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U.S. spent $ 1 Trillion in war against Islam

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Sunday, 28 December 2008 19:46

The news that President Bush’s so-called “war on terrorism” (on other word war on Islam) soon will have cost the U.S. taxpayers $ 1 trillion – and counting – is unlikely to spread much Christmas cheer in these tough economic times.

A trio of recent reports – none by the Bush Administration – suggests that sometime early in the Obama presidency, spending on the wars started since 9/11 will pass the trillion-dollar mark. Even after adjusting for inflation, that’s four times more than America spent fighting World War I, and more than 10 times the cost of 1991’s Persian Gulf War (90 % of which was paid for by U.S. allies). The war on “terrorism” looks set to surpass the costs the Korean and Vietnam wars combined, topped only by World War II’s price tag of $ 3.5 trillion.

The cost of sending a single soldier to fight for a year in Afghanistan or Iraq is about $ 775,000 – three times more than in other recent wars, says a new report from the private but authoritative Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA). A large chunk of the increase is a result of the Administration’s cramming new military hardware into the emergency budget bills it has been using to pay for the wars. (See pictures of U.S. troops in Iraq.)

These costs, of course, pale alongside the price paid by the nearly 5,000 U.S. troops who have lost their lives in the conflicts – not to mention the wounded – and the families of all the casualties. And President Bush insists that their sacrifice and the expenditure on the wars have helped prevent a repeat of 9/11. “We could not afford to wait for the terrorists to attack again,” he said last week at the Army War College. “So we launched a global campaign to take the fight to the terrorists abroad, to dismantle their networks, to dry up their financing and find their leaders and bring them to justice.”

But many Americans may suffer a moment of sticker shock from the conclusions of the CSBA report and similar assessments from the Government Accounting Office (GAO) and Congressional Research Service (CRS), which make clear that the nearly $ 1 trillion already spent is only a down payment on the war’s long-term costs. The trillion-dollare figure does not, for example, include long-term health care for veterans, thousands of whom have suffered crippling wounds, or the interest payments on the money borrowed by the Federal Government to fund the war. The bottom lines of the three assessments vary: the CSBA study says $ 904 billion has been spent so far, while the GAO says the Pentagon alone has spent $ 808 billion through last September. The CRS study says the wars have cost $ 864 billion, but CRS didn’t factor inflation into its calculations.

Sifting through Pentagon data, the CSBA study breaks down the total costs of the “war on terrorism” as $ 687 billion for Iraq, $ 184 billion for Afghanistan and $ 33 billion for homeland security. By 2018, depending on how many U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan and Iraq, the total cost is projected to likely be between $ 1.3 trillion and $ 1.7 trillion. On the safe assumption that the wars are being waged with borrowed money, interest payments raise the cost by an additional $ 600 billion through 2018.

Shortly before the Iraq war began, White House economic adviser Larry Lindsey earned a rebuke from within the Administration when he said the war could cost as much as $ 200 billion. “It’s not knowable what a war or conflict like that would cost,” Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld said. “You don’t know if it’s going to last two days or two weeks or two months. It certainly isn’t going to last two years.”

According to the CSBA study, the Administration has fudged the war’s true costs in two ways. Borrowing money to fund the wars is one way of conducting them on the cheap, at least in the short term. But just as pernicious has been the Administration’s novel way of budgeting for them. Previous wars were funded through the annual appropriations process, with emergency spending – which gets far less congressional scrutiny – used only for the initial stages of a conflict. But the Bush Administration relied on such supplemental appropriations to fund the wars until 2008, seven years after invading Afghanistan and five years after storming Iraq.

“For these wars, we have relied on supplemental appropriations for far longer than in the case of past conflicts,” says Steven Kosiak of the CSBA, one of Washington’s top defense-budget analysts. “Likewise, we have relied on borrowing to cover more of these costs than we have in earlier wars – which will likely increase the ultimate price we have to pay.” That refusal to spell out the full cost can lead to unwise spending increases elsewhere in the federal budget or unwarranted tax cuts. “A sound budgeting process forces policymakers to recognize the true costs of their policy choices,” Kosiak adds. “Not only did we not raise taxes, we cut taxes and significantly expanded spending.”

The bottom line: Bush’s projections of future defense spending “substantially understate” just how much money it will take to run Obama’s Pentagon, the CSBA says in its report. Luckily, Defense Secretary Robert Gates plans to hang around to try to iron out the problem.

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner


THE MOSSAD PRIDES ITSELF ON DEEP infiltration & penetration into every ‘Muslim’ militant group in the world. Thus any media-hyped ‘terrorist’ attack reported by the Jewish occupied press is doubtless a Mossad operation.

All of the Mossad-engineered ‘terrorist’ attacks benefit the Jews since it galvanizes the Western world into making Israel’s enemies their own – and gives Israel a free hand in dealing with the Palestinians who are looked upon as enemies of the world.

The infiltration of the Mossad into the US political & military infrastructure had its greatest impetus in the 1980’s during the Reagan & Bush Sr administrations. 3 Zionist Jews with close ties to the Mossad held influential offices in the Pentagon during this period:

Richard Perle: Perle worked at the Pentagon as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy from 1981 to 1987. Prior to this, Perle was investigated by the US Justice Department for discussing classified information with an employee at the Israeli Embassy, but of course, the case was dropped.

Paul Wolfowitz: Wolfowitz worked at the Pentagon as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Regional Programs from 1977-1982. At this time, he was involved in establishing the US military central command. From 1982-1986 Wolfowitz worked at the State Department as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs. And from 1989-1993 Wolfowitz was back at the Pentagon as Under Secretary for Defense Policy.

Douglas Feith: Feith worked at the Pentagon from 1984-1986 as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Negotiations Policy. Feith was also employed as Special Counsel to Assistant Secretary of Defense, Robert Sims.

All three of these Zionist Jews, whose loyalties are first to Israel & their fellow Jews, were brought back into high Pentagon positions by their useful idiot, George Bush Jr, during his first term as President from 2001-2004.

According to Karen Kwiatkowski, former Political-Military Affairs Officer at the Pentagon, “high clearances were granted to Israeli’s & Likudniks who would march through the halls of the Pentagon.”

Having grown up as a Jew, I can attest that Zionists like Perle, Wolfowitz, & Feith, would not scruple to bring moles into the Pentagon to spy on our nation. I say this because Jews have an attitude of derision and contempt for “Gentile” America. Zionist Jews look out for their own interests and will trash America when it comes to their own ’survival.’


DOV ZAKHEIM IS A TALMUDIC JEW and former Yeshiva University Professor. Zakheim served as Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller of the Pentagon from 2001-2005 at the height of the Jewish-neocons’ political influence. Prior to his Pentagon position, Zakheim was CEO of Systems Planning Corporation (SPC) from 1987-2001.

During Zakheim’s tenure with SPC, he helped to market SPC’s Flight Termination System, a technology that takes over the controls of an airborne vehicle in flight. The probability of the sinister use of SPC’s Flight Termination System, (of which, Zakheim had privileged access, and through Zakheim, the Mossad & their moles), deserves serious consideration for the reopening of the 9/11 investigation.

In fact, the Zionist Jew, Dov Zakheim, along with his Mossad cohorts, should be put on trial for the theft of public funds, treason, and the murder of thousands of innocent victims at the World Trade Center on 9/11 2001.

As the Pentagon’s Comptroller from 2001-2004, Zakheim oversaw three Department of Defense budgets, the combined amount totaling $1 trillion dollars. In the spring of 2003, a scandal erupted, in which $1 trillion dollars in financial transactions was unaccounted for. Bush immediately pointed to “faulty Pentagon accounting” which would have (& should have) placed the blame on Zakheim.

A study by the Defense Department’s Inspector General discovered that not only could the Pentagon not account for the trillion dollars in monies spent, but that the US Army somehow lost track of 56 airplanes, 32 tanks, and 36 Javelin missile command launch-units.How is that the Zionist Jew, Dov Zakheim, got off Scott free? And where did the money and military equipment end up? I say the money ended up in the hands of the Mossad – and the equipment in the hands of the Israeli Defense Force. For they had “their man” — Zionist Jew Dov Zakheim — in the Pentagon.


“ISRAEL IS THE EAVESDROPPING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD” observes James Bamford in his recent October 2008 book, The Shadow Factory – The Eavesdropping On America. In his book, Bamford gives a detailed account of how spying on American citizens since 9/11 has been outsourced to companies closely linked to Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad.

In an alarming passage, Bamford reveals that AT&T & Verizon outsourced their wire-tapping arrangements made with the FBI and the National Security Agency (NSA) to two companies founded in Israel, Verint and Narus. These two Israeli companies have close ties with the Mossad’s Unit 8200, the Israeli equivalent of the NSA.

Through the contractual agreement between America’s largest phone companies and the Israeli telecom firms, Verint and Narus, the Mossad has access to once-private American communications information. “Virtually all US voice and data communications can be remotely accessed by these companies in Israel,” writes Bamford.

Verint and Narus were founded by Israelis — the Israeli-born, Jacob Kobi Alexander, being the founder of Comverse Technology, Verint’s parent company, headquartered in Israel. Comverse Technology subcontracts the installation of tapping equipment now built into every phone system in America. And Comverse maintains its own connections to the phone tapping equipment, insisting that it is for “maintenance purposes only.”

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Pesawat Tempur Iran Menembak Jatuh Pesawat Udara Amerika Serikat

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Rabu, 08/10/2008 00:20 WIB
Aprizal Rahmatullah – detikNews


Jakarta – Pesawat tempur Iran menembak jatuh pesawat udara Amerika Serikat setelah pesawat tersebut memasuki wilayah udara Iran tanpa izin.

Seperti dilansir oleh Kantor berita Fars (Iran) pada Selasa (7/10/2008), di dalam pesawat itu terdapat 5 tentara dan 3 warga sipil yang kini sedang dimintai keterangan.

“Setelah interogasi, dari fakta-fakta terbukti bahwa pesawat udara tersebut tidak sengaja memasuki wilayah Iran dan diperbolehkan untuk pergi menuju Afganistan,” tambah Fars.

Media televisi setempat menyatakan bahwa pesawat udara tersebut mengangkut prajurit Amerika namun pesawatnya bukan milik militer.

“Pesawat ini bukanlah pesawat militer dan bukan milik Amerika Serikat,” kata salah satu petugas yang tidak mau menyebut namanya di website Al-Alam channel Arab-language.

“Tetapi beberapa tentara militer Amerika serikat ada di dalam pesawat,” tambahnya.

Pesawat terbang tersebut melaju menuju daratan Iran pada Minggu dan baru diperbolehkan terbang menuju Afganistan hari Senin. Juru bicara wanita U.S. Fleet Lieutenant mengatakan kepada AFP, hingga saat ini tidak ada informasi mengenai penembakan dari Iran.

Juru bicara Pentagon juga menegaskan kalau tidak ada satu pun pesawat mereka yang hilang.(ape/mok)

Breaking: 12,000 More Troops to Afghanistan

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By Noah Shachtman

August 19, 2008

“The Pentagon will be sending 12,000 to 15,000 additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan, possibly as soon as the end of this year,” U.S. News is reporting.

A request by Gen. David McKiernan, the commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, for three U.S. brigades with support staff has been approved…

The troops are slated to arrive earlier than has been previously discussed, on the heels of the deadliest months for American forces in Afghanistan since the war began.

For more than a year, everyone from Gen. McKeirnan to Sen. Barack Obama has been calling for extra troops in Afghanistan. But the Pentagon brass said it couldn’t be done, until forces were pulled out of Iraq. Does that mean a partial withdrawal from Iraq is coming?

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[Photo: Defense Department]

Menelisik Spionase Yahudi di Pentagon

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Oleh: Warsito
Center for Middle East Studies (COMES)

Tajasus, atau yang sering kita sebut dengan istilah spionase, menurut penulis buku “Muqaranatul Adyan: Alyahudiyah”, Dr. Ahmad Shalabi, adalah kata yang selalu terlintas saat membicarakan tentang Yahudi, atau tepatnya zionis Yahudi. Alasannya, gerakan inilah yang pada akhirnya mendominasi, kalau tidak justru menjadi gerakan utama, dalam merealisasikan terwujudnya Israel Raya. Penjelasannya, menurut Rager Garaudy, karena zionis Yahudi saat ini tidak saja merupakan gerakan keagamaan tapi juga suatu gerakan politik. Sehingga kalau ditilik kembali ke sejarah, bahkan sampai sekarang, gerakan spionase atau pengintaian rahasia ini ternyata masih dan akan terus menjadi tugas terpenting bagi kaum Yahudi.

Dalam banyak literatur dapat dirujuk nama Yahudza al Iskharyuti, seorang mata-mata bayaran Yahudi yang sengaja ditugaskan sebagai spion dalam rangka menangkap Isa as. Demikian halnya pada masa permulaan fajar Islam. Mereka, kaum Yahudi, menjadikan kegiatan tajasus sebagai gerakan untuk menghancurkan Islam.

Ibnu Hisyam di dalam tarikhnya menyebutkan, ada golongan kaum Yahudi yang mengaku Islam tetapi sejatinya mereka adalah kaum munafik yang hanya menampakan keislamannya pada kulitnya saja. Sedangkan apa yang ada dalam benak mereka adalah bagaiaman menghancurkan Islam dari dalam. Di antara golongan munafik itu adalah Da’Israel, Sa’ad bin Hunaif, Zaid bin Lashif, Rafi’, Huraimalah, dll.

Frank Briton, seperti dikutip Ahmad Shalabi, menyebut gerakan spionase ini memang sudah menjadi tabiat orang Yahudi, bahkan telah menjadi “kesukaan mereka dimanapun mereka berada”. Merekalah yang menjadi spion-spion tentara Jerman. Mereka pula yang menjadi spion-spion Barat di Rusia. Bahkan pada tahun 1945 telah terungkap adanya “ring of espionage” yang sangat berbahaya di Kanada, di mana salah satu anggotanya adalah seorang anggota parlemen Kanada dan guru besar di Universitas Mac Dal. Apalagi di dunia Arab – Islam, gerakan-gerakan mereka tidak pernah ada putusnya. Puncak dari semua itu adalah ketika mereka berselindung di balik agama-agama lain; bukan saja hendak menempatkan diri mereka sebagai spion-spion untuk mengetahui dan mendeteksi agama baru itu, tapi lebih pada bagaimana “bekerja dari dalam di bawah lindungan agama yang baru itu demi cita-cita agama dan politik mereka yang orisinil: agama dan negara Yahudi.”

Masalah spionase inilah yang belakangan sedikit menggoncang, karena sengaja diredam, Amerika Serikat. Adalah jaringan televisi CBS News Amerika, yang pertama kali, pada Jum’at (27 Agustus lalu), melaporkan sebuah sekandal yang menggoncang negeri yang Novembar nanti melangsungkan pemilihan presiden tersebut. Sekandal itu sendiri melibatkan sekutu paling dekat dan yang paling dibela Amerika selama ini, Israel. Laporan itu menyebutkan adanya seorang analis di markas pertahanan dan keamanan Amerika Pentagon yang memberikan informasi rahasia ke Israel, tentang rancangan proyek kebijakan Amerika Serikat menyangkut program nuklir negeri kaum mullah, Iran.

Laporan itu segera menjadi “hidangan” berita media-media internasional baik cetak maupun elektronik. Meski masalah mata-mata adalah hal yang biasa dalam hubungan internasional, namun kasus semacam ini tetap dianggap sebagai sekandal besar. Betapa tidak, kalau sebuah negara memata-matai musuhnya maka itu adalah hal yang biasa, tapi ini adalah sebuah kasus di mana sebuah negara memata-matai sekutu terdekatnya sendiri.

Mengenai persekutuan Amerika – Israel sudah tidak ada yang meragukan lagi. Hampir dalam semua hal Amerika selalu mendukung kebijakan Israel, seperti yang kita saksikan selama ini di Palestina, demikian juga sebaliknya. Tapi kenapa Israel melakukan semua itu? Banyak pertanyaan dan analisa kemudian muncul dari sekandal ini, di balik masih belum gamlangnya kasus ini. Apa kira-kira yang akan terjadi selanjutnya.

Banyak hal bisa diselidik berkaitan dengan kasus sekandal pembocoran informasi rahaisa intelijen, yang sebenarnya belum tuntas ini. Pertama bahwa pembocoran informasi rahasia ini dilakukan dengan maksud agar Israel bisa memberikan pengaruh dalam finalisasi kebijakan Amerika Serikat mengenai masalah Iran. Ini kemudian mencuatkan kembali pertanyaan, apakah sekutu Israel di Washington telah memiliki pengaruh yang sangat kuat dan sangat berlebihan atas Gedung Putih.

Bahkan seorang analis Israel di harian Yahudi Ha’aretz Nathan Guttman menulis, “Hal itu mengungkapkan kembali tanda tanya bahwa keputusan Amerika Serikat untuk menginvasi Irak, adalah dilakukan untuk kepentingan Israel, bukan untuk kepentingan Amerika Serikat.” Di samping itu, tambah Guttman, sekandal ini juga menghidupkan kembali tuduhan lama bahwa Israel bukanlah sekutu Amerika, tetapi sebuah negara penerobos. Kasus tersebut juga kembali mencuatkan isu bahwa Yahudi Amerika memiliki loyalitas ganda (kompas 31/09).

Ada kemungkinan Israel memang sangat haus akan informasi yang dibutuhkan berkaitan dengan program nuklir Iran, yang tentu saja dapat merubah peta kekuatan kawasan Timur Tengah dan bukan tidak mungkin menjadi ancaman bagi Israel ke depan.

Selama beberapa tahun terakhir, Amerika memandang Iran sedang memacu dirinya untuk memiliki senjata nuklir. Amerika juga telah menekan sekutu-sekutunya di Eropa, juga Badan Tenaga Atom Internasional IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) untuk menekan Iran agar menghentikan program senjata nuklirnya. Sejauh ini, meski mendapat tekanan dari Amerika, Iran masih tetap menolak dan menegaskan bahwa program nuklirnya adalah untuk tujuan damai.

Sebagai sebuah negara yang kaya akan informasi dan pengalaman dalam masalah senjata nuklir dan juga pembuatan senjata pemusnah massal, Amerika adalah negara yang paling diincar oleh Israel untuk dikuras informasinya. Karena bagi Israel, mengetahui setiap lengkah dan rencana kebijakan Amerika menyangkut masalah Iran, terutama tentang program nuklirnya, tentu akan memberinya kesempatan untuk menyusun langkah strategis untuk menghadapinya.

Ala kulli hal, semua itu mengisyaratkan bahwa gerakan spionase, seperti disinggung di atas, merupakan karakter utama kaum Yahudi demi eksistensi mereka. Sekandal yang menggoncang Amerika ini bukanlah yang pertama kalinya. Seperti dilansir islamonline, Jum’at (27/08/2004), kasus terbesar mengenai mata-mata zionis Israel di dalam pemerintahan Amerika sudah terungkap resmi sejak 19 tahun yang lalu. Seorang Yahudi Amerika bernama “Jhonatan Bolard” dijatuhi hukuman seumur hidup karena telah menyusupkan informasi rahasia militer Amerika ke Tel Aviv.

Dalam kasus kali ini, laporan-laporan media menyebutkan keterlibatan kelompok lobi utama Israel di Amerika Serikat AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), yang sebagian kalangan menyebutnya sebagai “lobi paling berkuasa di Washington” (koran tempo (03/09/2004). AIPAC konon memiliki 65 ribu anggota yang bekerja dengan amat baik di seluruh 50 negera bagian Amerika dan memainkan peranan sebagai penyalur informasi dari dalam Amerika ke pemerintah Israel. Di samping adanya kumpulan jurnalis tersebar di sejumlah harian dan stasiun televisi berpengaruh di Amerika Serikat yang bekerja untuk kepentingan Israel, seperti ditulis harian al quds arabi terbitan London (06/09/2004), di sana ada tidak kurang 600 stasiun radio yang bekerja untuk kepentingan AIPAC dan Israel. Yang paling populer adalah stasiun radio EIB (excellence in broadcasting), penyiar Yahudi yang paling terkenal di stasiun EIB ini adalah seorang zionis kanan radikal bernama Rush Limbaugh. Konon dia sangat disukai kaum konservatif namun dibenci kaum demokrat.

Terkait sekandal kali ini, laporan-laporan media menyebutkan seorang staf analis kebijakan tingkat rendah Departemen Pertahanan Amerika di Pentagon bernama Lawrence Larry Franklin secara diam-diam membocorkan dokumen intelijen sangat rahasia – mengenai kebijakan Amerika terhadap Iran, namun belum selesai – kepada pmerintah Perdana Menteri Israel Ariel Sharon.

Franklin sendiri bekerja di bawah Deputi Menteri Pertahanan Bidang Kebijakan Douglas Feith. Yang disebut pertama juga dikenal sangat dekat dengan Deputi Menteri Pertahanan Amerika Paul Wolfowitz, seorang keturunan Yahudi yang pernah menjadi Duta Besar Amerika untuk Indonesia di Jakarta sekaligus arsitek agresi Amerika ke Irak. Dokumen rahasia itu sendiri bisa sampai ke pemerintah Israel melalui tokoh-tokoh AIPAC.

Meski tidak membantah adanya pembocoran tersebut, namun kelompok ini dan tentu juga pemerintah Israel, sudah membantah bahwa mereka telah melakukan tindakan yang salah. Wallahu a’lam bish shawab.

*) Artikel ini pernah dimuat majalah Sabili edisi 06 bulan Oktober 2004.