mengorganisir demonstrasi dengan spanduk bertuliskan “Yerusalem adalah Milik Kami,” lainnya mengebom desa-desa Palestina.

Dalam bab-bab berikut, kita akan membahas lebih dekat rasa sakit dan kesulitan yang dialami selama bertahun-tahun oleh para pengungsi Palestina. Namun sebelum kita ke sana, kita akan melihat teror Zionis dan teknik yang digunakannya untuk mengusir orang-orang Palestina dari rumah-rumah mereka.

Akibat kepungan selama 3 tahun oleh kekuatan Israel, kamp pengungsian Bourj al-Barajneh di dekat Beirut hancur total. Foto ini menggambarkan keadaan kamp pada tahun 1988.

Orang-orang Palestina yang tinggal di kamp-kamp pengungsian di Libanon dan Yordania masih berjuang mengatasi kesulitan besar selama bertahun-tahun. Kelaparan, wabah penyakit, cuaca buruk, dan berlanjutnya rasa takut akan serangan baru Israel menjadi kenyataan hidup mereka. Pemandangan barak yang didirikan oleh PBB menunjukkan parahnya kemiskinan mereka.

15- Amnon Rubinstein, The Zionist Dream Revisited, hlm. 19
16- Washington Post, Oktober 3, 1978
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19- United Nations Report, “The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem 1917-1988,” New York, 1990, tanda penegasan ditambahkan.
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21- Royal Institute of International Affairs, Great Britain and Palestine, (London, Chatham House: 1946), hlm. 61.
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24- Weite Diary, A 24617, entry dated 20 December 1940, Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem, hlm. 1090-1091.

25. Uri Davis, Israel: An Apartheid State (London and New Jersey, Zed Books: 1987), Introduction, tanda penegasan ditambahkan.
26. Schoenman, The Hidden History of Zionism, tanda penegasan ditambahkan.

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Daftar Produk AS yang Diboikot Oleh Para Ulama

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Pizza Hut
Pizza Little Sitzer
Jack in the Box
Baskin Robbins
Dominos Pizza

Produsen Makanan & Minuman AS:


– Pepsi dan anak perusahaannya: Mirinda dan 7up
– Coca-Cola dan anak perusahannya (Anda kalau membaca tulisan Cola-cola dari belakang botol, akan tertulis: no Muhammad, no Mecca): Sprite dan Fanta

Produk Hanes and Crystal: Mayonnaise, Kecap
California Garden and Warner & Lambert
T-Shirt, Sepatu: Semua baju dan sepatu merk Nike (pernah tertulis kata “Allah” dalam sebuah produknya), Adidas, Kate dan Calvin Klein

Peralatan Listrik : Power, Union Air, Clifinitour , Admiral, Harmony, Alaska, Duncan, Motorola, Alcatel.

Baterei: Everydy, Energizer dan Doorsill

Mobil: Ford, Chrysler, Hammer, Chevrolet, Puck

Dan Semua produk General Electric

Perusahaan-Perusahaan AS yang mendanai Zionisme Internasional:


Bahan-bahan Kimia dan pembersih:

1. PT. Procter and Gamble (memproduksi: Oloiez, Pampers, Ferry, Downy, Ariel, Tide, Head and Shoulder, Pantene, Camay, Zeset, Mack Factor, Carmen)

2. PT. Johnson & Johnson (memproduksi: Shower to Shower, Cream Johnson)

3. Nectar

4. Avon

5. Revlon

6. Gardena

7. Pasta gigi Corset

Alat Tulis: Bulpen merk Shiver, Parker dan Hear

Bank Amerika: Bank America International, American Express, Bank of America, Bank of New York
Lain-lain: Rokok AS seperti: Marlboro, Kant, Janstown, Lark, Merit, Gold Cost, Carlton, LM, More.

Para ulama’ tersebut adalah:

1. Prof. DR. Yusuf Qardhawi, Ulama dan Cendekiawan Muslim kondang di seluruh dunia. Kini tinggal di Doha, Qatar.

2. Syeikh Salman bin Fahd Al Audah, ulama’ kharismatik dari Arab Saudi

3. Syeikh Muhammad Saed Ramadhan al Buthi, ulama’ kharismatik tinggal di Suriah

4. Syeikh Abdullah al Jibrin, ulama’ Arab Saudi dan anggota Persatuan Ulama Besar Arab Saudi

5. DR. Hammam Saed dan DR. Muhammad Abu Faris, Intelektual Muslim tinggal Amman, Yordania.

6. DR. Naser Farid Wasil, Mufti Mesir

7. Fatwa Majelis Ulama Sudan

8. Fatwa Majelis Ulama Palestina

Sumber: al Markaz al Filistini lil I’lam (PIC) (abu ais)

Sumber :

Misy’al: Pertempuran Gaza Titik Perubahan dalam Konflik dengan Israel

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Damaskus – Infopalestina: Kepala Biro Politik Gerakan Perlawanan Islam Hamas Khaled Misy’al menegaskan apa yang terjadi di Jalur Gaza adalah “awal perang hakiki dan besar yang dimenangkap rakyat kami di lapangan. Untuk itu pertempuran Gaza adalah titik perubahan dalam konflik dengan Zionis Israel.”

Hal tersebut disampaikan Misy’al dalam pidato televisi, Rabu (21/01) malam. Dia menegaskan, “Pertempuran ini menjadi asas bagi strategi sungguh-sungguh dan aktif untuk pembebasan dimulai dari Palestina dan membentang dengan dukungan umat di seluruh tempat. Dan benar, ini dalam perang pembeda antara yang hak dan yang batil, sebagaimana dinamakan oleh para pejuang perlawanan Palestina. Pembeda antara perlawanan dan kompromi, antara sebelum dan sesudah agresi.”

Dia menambahkan, “Pertempurna Gaza adalah awal kemenangan hakiki dan mendekatkan kemenangan yang akan datang dan target yang akan datang.” Dia menegaskan pembebasan Palestina “tidak hanya sekadar mimpi, namun realita yang kita lihat. Pertempuran Gaza telah mengangkat kita ke atas dan kita melihat kemenangan akan datang, isya Allah.”

Misy’al kembali menegaskan, ini adalah kemenangan Gaza, perlawanan dan rakyat Palestina sekaligus kegagalan musuh. Kemenangan perlawanan di Gaza terjadi lebih besar dan lebih jelas dari klaim-klaim musuh dan keraguan orang-orang yang bersekongkol dalam agresi ini. “Tidakkah cukup bahwa target-target musuh belum terealisasi. Penjajah telah gagal di medan pertempuran sebagaimana telah gagal dalam politik. Maka setelah 3 pekan, mereka terpaksa menghentikan serangan dan penarikan sepihak tanpa ada kesepakatan atau syarat apapun yang menjadi komitmen perlawanan.”

Tidak lupa Misy’al mengingatkan keberhasilan perlawanan Palestina dalam menawan sejumlah serdadu Israel selama agresi di Gaza. “Kami akan kembali berupaya menawan serdadu Israel lagi untuk pembebasan para tahanan Palestina,” ungkap Misy’al.

Pemimpin Palestina ini menegaskan bahwa setelah kemenangan pertempuran di Jalur Gaza, maka masih tersisa dua pertempuran lagi. Yang pertama adalah pertempuran pembebasan blockade dan yang kedua adalan pertempuran pembukaan pelintasan, khususnya gerbang perlintasan Rafah yang merupakan pintu ke dunia luar bagi rakyat Palestina dan urat nadi kehidupan mereka. Karenanya hal itu menjadi prioritas. “Kami minta kepada umat dan bukan dari musuh untuk membuka pelintasan, meskipun ini adalah hak kami, karena musuh telah menduduki tanah kami,” tegasnya. Misy’al yakin dua pertempuran ini akan dimenangkan.

Terkait dengan pembangunan Jalur Gaza, Misy’al menegaskan bahwa Hamas dan Pemerintah Palestina yang dipimpin Ismail Haniyah akan menanggung seluruh tanggung jawab kepada warga Jalur Gaza. “Kami akan menanggung seluruh tanggung jawab penuh. Kami akan mengobatan semua yang terluka dan mengganti apa yang kami bisa.”

Hamas dan pemerintah Haniyah sudah mulai bekerja demi merealisasikan proyek pembangunan, penampungan, penggantian dan pengobatan korban luka. Dia mengatakan, “Kami sudah menghubungan beberapa Negara dan mengungjungi sebagiannya sekaligus melakukan koordinasi, untuk memberikan solusi bagi warga Gaza.”

Ada dua hal yang sangat prioritas dalam masalah ini, tegas Misy’al. Yang pertama adalah santunan keluarga korban, baik yang meninggal maupun yang terluka. Serta keluarga-keluarga yang eksodos karena kehilangan rumah. Rincianya diserahkan kepada pemerintah Haniyah. Selain itu juga pengobatan korban yang terluka. Hal yang kedua adalah program pembangunan. Dalam akan diberikan penggantian apa yang hilang dan dibangun apa yang sudah dihancurkan Israel.

Untuk itu, Misy’al menyerukan kepada Negara-negara dan lembaga-lembaga Arab, Islam dan internasional yang sudah memutuskan memberikan bantuan ratusan juta dolar untuk merekonstruksi Jalur Gaza. Namun dia mengingatkan agar tidak memberikan dana ini kepada tangan-tangan yang salah (rusak). Ada dua cara, diserahkan kepada pemerintah yang dipimpin Ismail Haniyah yang memiliki tangan bersih dalam melayani rakyat dan bisa diawasan langsung oleh Negara pemberi dana. Atau kepada pihak-pihak yang dianggap memiliki komitmen memberikan pelayanan kepada rakyat Palestina dan langsung diawasi oleh pemberi bantuan. Misy’al mengatakan, “Semua orang Palestina tidak mau dana ini jatuh ke tangan orang-orang yang rusak, anda semua tahu yang sebenarnya.” (seto)

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Kami Memanen yang Kami Tanam

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Kami Memanen yang Kami Tanam

Oleh: Fahmi Huwaidi

Al-Syarq Qatar

Kala mereka (Israel) gagal taklukkan Gaza dengan senjata, Israel menempuh cara manipulasi, agar mereka bisa mengelak dari apa yang tidak berhasil diwujudkan dengan F16, bom fosfor dan bom curah.


Awalnya Israel bilang perang ini melawan Hamas dan bukan kepada perlawanan Palestina yang sulit ditaklukkan. Para pengamat menggambarkan psiwar dalam intilejen militer Israel yang ingin melakukan profokasi anti Hamas. Mereka berharap rakyat Palestina akan membelot Hamas dan menjatuhkan pemerintahannya. Yang melihat TV Al-Aqsha sejumlah tayangan profokasi anti elit Hamas dengan berbagai penyifatan negatif. TV ini menuding elit Hamas sembunyi pada saat rakyat Palestina dibombamdir habis Israel. Salah satu tayangannya, mereka mengeluarkan gambar pejuang Al-Qassam yang ketakutan lari dari medan perang. Hal sama terjadi di Radio Suara Al-Aqsha. Kedua media eletronik ini berhasil disabotase Israel karena kecanggihan teknologi mereka.

Disamping menyabotase media eletronik, Israel juga menyebarkan berbagai macam selebaran dengan bahasa Arab ke perkampungan dan penduduk Palestina, terutama di daerah-daerah pertempuran di Betlahia, Bethanon, kamp Jabalia, pinggiran timur dan selatan Gaza dan lain-lain. Dalam selebaran itu diserukan akan tidak bekerjasama dengan Hamas dan membantu menyembunyikan mereka. Dalam banyak media, Israel mengaku Hamas adalah penghalang hakiki dalam mewujudkan perdamaian sekarang. Menurut Israel, dua negara Israel dan Palestina akan berdiri jika Hamas tidak ada dan Jalur Gaza akan maju dalam pembangunan dan ekonomi.

Bahkan Israel menggunakan media-media berbahasa Arab di Tepi Barat dan Jalur Gaza dan di sejumlah negara Arab untuk membusukkan citra Hamas.


Psiwar dan penyebaran fitnah yang dilakukan Israel itu bukan hal baru. Termasuk Israel tidak ragu-ragu menggunakan langkah sepihak dalam gencatan senjata. Dalam hal ini Israel ingin membunuh dua burung dengan satu lemparan batu. Di satu sisi ia ingin meredakan murka dunia Arab dan seluruh dunia setelah ketahuan belangnya sebagai negara penjahat perang yang melanggar seluruh undang-undang internasional. Selain itu Israel ingin memberikan kesan bahwa dirinya tidak ingin meneruskan perang dan ingin menciptakan perdamaian.

Di sisi lain, Israel ingin menghentikan serentetan operasi yang tujuannya di atas kemampuannya. Sejumlah laporan Israel menyepakati bahwa operasi militer Israel didasarkan pada memaksa Jalur Gaza menyerah dalam tiga hingga 10 hari. Namun mereka dikagetkan dengan balasan dan perlawanan tempur selama tiga pekan. Roket perlawanan Palestina tak pernah berhenti membombardir wilayah permukiman Israel. personel pejuang perlawanan menantang Israel di medan darat untuk maju. Akhirnya, Israel yakin perang akan berlangsung lebih lama dari yang mereka perkirakan yang pasti akan memeras kemampuan mereka yang diperkirakan menghabiskan 200 juta dolar setiap harinya. Seperti beban biaya mendatangkan pasukan cadangan, membekali perbekalan perang untuk jangka panjang. Di tambah lagi Israel ingin menciptakan realitas dan situasi baru sebelum pemerintah baru Amerika disahkan setelah Obama menjabat presiden Amerika resmi kemarin Selasa (20/1). Jangan lupa, ada pemilu Israel pada 10 Februari depan dimana elit Israel ingin memetik hasil perang atas Gaza dalam pemilu depan antara Livni dan Barack yang merepresentasikan partai Kadema dan partai Buruh. Mereka ingin menyaingi perolehan suara Benjamen Netanyahu dari Partai Likud, yang terkenal kejam terhadap Palestina.

Pada saat Israel ingin meredam kemarahan di dunia luar, sementara di Palestina Israel ingin tetap menghunuskan pedagnya di leher perlawanan di sana. Sebab Israel tidak menarik pasukannya dari Tepi Barat secara utuh. Apalagi gencatan senjata hanya sepihak Israel saja.

Jika perlawanan Palestina di Jalur Gaza melakukan pembalasan terhadap kejahatan Israel, maka negara zionis akan menjadikannya sebagai alasan untuk menyerang dan melanjutkan holocoustnya di Jalur Gaza. Dalam hal ini Israel ingin menempatkan perlawanan Palestina dalam kesulitan dan dilema.


Setelah gagal menghabisi perlawanan dan menghentikan roketnya, Israel ingin melumpuhkan sumber senjata dan kekuatan mereka. Yakni dengan kesepakatan yang ditandangani pada 16 /1 dengan Amerika soal pelarangan penyelundupan senjata ke Jalur Gaza. Kesepakatan yang sangat aneh. Bagaimana mungkin Amerika dan Eropa melarang senjata kepada perlawanan yang terkungkung dalam negara terjajah

Anehnya lagi, Israel dan Amerika yang membuat, namun Mesir dan Palestina sebagai obyeknya. Dimana wewenang perbatasan Gaza harus dijamin aman dan mencegah perang di Gaza. Kemudian presiden Mubarak hanya bisa mengikuti Israel dan AS serta berjanji akan menjamin perbatasan Gaza yang dimaksud dengan menutup perlintasan Rafah.

Keanehan lain, dalam kesepakatan itu disebutkan bahwa perlawanan bersenjata di Jalur Gaza dituding sebagai penyebab langsung agresi Israel. Agresi ini disebut-sebut, sebagai balasan atas terorisme Palestina. Sehingga tidak ada jalan lain kecuali harus menutup akses senjata ke Jalur Gaza dengan segala cara.

Setelah memutarkan balikkan opini sedemikian rupa, Israel masih menilai bahwa pihaknyalah yang membutuhkan stabilitas keamanan dan jaminan keamanan dan perlawanan adalah problema yang harus dihabisi.

Berikut isi perjanjian itu:

1. AS dan Israel bekerja sama dengan negara tetangga Palestina, dan masyarakt internasional untuk melawan penyeludupan senjata kepada organisasi teroris terutama Hamas.

2. AS dan Israel akan bekerja sama dengan NATO untuk mengawasi semua upaya penyelundupan senjata ke Jalur Gaza Palestina melalui laut Meditrania, teluk Adn, laut merah dan timur Afrika.

3. Saling tukar informasi soal penyelundupan senjata bagi perlawanan melalui koordinasi antar badan intelijen anggota NATO.

4. AS komitmen memberikan semua bentuk dukungan informasi dan teknik kepada Israel dengan melatih tim yang diikuti oleh pemerintah kawasan Timteng.

5. Soal kerjasama militer antara dua negara Israel dan AS dalam menerapkan komitmen kesepakatan dalam memerangi terorisme.


Sejak awal, media-media Arab gagal mendiagnosa agresi Israel ke Jalur Gaza. Apa yang mereka sampaikan ke publik semuanya menuding Hamas bertanggungjawab atas tragedi Gaza. Mereka tidak memberikan pengertian bahwa perlawananlah yang menjadi target dan penjahatnya adalah Israel.

Sejak awal kita memang membiarkan perlawanan untuk diserang. sebagian pejabat Arab mengaku tidak melawan perlawanan, namun mereka juga mengaku tidak bersamanya (mendukungnya). Sebagaimana mayoritas negara Arab membiarkan rakyatnya. Yakni ketika mereka malas-malasan mengumumkan sikap tegasnya terhadap kejahatan Israel sejak awal. Sikap inilah yang dianggap Israel sebagai lampu hjiau bagi mereka melanjutkan pembantian. Bahkan Livni Menlu Israel mengatakan, bahwa dirinya merepresentasikan kelompok Arab moderat” (News Week, 20/1).

Ia berlindung di balik kelambanan Arab dan kevakuman peran Arab. Sehingga Israel makin brutal melakukan kejahatan-kejahatannya, menghinakan rekan-rekan mereka yang moderat Arab dalam kesepakatan gencatan senjata baru. Bahkan mereka setuju membunuh perlawanan di perbatasan negeri-negeri kami sendiri. Hal itu memang tidak bisa dielakkan, sebab kami sudah memanen apa yang kami tanam. (bn-bsyr)

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Pidato Pelantikan Presiden AS Barack Hussein Obama 2009

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The Commander in Chief waves to the crowd before giving his Inaugural Address
Christopher Morris / VII for TIME

Berikut pidato pelantikan Presiden Amerika Serikat Barack Hussein Obama, Selasa 20 Januari waktu AS, di Capitol Hill, Washington DC

Saya berdiri di sini hari ini terenyak oleh tugas di depan kita, berterima kasih atas kepercayaan yang Anda berikan, dan teringat akan pengorbanan oleh leluhur kita. Saya berterima kasih kepada Presiden Bush atas jasanya pada bangsa kita, dan juga atas kemurahan hati dan kerjasama yang ditunjukkannya pada masa transisi ini.

Sudah 44 warga Amerika yang diambil sumpahnya sebagai presiden. Kata-kata dalam sumpah jabatan itu telah diucapkan dimasa kemakmuran dan dimasa damai. Namun, ada kalanya sumpah jabatan kepresidenan itu diambil di tengah-tengah situasi gawat dan badai yang berkecamuk. Pada saat-saat demikian, Amerika terus melaksanakan tugasnya bukan hanya karena ketrampilan atau visi mereka yang memegang jabatan tinggi, tetapi karena kita rakyat Amerika tetap setia pada cita-cita leluhur kita dan setia pada dokumen-dokumen yang dirumuskan oleh para pendiri negara kita.

Demikianlah adanya, dan memang selalu demikianlah yang harus dilakukan oleh generasi orang Amerika yang sekarang ini.

Memang sudah dipahami bahwa kita sedang berada di tengah krisis. Bangsa kita kini sedang terlibat perang, melawan jaringan kekerasan dan kebencian yang jauh jangkauannya. Ekonomi kita sangat lemah, akibat ketamakan dan tindakan tidak bertanggung jawab oleh sebagian pihak, tetapi juga karena kegagalan kita secara kolektif untuk membuat pilihan-pilihan sulit, dan kegagalan kita mempersiapkan bangsa bagi abad baru. Banyak rumah yang disita, lapangan kerja menurun drastis, bisnis gulung tikar. Asuransi kesehatan kita terlalu mahal, murid-murid sekolah kita banyak yang gagal, dan setiap hari terlihat bukti bahwa cara-cara kita menggunakan energi justru memperkuat musuh-musuh kita dan mengancam planet kita.

Semua itu merupakan indikator krisis, yang didasarkan pada data dan statistik. Yang kurang bisa diukur tetapi tidak kurang pentingnya adalah melemahnya keyakinan di seluruh pelosok Amerika – kekhawatiran terus-menerus bahwa kemerosotan Amerika tak terelakkan lagi, dan bahwa generasi berikutnya harus mengurangi harapannya.

Hari ini saya katakan kepada kalian bahwa tantangan-tantangan yang kita hadapi adalah nyata. Tantangan ini serius dan banyak. Tidak akan mudah diatasi dan tidak bisa diatasi dalam jangka pendek. Tetapi ketahuilah ini, Amerika, semua tantangan ini akan kita hadapi.

Ratusan ribu orang tiba dan memadati ibukota Amerika Serikat, Washington DC, untuk menyaksikan pelantikan Presiden Ke-44 AS, Barack Obama.


Pada hari ini, kita berkumpul karena kita lebih memilih harapan daripada ketakutan, kesatuan tujuan daripada konflik dan pertentangan.

Pada hari ini, kita berkumpul untuk menyatakan berakhirnya keluhan-keluhan kecil dan janji-janji palsu, saling-tuduh dan berbagai dogma lusuh yang sudah terlalu lama mencekik politik kita.

Negara kita masih muda, dengan meminjam kata-kata dalam Kitab Suci, saatnya sudah tiba kita menepiskan sifat ke kanak-kanakan. Saatnya sudah tiba untuk menandaskan lagi semangat kita yang tegar, memilih jalan sejarah yang lebih baik, melanjutkan pemberian berharga, gagasan mulia yang diteruskan dari generasi ke generasi: yaitu janji yang diberikan Tuhan bahwa semua kita setara, kita semua bebas, dan semua layak memperoleh kesempatan untuk mengejar kebahagiaan sepenuhnya.

Dalam menandaskan kebesaran bangsa kita, kita memahami bahwa kebesaran tak pernah diberikan begitu saja. Mencapai kebesaran harus dengan kerja-keras. Perjalanan yang kita tempuh tak pernah mengambil jalan pintas. Perjalanan kita bukan bagi mereka yang tidak-tabah, bukan bagi mereka yang suka bermalas-malas daripada bekerja, atau bagi yang hanya mengejar kekayaan dan menjadi terkenal. Perjalanan kita adalah bagi mereka yang berani mengambil risiko, mereka yang melakukan hal-hal baru dan membuat barang-barang baru. Sebagian mereka menjadi terkenal, tetapi acap kali laki-laki dan perempuan tak dikenal dalam pekerjaan mereka, yang telah mengusung kita di atas jalan berbatu-batu menuju kemakmuran dan kebebasan.

Demi kita, mereka mengemas harta milik mereka yang tak seberapa dan menyeberangi samudera untuk mencari kehidupan baru.

Demi kita, mereka banting-tulang dengan upah minim dan menetap di Pantai Barat, menahankan pukulan cambuk dan mencangkul tanah yang keras.

Demi kita, mereka bertempur dan mati, di tempat-tempat seperti Concord dan Gettysburg, Normandy dan Khe San.

Lelaki dan perempuan ini terus menerus berjuang dan berkorban dan bekerja hingga kulit tangan mereka mengelupas, agar kita bisa mengecap kehidupan yang lebih baik. Mereka melihat Amerika lebih besar dari jumlah ambisi kita secara perorangan, lebih besar daripada perbedaan status keluarga, atau kekayaan ataupun partai atau kelompok.

Barack dan Michelle Obama menghadiri misa tertutup menjelang pengambilan sumpah kepresidenan.


Perjalanan inilah yang kita teruskan hari ini. Kita masih merupakan negara paling makmur dan paling berpengaruh di Bumi. Para pekerja kita tidak kurang produktifnya dibandingkan dengan waktu ketika krisis ini dimulai. Otak kita masih seinventif seperti pada awal krisis ini, barang dan jasa kita masih diperlukan seperti pada minggu lalu atau bulan lalu, atau tahun lalu. Kapasitas kita tetap tak berkurang. Tetapi masa kita untuk berdiam diri, melindungi kepentingan sempit dan menunda keputusan-keputusan yang tak menyenangkan, sudah harus berlalu. Mulai hari ini, kita harus bangkit sendiri, membersihkan debu yang menempel, dan mulai lagi bekerja memperbaharui Amerika.

Karena kemana saja kita melihat, ada yang harus kita lakukan. Keadaan ekonomi mengharuskan tindakan yang berani dan segera, dan kita akan bertindak bukan hanya untuk menciptakan lapangan kerja baru, tetapi untuk meletakkan dasar bagi pertumbuhan. Kita akan membangun jalan dan jembatan, jaringan listrik dan jaringan digital yang menyuburkan perdagangan dan mengikat kita bersama. Kita akan memulihkan sains ke tempat yang selayaknya, dan menggunakan kehebatan teknologi untuk meningkatkan mutu perawatan kesehatan dan menurunkan biayanya. Kita akan memanfaatkan tenaga matahari, tenaga angin dan lainnya untuk menjalankan mobil-mobil dan pabrik-pabrik kita. Dan kita akan mengubah sekolah dan perguruan tinggi dan universitas untuk memenuhi tuntutan era baru. Semua ini bisa kita lakukan. Dan semua ini akan kita lakukan.

Tentu, ada orang yang meragukan skala ambisi kita – dengan mengatakan sistem ekonomi kita tidak bisa mentolerir terlalu banyak rencana besar. Daya ingat mereka tidak cukup lama. Mereka telah melupakan apa yang dilakukan negara ini, apa yang bisa dicapai oleh laki-laki dan perempuan yang hidup bebas, apabila imajinasi digabung demi tujuan bersama, dan kebutuhan digabung dengan ketabahan.

Washington police sweep down the parade route before President Obama
Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty

Yang tidak dipahami oleh mereka yang sinis adalah tanah tempat mereka berpijak telah bergeser, bahwa argumen basi dalam politik yang telah begitu lama menyita waktu kita – tidak lagi berlaku. Pertanyaan yang kita ajukan sekarang bukan apakah pemerintah kita terlalu besar atau terlalu kecil, tetapi apakah pemerintah kita bisa berfungsi, apakah pemerintah bisa menolong para keluarga mencari pekerjaan dengan upah yang layak, asuransi kesehatan yang terjangkau, dan pensiun yang berarti. Apabila jawabannya – ya, kita berniat untuk terus bergerak maju. Apabila jawabannya tidak, programnya akan dihentikan. Dan mereka yang mengatur uang rakyat akan dimintai pertanggung- jawabannya – supaya mengeluarkan uang secara bijaksana, mengubah kebiasaan buruk, dan melakukan bisnis kita dengan jujur – karena hanya dengan demikian kita bisa memulihkan kepercayaan penting antara rakyat dan pemerintah.

Kita juga tidak mempertanyakan apakah kekuatan pasar bebas itu baik atau buruk. Kekuatan pasar bisa membina kekayaan dan memperluas kebebasan kita. Tetapi krisis ini telah mengingatkan kita bahwa tanpa pengawasan yang ketat, kekuatan pasar bebas itu bisa terlepas dari kontrol, dan suatu bangsa tidak bisa makmur untuk waktu lama apabila hanya mementingkan orang kaya. Keberhasilan ekonomi kita tidak hanya tergantung pada besarnya Produk Domestik Bruto, tapi seberapa jauh meluasnya kemakmuran itu, pada kemampuan kita memberikan kesempatan kepada tiap orang yang mau bekerja, dan bukan karena belas kasihan karena itulah jalan yang paling pasti guna mencapai kemakmuran bersama.

Mengenai pertahanan kita bersama, kita menolak dan menganggap palsu pilihan antara keselamatan dan idaman atau cita-cita kita. Para Pendiri Negara ini dihadapkan pada bahaya yang tak terbayangkan, menyusun sebuah piagam untuk menjamin supremasi hukum dan hak setiap orang, sebuah piagam yang diperkuat oleh perjuangan generasi demi generasi. Semua cita-cita ini masih menerangi dunia, dan kita tidak akan meninggalkannya demi mencapai penyelesaian yang cepat. Karena itu, bagi semua orang dan pemerintahan yang menyaksikan pelantikan hari ini, mulai dari kota-kota yang termegah sampai ke desa kecil di mana ayah saya dilahirkan, ketahuilah bahwa Amerika adalah sahabat setia negara dan sahabat setiap lelaki, setiap perempuan, dan setiap anak yang menghendaki masa depan yang damai dan bermartabat, dan bahwa kita siap untuk memimpin lagi.

Ingatlah bahwa generasi-generasi sebelumnya menundukkan fasisme dan komunisme bukan hanya dengan misil dan tank, tetapi dengan aliansi yang kokoh dan keyakinan besar. Mereka memahami bahwa kekuatan saja tidak bisa melindungi kita, dan bahwa kekuatan itu tidak memberi kita hak berbuat sekehendak hati kita. Sebaliknya mereka tahu bahwa kekuatan kita tumbuh melalui penggunaan yang bijaksana, keamanan kita berasal dari adilnya tujuan kita, kekuatan contoh yang kita berikan, dan kerendahan hati serta kesanggupan menahan diri.

Kita adalah penjaga warisan ini. Dibimbing oleh prinsip-prinsip ini, sekali lagi kita bisa menghadapi ancaman-ancaman baru itu yang menuntut upaya lebih besar, bahkan kerja-sama dan pemahaman lebih besar antar-negara. Kita akan mulai secara bertanggung jawab meninggalkan Irak kepada bangsa Irak, dan menempa perdamaian di Afghanistan. Bersama teman-teman lama dan bekas saingan kita, Amerika akan bekerja tanpa lelah untuk mengurangi ancaman nuklir, dan mengurangi bahaya pemanasan bumi. Kita tidak akan minta maaf atas cara kehidupan Amerika, tidak akan goyah dalam mempertahankannya, dan bagi mereka yang hendak mendorong tujuan mereka dengan terror dan membantai orang-orang tak bersalah, kami katakan kepada mereka, semangat kita lebih kuat dan tidak terpatahkan, kalian tidak akan unggul dari kami, dan kalian akan kami kalahkan.

President Obama and his wife Michelle wave to the crowd as they walk down Pennsylvania Avenue in the Inauguration parade
Jim Young / Reuters

Kami sadar bahwa warisan bangsa yang beraneka warna adalah suatu kekuatan, dan bukannya sebuah kelemahan. Bangsa kita terdiri dari orang Kristen dan Islam, Yahudi dan Hindu, dan bahkan orang-orang yang tidak percaya pada Tuhan. Kita telah dibentuk oleh campuran berbagai bahasa dan kebudayaan, yang berasal dari segala pelosok dunia. Dan karena kita telah merasakan pahitnya perang saudara dan segregasi rasial, dan keluar dari masa kegelapan menjadi sebuah bangsa yang lebih kuat dan lebih bersatu, kita yakin bahwa pada suatu hari nanti semua rasa kebencian akan hilang, bahwa semua garis-garis pembatas antar suku bangsa akan luluh, dan bahwa dunia ini akan menjadi semakin kecil. Kerendahan hati kita akan tampak dengan sendirinya, dan Amerika harus memainkan perannya dalam menyongsong era perdamaian yang baru.

First Lady Michelle Obama, President Barack Obama, former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush leave the Inauguration
Tannen Maury / AFP / Getty

Bagi dunia Muslim, kami akan mencari cara baru ke depan berdasarkan pada kepentingan bersama dan saling menghormati. Bagi para pemimpin dunia yang berusaha menanam bibit konflik, atau menyalahkan dunia Barat atas kesulitan-kesulitan yang dialami masyarakatnya, ketahuilah bahwa rakyat Anda akan menilai Anda pada apa yang Anda bangun, bukan pada apa yang Anda musnahkan. Bagi mereka yang hendak menggenggam kekuasaan melalui korupsi dan kekejian dan membungkam orang yang tidak setuju pada kebijakan mereka, yakinlah bahwa kalian berada pada sisi yang keliru, tapi kami akan mengulurkan tangan jika kalian tidak lagi mengepalkan tinju.

Bagi rakyat negara-negara miskin, kami berjanji akan bekerja bersama kalian untuk membuat ladang kalian subur dan membuat air bersih mengalir, untuk memberi makan tubuh yang kelaparan, dan memenuhi kebutuhan mental. Dan kepada negara-negara seperti negara kita yang relatif menikmati kemakmuran, kita tidak bisa lagi bersikap tidak peduli pada kesengsaraan di luar perbatasan kita, dan kita tidak bisa menghabiskan sumber-sumber dunia tanpa mempedulikan dampaknya. Karena dunia sudah berubah dan kita harus berubah dengannya.

Sambil kita mempertimbangkan jalan yang terbentang di depan kita, kita mengingat dengan rasa terima kasih orang-orang Amerika yang gagah berani, yang pada saat ini, berpatroli di gurun dan gunung yang sangat jauh. Ada sesuatu yang hendak mereka katakan pada kita hari ini, seperti yang dibisikkan sepanjang masa oleh para pahlawan kita yang kini dimakamkan di Arlington. Kita menghormati mereka bukan hanya karena mereka menjaga kebebasan kita tetapi karena mereka menunjukkan arti pengorbanan, kesediaan untuk mencari arti yang lebih besar dari diri mereka sendiri. Dan pada saat ini, saat yang akan tercatat dalam sejarah generasi – semangat inilah yang harus ada pada kita semua.

Sebanyak apapun yang bisa dan harus dilakukan pemerintah, pada akhirnya kepercayaan dan tekad rakyat Amerika-lah yang diandalkan negara ini. Misalnya kebaikan hati untuk menampung orang yang kena musibah walaupun tidak kita kenal, atau pekerja yang tanpa pamrih rela mengurangi jam kerja mereka daripada melihat seorang teman di-PHK, yang membuat kita keluar dari kegelapan. Adalah keberanian para pemadam kebakaran untuk menerobos masuk ke rumah yang penuh asap, dan juga kesediaan orang tua untuk membesarkan anak, yang kelak akan menentukan nasib kita.

President Obama waves to dignitaries on the platform
Vincent Laforet for TIME

Tantangan kita mungkin baru. Alat-alat yang kita gunakan untuk mengatasinya mungkin baru. Tetapi pada nilai-nilai itulah keberhasilan kita bergantung – yaitu kerja keras dan kejujuran, ketabahan dan berlaku secara adil, toleransi dan rasa ingin tahu, kesetiaan dan patriotisme – semua itu sudah lama ada. Semua itu memang benar. Semua itu telah menjadi kekuatan kemajuan sepanjang sejarah. Jadi yang dituntut sekarang adalah kembalinya kepada nilai-nilai ini. Apa yang diperlukan dari kita sekarang ini adalah era pertanggungjawaban yang baru – suatu pengakuan, dari tiap orang Amerika, bahwa kita mempunyai kewajiban bagi diri kita sendiri, bagi negara kita dan bagi dunia, kewajiban yang kita lakukan dengan senang hati, bukan dengan bersungut-sungut, karena kita tahu tidak ada yang lebih memuaskan bagi jiwa kita, yang merupakan definisi karakter kita, daripada memberikan segalanya untuk menyelesaikan tugas yang sulit.

Inilah pengorbanan dan janji kewarganegaraan.

Inilah yang menjadi sumber keyakinan kita – pengetahuan bahwa Tuhan meminta kita untuk memperbaiki keadaan yang tidak pasti.

Inilah arti kebebasan dan kepercayaan kita- mengapa laki-laki dan perempuan dan anak-anak dari tiap ras dan tiap keyakinan bisa ikut dalam perayaan di lapangan yang indah ini, dan mengapa seorang lelaki yang ayahnya lebih 60 tahun lalu mungkin tidak dilayani di restoran, sekarang bisa berdiri di depan anda untuk diambil sumpahnya sebagai presiden.

Jadi marilah kita hari ini mengenang siapa kita dan sejauh mana jalan yang kita tempuh. Pada tahun kelahiran Amerika, pada bulan yang terdingin, sekelompok patriot berkumpul di depan api unggun yang mulai padam di bantaran sungai yang beku. Ibukota telah ditinggalkan, musuh terus maju, salju tampak berlumuran darah. Pada saat itu, ketika nasib revolusi kita sangat diragukan, bapak bangsa kita memerintahkan supaya kalimat berikut dibacakan kepada semua rakyat Amerika:

“Beritahukanlah pada dunia masa depan, bahwa di tengah musim dingin, saat apapun tiada kecuali harapan dan kebajikan – bahwa kota dan negara, waspada akan bahaya bersama, akhirnya bersatu untuk menghadapinya. “

Amerika; Dalam menghadapi musuh bersama, dalam masa sulit kita ini, mari kita ingat kata-kata emas itu. Dengan harapan dan kebajikan, mari kita hadapi bersama sekali lagi sungai beku ini, dan bertahan dari badai apapun yang akan tiba. Biarkan cucu-cucu kita berkata bahwa kita telah diuji dan kita menolak untuk mengakhiri perjalanan ini, bahwa kita tidak mundur dan mata kita terpaku ke ufuk fajar dan dengan berkat Tuhan, kita meneruskan anugerah kebebasan dan mengantarkannya dengan selamat bagi generasi masa depan.

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner,

IT DOESN’T TAKE LONG FOR ZIONIST JEWS to insinuate themselves into the White House. No sooner did Obama get elected, that he chooses as his first administration pick, a Talmudic Jew, Illinois Democrat Congressman, Rahm Emanuel.

Obama & Rahm Emanuel were found in recent days at the infamous June 4 2008 AIPAC Convention at which Obama grovelled before this all powerful Jewish Lobby. Right after Obama’s shameless speech, “Now Is the Time to Stand By Israel”, Rahm Emanuel endorsed Obama. Emanuel then brought Obama to meet with the AIPAC executive board.

ABC news reported on November 5 2008 that: “Obama likes the fact that Emanuel knows policy, knows politics, knows Capitol Hill. Obama has told associates that he knows that Emanuel will ‘have his back.’”

But of course! Who else would know his way around the Zionist-Jewish infested Capitol Hill but a Zionist Jew himself? Indeed, Jews picked up 5 more seats in the Senate & 18 more seats in Congress this time around.

But what Obama failed to mention is that Rahm Emanuel is super wealthy & a Zionist-Jewish war hawk…

ZIONIST JEW RAHM EMANUEL MADE MILLIONS as an investment banker, reported USA Today in a recent article. Emanuel then formed with his wife, the Rahm Emanuel and Amy Rule Charitable Trust Foundation, in 2002.

Rahm Emanuel used his money and his Zionist Jewish influence in local Chicago politics which earned him the nick-name, “Rahmbo.”

The Chicago Tribune published an article on Emanuel in 2006 which cited him as “the man who remade the Democratic Party in his own image.” It takes money & an aggressive personality to accomplish this. Rahm Emanuel has both. Doubtless, this is why the Chicago Tribune labelled Emanuel as a “profane, ruthless, and savvy operative.”

Perhaps this is why Obama chose Emanuel to “cover his back.” Surely, Obama could use a a “ruthless & savvy” strong man in the likes of this Zionist-Jew who can “remake Capitol Hill in Obama’s own image…”

A ZIONIST TERRORIST was Rahm Emanuel’s father – a member of the right wing Israeli “Irgun” paramilitary cell which terrorized Arab civilians. He moved to Chicago before Rahm Israel Emanuel was born in 1959. Growing up in Chicago, Rahm Emanuel studied at the Talmudic yeshiva, Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School. After graduating in 1968, Emanuel served in the Israeli Defense Force known as the IDF.

Rahm Emanuel co-authored the book, The Plan: Big Ideas for America. The section which embraces all of foreign policy is entitled, A New Strategy to End the War on Terror.

Here is an excerpt from the pen of the Zionist-Jewish War-Hawk, Rahm Emanuel:

“We need to make our country safe. America must lead the world’s fight against the spread of evil and totalitarianism. We need to fortify the military’s ‘thin green line’ around the world by adding to the US Special Forces and the Marines. We need to expand the US army by 100,000 more troops.”

Sounds like a page right out of Obama’s play book does it not? I mean Obama’s war book -coming soon to a military theatre near you.

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