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CIA Photoshopped Fake Syrian Nuke Site Pics

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CIA Backed War Criminals Charged


Professor William Beeman at the University of Minnesota passed along a note today from “a colleague with a U.S. security clearance” about the mysterious Syrian site targeted in a Sept. 6 Israeli airstrike.

The note raises more questions about the evidence shown last week by U.S. intelligence officials to lawmakers in the House and Senate.

The author of the note pinpoints irregularities about the photographs. Beeman’s source alleges that the CIA “enhanced” some of the images. For example he cites this image:


CIA Photoshopped Fake Syrian Nuke Site Pics

The lower part of the building, the annex, and the windows pointing south appear much sharper than the rest of the photo, suggesting that they were digitally improved.

The author points to more questions about the photographs of the Syrian site.

1. Satellite photos of the alleged reactor building show no air defenses or anti-aircraft batteries such as the ones found around the Natanz nuclear site in central Iran.

2. The satellite images do not show any military checkpoints on roads near the building.

3. Where are the power lines? The photos show neither electricity lines or substations.

4. Here is a link to a photo of the North Korean facility that the Syrian site was based on. Look at all the buildings surrounding it. The Syrian site was just one building.


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Afghanistan, Another Untold Story

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by Michael Parenti

Barack Obama is on record as advocating a military escalation in Afghanistan. Before sinking any deeper into that quagmire, we might do well to learn something about recent Afghan history and the role played by the United States.

Less than a month after the 11 September  2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, US leaders began an all-out aerial assault upon Afghanistan, the country purportedly harboring Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda terrorist organization. More than twenty years earlier, in 1980, the United States intervened to stop a Soviet “invasion” of that country. Even some leading progressive writers, who normally take a more critical view of US policy abroad, treated the US intervention against the Soviet-supported government as “a good thing.” The actual story is not such a good thing.

Some Real History

Since feudal times the landholding system in Afghanistan had remained unchanged, with more than 75 percent of the land owned by big landlords who comprised only 3 percent of the rural population. In the mid-1960s, democratic revolutionary elements coalesced to form the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). In 1973, the king was deposed, but the government that replaced him proved to be autocratic, corrupt, and unpopular. It in turn was forced out in 1978 after a massive demonstration in front of the presidential palace, and after the army intervened on the side of the demonstrators.

The military officers who took charge invited the PDP to form a new government under the leadership of Noor Mohammed Taraki, a poet and novelist. This is how a Marxist-led coalition of national democratic forces came into office. “It was a totally indigenous happening. Not even the CIA blamed the USSR for it,” writes John Ryan, a retired professor  at the University of Winnipeg, who was conducting an agricultural research project in Afghanistan at about that time.

The Taraki government proceeded to legalize labor unions, and set up a minimum wage,  a progressive income tax, a literacy campaign, and programs that gave ordinary people greater access to health care, housing, and public sanitation. Fledgling peasant cooperatives were started and price reductions on some key foods were imposed.

The government also continued a campaign begun by the king to emancipate women from their age-old tribal bondage. It provided public education for girls and for the children of various tribes.
A report in the San Francisco Chronicle (17 November 2001) noted that under the Taraki regime Kabul had been “a cosmopolitan city. Artists and hippies flocked to the capital. Women studied agriculture, engineering and business at the city’s university. Afghan women held government jobs—-in the 1980s, there were seven female members of parliament. Women drove cars, traveled and went on dates. Fifty percent of university students were women.”

The Taraki government moved to eradicate the cultivation of opium poppy. Until then Afghanistan had been producing more than 70 percent of the opium needed for the world’s heroin supply. The government also abolished all debts owed by farmers, and began developing a major land reform program. Ryan believes that it was a “genuinely popular government and people looked forward to the future with great hope.”

But serious opposition arose from several quarters. The feudal landlords opposed the land reform program that infringed on their holdings. And tribesmen and fundamentalist mullahs vehemently opposed the government’s dedication to gender equality and the education of women and children.

Because of its egalitarian and collectivist economic policies the Taraki government also incurred the opposition of the US national security state. Almost immediately after the PDP coalition came to power, the CIA, assisted by Saudi and Pakistani military, launched a large scale intervention into Afghanistan on the side of the ousted feudal lords, reactionary tribal chieftains, mullahs, and opium traffickers.

A top official within the Taraki government was Hafizulla Amin, believed by many to have been recruited by the CIA during the several years he spent in the United States as a student. In September 1979, Amin seized state power in an armed coup. He executed Taraki, halted the reforms, and murdered, jailed, or exiled thousands of Taraki supporters as he moved toward establishing a fundamentalist Islamic state. But within two months, he was overthrown by PDP remnants including elements within the military.

It should be noted that all this happened before  the Soviet military intervention. National security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski publicly admitted–months before Soviet troops entered the country–that the Carter administration was providing huge sums to Muslim extremists to subvert the reformist government. Part of that effort involved brutal attacks by the CIA-backed mujahideen against schools and teachers in rural areas.

In late 1979, the seriously besieged PDP government asked Moscow to send a contingent of troops to help ward off the mujahideen (Islamic guerrilla fighters) and foreign mercenaries, all recruited, financed, and well-armed by the CIA. The Soviets already had been sending aid for projects in mining, education, agriculture, and public health. Deploying troops represented a commitment of a more serious and politically dangerous sort. It took repeated requests from Kabul before Moscow agreed to intervene militarily.

Jihad and Taliban, CIA Style

The Soviet intervention was a golden opportunity for the CIA to transform the tribal resistance into a holy war, an Islamic jihad to expel the godless communists from Afghanistan. Over the years the United States and Saudi Arabia expended about $40 billion on the war in Afghanistan. The CIA and its allies recruited, supplied, and trained almost 100,000 radical mujahideen from forty Muslim countries including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria, and Afghanistan itself.  Among those who answered the call was Saudi-born millionaire right-winger Osama bin Laden and his cohorts.

After a long and unsuccessful war, the Soviets evacuated the country in February 1989. It is generally thought that the PDP Marxist government collapsed immediately after the Soviet departure. Actually, it retained enough popular support to fight on for another three years, outlasting the Soviet Union itself by a year.

Upon taking over Afghanistan, the mujahideen fell to fighting among themselves.  They ravaged the cities, terrorized civilian populations, looted, staged mass executions, closed schools, raped thousands of women and girls, and reduced half of Kabul to rubble. In 2001 Amnesty International reported that the mujahideen used sexual assault as “a method of intimidating vanquished populations and rewarding soldiers.’”

Ruling the country gangster-style and looking for lucrative sources of income, the tribes ordered farmers to plant opium poppy. The Pakistani ISI, a close junior partner to the CIA, set up hundreds of heroin laboratories across Afghanistan. Within two years of the CIA’s arrival, the Pakistan-Afghanistan borderland became the biggest producer of heroin in the world.

Largely created and funded by the CIA, the mujahideen mercenaries now took on a life of their own. Hundreds of them returned home to Algeria, Chechnya, Kosovo, and Kashmir to carry on terrorist attacks in Allah’s name against the purveyors of secular “corruption.”

In Afghanistan itself,  by 1995 an extremist strain of Sunni Islam called the Taliban—heavily funded and advised by the ISI and the CIA and with the support of Islamic political parties in Pakistan—fought its way to power, taking over most of the country, luring many tribal chiefs into its fold with threats and bribes.

The Taliban promised to end the factional fighting and banditry that was the mujahideen trademark. Suspected murderers and spies were executed monthly in the sports stadium, and those accused of thievery had the offending hand sliced off.  The Taliban condemned forms of “immorality” that included premarital sex, adultery, and homosexuality. They also outlawed all music, theater, libraries, literature, secular education, and much scientific research.

The Taliban unleashed a religious reign of terror, imposing an even stricter interpretation of Muslim law than used by most of the Kabul clergy. All men were required to wear untrimmed beards and women had to wear the burqa which covered them from head to toe, including their faces. Persons who were slow to comply were dealt swift and severe punishment by the Ministry of Virtue. A woman who fled an abusive home or charged spousal abuse would herself be severely whipped by the theocratic authorities. Women were outlawed from social life, deprived of most forms of medical care, barred from all levels of education, and any opportunity to work outside the home. Women who were deemed “immoral” were stoned to death or buried alive.

None of this was of much concern to leaders in Washington who got along famously with the Taliban. As recently as 1999, the US government was paying the entire annual salary of every single Taliban government official. Not until October 2001, when President George W. Bush had to rally public opinion behind his bombing campaign in Afghanistan did he denounce the Taliban’s oppression of women. His wife, Laura Bush, emerged overnight as a full-blown feminist to deliver a public address detailing some of the abuses committed against Afghan women.

If anything positive can be said about the Taliban, it is that they did put a stop to much of the looting, raping, and random killings that the mujahideen had practiced on a regular basis. In 2000 Taliban authorities also eradicated the cultivation of opium poppy throughout the areas under their control, an effort judged by the  United Nations International Drug Control Program to have been nearly totally successful. With the Taliban overthrown and a Western-selected mujahideen government reinstalled in Kabul by December 2001, opium poppy production in Afghanistan increased dramatically.

The years of war that have followed have taken tens of thousands of Afghani lives. Along with those killed by Cruise missiles, Stealth bombers, Tomahawks, daisy cutters, and land mines are those who continue to die of hunger, cold, lack of shelter, and lack of water.

The Holy Crusade for Oil and Gas

While claiming to be fighting terrorism, US leaders have found other compelling but less advertised reasons for plunging deeper into Afghanistan. The Central Asian region is rich in oil and gas reserves. A decade before 9/11, Time magazine (18 March 1991) reported that US policy elites were contemplating a military presence in Central Asia. The discovery of vast oil and gas reserves in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan provided the lure, while the dissolution of the USSR removed the one major barrier against pursuing an aggressive interventionist policy in that part of the world.

US oil companies acquired the rights to some 75 percent of these new reserves. A major problem was how to transport the oil and gas from the landlocked region. US officials opposed using the Russian pipeline or the most direct route across Iran to the Persian Gulf. Instead, they and the corporate oil contractors explored a number of alternative pipeline routes, across Azerbaijan and Turkey to the Mediterranean or across China to the Pacific.

The route favored by Unocal, a US based oil company, crossed Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Indian Ocean. The intensive negotiations that Unocal entered into with the Taliban regime remained unresolved by 1998, as an Argentine company placed a competing bid for the pipeline. Bush’s war against the Taliban rekindled UNOCAL’s hopes for getting a major piece of the action.

Interestingly enough, neither the Clinton nor Bush administrations ever placed Afghanistan on the official State Department list of states charged with sponsoring terrorism, despite the acknowledged presence of Osama bin Laden as a guest of the Taliban government.  Such a “rogue state” designation would have made it impossible for a US oil or construction company to enter an agreement with Kabul for a pipeline to the Central Asian oil and gas fields.

In sum, well in advance of the 9/11 attacks the US government had made preparations to move against the Taliban and create a compliant regime in Kabul and a direct US military presence in Central Asia. The 9/11 attacks provided the perfect impetus, stampeding US public opinion and reluctant allies into supporting military intervention.

One might agree with John Ryan who argued that if Washington had left the Marxist Taraki government alone back in 1979, “there would have been no army of mujahideen, no Soviet intervention, no war that destroyed Afghanistan, no Osama bin Laden, and no September 11 tragedy.” But it would be asking too much for Washington to leave unmolested a progressive leftist government that was organizing the social capital around collective public needs rather than private accumulation.

US intervention in Afghanistan has proven not much different from US intervention in Cambodia, Angola, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Grenada, Panama, and elsewhere. It had the same intent of preventing egalitarian social change, and the same effect of overthrowing an economically reformist government. In all these instances, the intervention brought retrograde elements into ascendance, left the economy in ruins, and pitilessly laid waste to many innocent lives.

The war against Afghanistan, a battered impoverished country, continues to be portrayed in US official circles as a gallant crusade against terrorism. If it ever was that, it also has been a means to other things: destroying a leftist revolutionary social order, gaining profitable control of one of the last vast untapped reserves of the earth’s dwindling fossil fuel supply, and planting US bases and US military power into still another region of the world.

In the face of all this Obama’s call for “change” rings hollow.

Michael Parenti’s recent books are Contrary Notions: The Michael Parenti Reader and the forthcoming God and His Demons. For further information, visit

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‘Pin’ Photo Via Judicial-Inc Site

The Zionist Control Of America
By Brother Nathanael Kapner

“RAHM EMANUEL WILL KICK ASS & TAKE NAMES” boasted a Jewish supporter of Emanuel to the Chicago Sun Times on November 6 2008, referring to Emanuel’s role as Obama’s White House Chief of Staff.

But the Zionist Jew, Rahm Israel Emanuel, who is a dual Israeli/US citizen, will do much more than “kick ass & take names.” Emanuel will act as an effective spy in the White House for the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency. With Emanuel running the White House, Mossad HQ will enjoy an unprecedented direct flow of America’s highest level national security information.

Emanuel’s connections to the Mossad began at birth in 1959. Rahm Emanuel is the son of Israeli-born physician, Benjamin Emanuel, who passed secret codes for Menachim Begin’s Israeli terrorist group known as the Irgun. “Secret codes” are the province of the Mossad, and the Mossad, only.

WORKING FOR THE JEWISH LOBBY in 1980, the youthful & ambitious Rahm Emanuel took an active role in unseating the Pro-Palestinian Illinois Congressman, Paul Findley, whom the Jewish Lobby wanted removed from office. Emanuel was installed as the Finance Director for the Democrat & Jew, David Robinson, funneling millions of Jewish dollars into his campaign, successfully unseateding the long-serving Findley.

Ever since, Emanuel has been among the insiders of the Jewish Lobby. One of Emanuel’s ‘Gentile’ stooges is the former Special Middle East negotiator, Dennis Ross. The Pro-Israel Ross accompanied Obama along with Emanuel on his trip to Israel in July of 2008. In October of 2008, Ross endorsed Obama, an obvious prelude to a future advisory role for this Emanuel-sponsored careerist.

Above Left: FBI O’Neill – – Above Right: Netahnyahu


RAHM EMANUEL WAS FINGERED as a Mossad Agent by the late FBI counter-terrorism Assistant Director FBI agent, John O’Neill. Later, O’Neill was forced to retire after being set up in a smear operation.

O’Neil and another FBI agent, who still works for the bureau but must remain nameless, discovered that Emanuel, a “special adviser” to Clinton, acted as the liaison to former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in operating an espionage and blackmail operation against the Clinton White House.

O’Neill and the agent discovered that Emanuel had recruited Israeli Mossad agent, Monica Lewinsky, to enter the Clinton White House as an intern and then seduce President Clinton for the purpose of espionage and blackmail in order to sink Clinton’s proposed Middle East peace deal.

In sworn testimony before the Office of Independent Counsel, Monica Lewinsky stated:

“President Clinton suspected that a foreign embassy was tapping his telephones and proposed a cover. He told me that if I was ever questioned, I should say that we knew our calls were being monitored and that the phone sex was just a put on.”

The FBI investigation of Emanuel became part of a file code-named the Mega File. “Mega” is a reference to a top-level Mossad agent in the Reagan administration who was said to have run a number of Israeli agents. “Mega” also refers in FBI terminology to shared information between the Mossad & the CIA.

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Obama’s Mother A CIA Cut-Out

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By Frank Black

Obama’s mother Stanley was recruited by the Intell agencies in the late 1950’s with one purpose in mind. She was to infiltrate the rising black nationalist and civil rights organizations that were rapidly forming at the time.

While the FBI was well aware of the rising tide of radical black American’s infatuation with Communism, the federal agencies had one small problem. Due to a long history of overt racism in their hiring practices, they had no black Americans as agents.
Therefore there was no one to infiltrate these radical black organizations.
Our country’s Intell agencies had a big problem on their hands.
What to do? They decided to immediately begin recruiting black FBI (and CIA) agents but it would still take years to train them in order to infiltrate these groups.
They then came up with an interim solution.
They began to recruit young white women and use them to get inside the groups. Stanley Anne Durham was one of those white women. Growing up in the boredom of Kansas, young, restless and yearning for an adventure, she was an easy mark for recruitment.
Of course, the leading factor in this recruitment was sex.
Because there was only one way to gain the intimacy necessary to gather good intelligence, the young white women would have to have sex with these men. They had to create a relationship with them in order to gather data.
Barack Hussein Obama Jr. is probably the result of one of these sexual encounters. From all outward appearances it would appear that Stanley Anne Durham was passed around certain radical types like Frank Marshall and Barack Obama Senior. It is very likely that no one knows who is the real father of Barack Obama. Not even the President-elect.
At the time of his birth, or shortly afterwards, someone inside the Intell community decided to take the unwanted baby – born of Intell intrigue – and use that child for the ultimate infiltration. And that is why we don’t know anything about Barack Hussein Obama. He has been wiped clean. He is the ultimate cut out.

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The International Backers of the Mumbai Attacks

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Written by

Saturday, 29 November 2008 19:09

Reuters states that at least 80 people have been killed and that, “An organisation calling itself the Deccan Mujahideen claimed it was behind attacks”. CNN television is already stating as fact that the Mumbai attacks were funded and supported by foreign sources, implicating Pakistan where President-elect Obama promised to take the so-called “war on terrorism” when he assumes office in January. The attacks which are on-going at this moment set the stage for redeployment of U.S. troops from Iraq to Pakistan as Obama promised. George W. Bush has been quick to condemn the attacks and CNN is giving round-the-clock coverage, reminiscent of corporate media coverage of the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

Linking Pakistan, Al-Queda, Muslims and Terrorism

CNN, Reuters and other corporate media immediately called these attacks with bombs, automatic weapons and hand grenades “terrorist attacks” emanating from Pakistan with roots in “Al Queda” and “Islamist Terrorists”. CNN TV also states that these attacks target “western business people and well-heeled western tourists”, staying at Mumbai’s luxury hotels. The Deccan Herald states that the Deccan Mujahideen claimed responsibility via a convenient e-mail message received by the Deccan Herald (DC). DC states,

“The term itself (Deccan Mujahideen) is not very specific, and according to CNN may just be a generic term for radicals in the region. ‘Deccan’ is an area of India and ‘Mujahideen’ is the plural form of a term referring to a Muslim participating in a jihad.”

Associated Press described the attackers,

“Teams of heavily armed gunmen stormed luxury hotels, a popular restaurant and a crowded train station in coordinated attacks across India’s financial capital Wednesday night, killing at least 78 people and taking Westerners hostage, police said. A group of suspected Muslim militants claimed responsibility.”

Reuters describes them, “The previously unknown or little known group sent an email to news organisations claiming responsibility.” This is a familiar attribution to “terrorist attacks” which, because the organisation is “unknown”, noone can prove otherwise. CNN TV states emphatically, “This is definitely an international attack using domestic terrorists”. We have no doubt that the latter statement is true but the question is, “Who are those international backers of these attacks?”

International backing and support

Modern criminal investigation still rests on the Aristotile’s 3 equally important causal factors: Means, Method and Motivation.

Factor analysis – Means, Method and Motivation: Powerful western media organisations reinforce their opinions with repetition, linking assaults like these with former “Islamist attacks” and another “terrorist attack”. Their logic and factor analysis use (1) the weapons used, (2) the similarity of past attacks by “Al Queda” and (3) motivation. But of course they never consider the possibility, based on this same factor analysis, that the architects may be the CIA and/or Mossad.

Means: That the most powerful military machine in the world has the means to arm groups like the one who is carrying out the Mumbai attacks requires no apology or defense.

Method: History is replete with examples of U.S./Israeli use of a surrogate to attack their enemies. William John Fox pointed this out in his exemplary analysis, Deliver Us From Chaos: Ten Political Commandments. In 1953 they used domestic terrorism to overthrow Mohammad Mosaddeq, former Prime Minister of Iran. They used the Afghan Mujahideen to attack Russia in the same year of their resistance. The CIA and the U.S. ambassador secretly engineered the “Rose Revolution” in Georgia in 2003 and “the U.S. encouraged the Israeli-trained Georgian army to invade the disputed enclave of South Ossetia five years later”.

Motivation: The only difference between the factors used by the capitalist media and ours is motivation. Regarding motivation, CNN states “they (Deccan Mujahideen) want to create as much damage and attention to themselves as possible”. CIA/Mossad are masters at destruction, but the last thing they want is bringing attention to themselves. Motivation for the U.S. to take it’s war to Pakistan fits perfectly with these attacks. As a matter of fact, Barack Obama and Joe Biden already declared their intention to take the war to Pakistan and stated with certainty that Obama’s “mettle would be tested” by a major international “incident” in the near future. If the perpetrators want to draw attention to themselves, their method (i.e. killing civilians), simply does not make sense unless one buys the Bush regime’s religion-based simplism that they are simply “evil”. Militant’s fighting for causes such as independence or national sovereignty want least of all, international negative attention or popular hatred. The only thing missing from the corporate media explanation is George W. Bush’s idiotic claim that “the terrorists are jealous of our freedoms”. Using this the corporate media’s methodology, it is entirely reasonable and just as easy to implicate the CIA and Mossad.


We must also remember where the very term, “terrorism” was born in 1947 and who carried it out? – Israel. The term has been internationalised and popularised since then by the corporate media, rarely if ever pointing to its origins. Today, “terrorism” has become a household term, associated solely with Muslims throughout the world and it was developed into a basis for a war without end. The military assault on Mumbai is another a mini-9/11 in the sense that it provides a platform for juicing and expanding the “anti-terror” war under a new Obama administration which will no doubt be backed by other western governments.

Criminal Investigation

CNN tells us that the FBI has offered to help investigate the crime. The question is whether their interest is real investigation or damage control. If the FBI uses this time worn formula it could very easily end up evidence pointing to their own government. Were the FBI to “discover” CIA or Mossad involvement can any sane person expect they would reveal their findings to the public? Using “means, method and motivation” analysis, our “criminal investigation” leads to the CIA and Mossad as perpetrators of this event. L Blough.

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Kilas Balik Fakta Bom Bali I

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Saduran dari

Hakim yang memvonis mati Amrozi Cs telah mati duluan. Jaksa yang menuntut (Urip Tri Gunawan) kini dipermalukan kasus suap Rp 6 M. Siapa yang akan menyusul terhina berikutnya?

Oleh: Fauzan Al-Anshari *

Tiga terpidana mati Amrozi Cs telah dipanggil Allah SWT. Tapi masih banyak orang belum mencermati secara jeli peristiwa itu. Tulisan berupa kilas balik ini sekedar mengingatkan Anda semua atas peristiwa itu.


Pulau Bali mempunyai nama lain sebagai pulau Dewata, karena memang dikaruniai oleh Alloh SWT memiliki keindahan panorama alam, khususnya panorama di pantai Kuta. Karena keindahannya, tidak mengherankan jika para wisatawan selalu berdatangan silih berganti, baik wisatawan lokal (domestik) maupun turis asing. Karena banyaknya wisatawan asing, sampai-sampai ada tempat hiburan yang dikhususkan untuk para turis asing, yaitu Paddy’s Bar dan Sari Club.

Pada hari sabtu tanggal 12 Oktober 2002 menjelang tengah malam tiba-tiba sebuah bom meledak di Paddy’s Bar tempat para turis asing berpesta pora.

>> Bom Bali 1 []

Seketika itu juga aliran listrik padam, sehingga sepanjang jalan Legian Kuta gelap gulita. Dalam hitungan detik sesaat kemudian muncul cahaya terang yang memancar membentuk awan, semburan api raksasa terlihat hampir bersamaan dengan terdengarnya ledakan dahsyat. Disusul dengan bom kedua di Sari Club, yang efeknya terdengar sampai radius puluhan kilometer, dan jaring-jaring bangunan berhamburan ke udara sampai 50 meter tingginya.

Indonesia tersentak, tak menyangka akan terjadi targedi Bom Bali I tersebut, sementara pemerintah Amerika – Israel – Australia dan pemerintah barat lainnya tidak kaget atau pura-pura kaget atas kejadian yang mengakibatkan sebagian warganya jadi korban. Sangat disayangkan, pemerintah Indonesia tidak segera mengambil sikap, tidak seperti pemerintah Amerika yang cepat membuat pernyataan “Amerika under Attack” (Amerika sedang diserang) yang langsung diikuti penutupan akses keluar dari Amerika, baik yang lewat udara maupun laut.

Sementara pemerintah Indonesia bingung, tidak tahu apa yang harus dan cepat dilakukan untuk melindungi rakyatnya. Pintu ke luar masuk, baik jalur udara maupun laut dibiarkan terbuka lebar, sehingga kalau ada dugaan keterlibatan pihak asing, maka barang-barang bukti akan lenyap dibawa lari ke luar negeri. Yang tersisa hanya bukti lokal, yang menyebabkan rakyatnya sendiri jadi korban tuduhan.

Bom jenis apa yang meledak di kedua tempat hiburan Paddy’s Bar dan Sari Club? Siapa yang pantas tertuduh sebagai pelaku utamanya? Para pembaca dipersilahkan untuk mengambil kesimpulan sendiri setelah membaca berita dan cara penanganannya. Setelah bom meledak, dalam tempo 5 mikro-detik detonasi yang sangat dahsyat berupa gelombang tekan (shock wave) berkekuatan satu juta kaki perdetik membongkar jalan yang berada di depan Sari Club. Aspal, batu dan tanah dengan berat dua ton-an terlempar berhamburan ke udara, sementara tanah dan pasir berputar ke segala arah bak angin putting beliung, mampu memotong tubuh para turis menjadi seperti mie kwetiau. Potongan-potongan tubuh manusia terserak sampai beberapa blok jauhnya, sedang yang berada pada radius demosili yang panjangnya 200-an meter akan tewas meski dengan tubuh utuh, tapi tulang belulangnya patah dan remuk redam bak bandeng presto.

Ledakan bom tersebut menewaskan 202 orang, melukai sekitar 300 orang, menghancurkan 47 bangunan, beberapa mobil terlempar ke udara sampai enam meter dan membakar ratusan mobil dari berbagai merk dan jenis. Potongan-potongan besi bangunan juga patah-patah dan bengkok oleh kuatnya tekanan ledak, kaca bangunan beterbangan ke segala arah, getaran akibat ledakan bom bisa dirasakan sampai radius 12 kilometer. Belum juga pihak kepolisian Indonesia selesai mengadakan penyelidikan, tiba-tiba keluarlah beberapa pernyataan dan tuduhan dari pihak pemerintahan Barat. Presiden AS George Walker Bush sudah mendahului menuduh Al-Qaidah sebagai dalangnya, yang akan diamini oleh negara-negara barat yang lainnya. Sementara, Lembaga Studi Pentagon dan Israel menuduh Jamaah Islamiyah yang melakukannya.

Dengan munculnya beberapa pernyataan dari negara-negara kuat yang mendahului hasil penyelidikan pihak kepolisian, sudah barang tentu sangat mempengaruhi independensi dan obyektifitas proses penyelidikan kepolisian Indonesia. Cecaran negara-negara barat tersebut jelas membuat kepolisian Indonesia ketar–ketir dan ketakutan, karena merasa mendapat intervensi. Walau masih tetap melakukan proses penyidikan dan penyelidikan, tapi sudah tidak bisa mandiri lagi.

Perhatikan dari perkembangan pernyataan-pernyataan yang disampaikan pihak yang berkompenten:

Pertama, Pada hari awal pasca ledakan Tim Mabes Polri mengadakan kajian bersama dengan Tim FBI, sudah berani membuat pernyataan: “Berdasarkan efek ledakan bom, besar kemungkinan material yang digunakan dari jenis C-4,” kata Kabag Humas Polri Irjen Polisi Saleh Saaf. Pernyataan tersebut diperkuat oleh keterangan Kepala BIN AM Hendropriyono, “Ya, salah satu dari bom yang dipakai adalah C-4,” disampaikan saat berkunjung ke TKP tanggal 19 Oktober 2002.

Kedua, Mark Ribband seorang ahli dan praktisi eksplosif Inggris mengatakan kepada AFP (15/10/02): “Bom C-4 memang diproduksi oleh beberapa negara, tetapi produsen utamanya adalah AS dan Israel”. Dia menambahkan: “Meskipun relatif gampang dibawa dan mudah diselundupkan, bom plastik ini tak bisa diperoleh sembarangan pihak, selain amat sulit juga mahal”. Melihat dampaknya, dia percaya bom di Bali itu punya daya ledak yang luar biasa, kalau benar itu C-4, tentu itu C-4 yang amat powerfull.

Ketiga, Joe Vialls, ahli bom dan investigator independen yang bermukim di Australia punya pendapat yang berbeda. Menurut hasil investigasi dan analisanya, bom yang meledak di Bali itu lebih dari C-4. Menurutnya, C-4 itu hanya hebat di film-film Hollywood yang dibintangi Sylvester Stallone atau Bruce Willis. C-4 itu sebenarnya hanya lebih baik dari TNT. C-4 yang standar terbuat dari 91% RDX dan 9% Polyisobotciser dan daya ledaknya 1,2 kali lebih baik dari TNT. Yang pasti kata Joe Vialls: “Skenario bom C-4 tak bisa menjelaskan mengapa bom Bali menimbulkan cendawan panas dan kawah yang cukup besar.

Adanya cahaya dan cendawan panas setelah lumpuhnya aliran listrik serta munculnya kawah, bisa menjadi indikasi yang spesifik dari hadirnya senjata micronuclear. Sejumlah kalangan mempertanyakan tidak adanya radiasi sinar gamma dalam kasus tersebut. Karena radiasi gamma dan neutron tidak terdeteksi, mereka menyimpulkan tak mungkin ada mikronuklir di Bali. Sanggahan itu sekilas masuk akal, tapi sebenarnya menunjukkan kurangnya wawasan akan khasanah senjata nuklir”.

Keempat, Nuklir konvensional memang selalu menghasilkan radiasi radio aktif, sementara yang dipakai di Bali adalah mikronuklir non konvensional yang disebut SDAM (Special Demolition Atomic Munition). Dilengkapi reflector neutron, mikronuklir ini didesain sedemikian rupa hingga tidak sampai menghasilkan sinar gamma dan neutron yang gampang disidik oleh alat Geiger Counter, limbah yang dihasilkan SDAM itu berupa awan panas dan sedikit sinar alpha. Maka jika mendeteksi radiasi mikronuklir SDAM dengan menggunakan alat itu jelas salah alamat, pasti tak akan terukur adanya radiasi gamma dan neutron, kecuali memang di TKP terdapat bahan radioaktif Uranium.

Sedangkan bahan yang dipakai untuk membuat SDAM umumnya adalah Uranium 238 dan Plutonium 239. SDAM tidak meninggalkan jejak radiasi neutron dan atau sinar gamma, hanya menghasilkan panas dan sedikit pertikel alpha. Partikel itu tersedia dalam jumlah amat sedikit, sekitar satu partikel dalam radius dua meter. Itu pun bisa hilang atau tidak terdeteksi setelah TKP kena hujan, atau partikel terhirup oleh para korban yang telah dievakuasi dan diabukan di Australia. Persoalannya, para petugas kepolisian sudah kehilangan momen dan kesempatan untuk menjejak partikel alpha yang menjadi ciri khasnya.

Kelima, Kepala Staf TNI Angkatan Bersenjata (KSAD) Jenderal Ryamizard Riyacudu (kini sudah pensiun) mengatakan: “Saya yakin bahwa bom yang meledak di Bali adalah buatan luar negeri, dan bukan buatan orang Indonesia. Bom yang begitu dahsyat seperti itu tidak mungkin produk dalam negeri, itu pasti produk luar negeri”, ujarnya usai memberikan pengarahan kepada prajurit Kopassus Grup 2 dan Brigif 413 Kostrad di Markas Kopassus Grup 2 Kandang Menjangan Solo (12/11/02). Menurut Ryamizard, “Indonesia sampai saat ini belum mampu membuat bom Atom, bom Napalm, Mikronuklir atau sejenisnya. Tapi kalau ada orang kita yang disuruh saya tidak tahu, serahkan saja pada polisi. Tapi saya yakin ada orang luar yang terlibat,” jelasnya.

Keenam, Kapten Rodney Cox, seorang tentara Australia mengomentari kejadian meledaknya bom Bali. Dia menyaksikan langsung dahsyatnya bom tersebut, karena berada di dekat TKP, katanya: “Saya pernah mengikuti kursus Demosili, tapi tak pernah menyaksikan efek ledakan yang begitu hebat”.

Kesaksiannya yang cukup detail itu mengundang analisis lebih jauh terhadap identitas bom Bali. “Pernyataan listrik mati sebelum adanya kilatan cahaya pra ledakan telah menjadi petunjuk kuat dan tak terbantahkan, bahwa masa kritis dari suatu senjata mikronuklir telah tercapai” kata Joe Vialls. Bom kecil di Paddy’s Bar hanya menimbulkan kerusakan lokal, 10 detik kemudian meledaklah bom ke-2 di Sari Club yang sangat dahsyat, menyebabkan seluruh aliran dan jaringan listrik di kota saat itu lumpuh total oleh pengaruh gelombang elektromagnetik SREMP (Source Region Electromagnetic Pulsa) yang dipancarkan mikronuklir pada titik kritisnya. Pulsa Elektromagnetik itu merambat melalui semua medium pada kecepatan cahaya (300.000 km/jam). Karena itu Kapten Cox menyatakan, bahwa listrik mati sebelum dia menyaksikan semburan api dan awan panas di atas permukaan jalan. Laporan yang disusun oleh Kapten Jonathan Garland, wartawan koran resmi Angkatan Bersenjata Australia itu rupanya telah membuat keki dan blingsatan pemerintah dan petinggi militer Australia. Mereka khawatir kesaksian itu akan menjadi blunder bagi Australia di masa depan, maka dengan memo seorang menteri, laporan dan kesaksian penting itu kemudian dihapus dari situs ARMY.

Polri Kurang Mandiri dan Tidak Konsisten Pada hari pertama pihak kepolisian Indonesia menduga kuat bahwa bom yang meledak di Bali dari jenis C-4, dugaan itu didasarkan pada efek ledakan yang dahsyat. Akan tetapi setelah kedatangan Tim Polisi Federal (Austalia Federal Police) Australia dan ASIO (Australia Secret Intelligent Organization) , pernyataannya jadi berubah-ubah. Katanya, bom yang meledak dari jenis RDX. Lalu berubah lagi, kata polisi dari jenis TNT. Bahkan Polda Jatim sempat keceplosan bicara, bahwa bom yang meledak di Bali itu mungkin bom karbit, hanya karena di sekitar TKP ditemukan bubuk potasium khlorat. Sungguh menggelikan.

Kalau saja Polri mampu mandiri dan tidak takut dengan tekanan dari pihak manapun, bekerja profesional, tidak terpengaruh (yang negatif) walau ada pihak luar ikut membantu menyelidiki, maka haqqul yakin kepolisian Indonesia akan mempunyai wibawa tinggi di mata dunia, dihormati dan dicintai rakyat karena mereka merasa terlindungi.

Mengapa TNI Dicurigai Terlibat?

Koran Singapura The Straits Times dan koran Australia The Sydney Morning Herald melansir berita, bahwa TNI mungkin terlibat dalam pengeboman di Bali. Berdalih pengakuan paling mutakhir dari Umar al-Faruq (mudah-mudahan syahid) di penjara Baghram Afganistan. Mereka menuduh Abubakar Ba’asyir telah membeli C-4 dari TNI dengan dana kiriman uang dari tokoh Al-Qaidah Usama bin Ladin.

Berita fitnahan tersebut cepat direspon oleh KSAD Jenderal Ryamizard Riyacudu, dengan mengatakan bahwa TNI sampai saat ini belum mampu membuat bom Atom, bom Napalm, Mikronuklir dan atau yang sejenisnya. Lalu diadakanlah demo bom TNT (kemampuan yang dimiliki PT. Pindad) di Cibodas pada akhir Oktober 2002. 2 kg bom TNT disiapkan, 2 meter darinya diletakkan 2 botol aqua berisi bensin, di sampingnya lagi ada gubuk kecil dari bahan kayu. Setelah bom TNT tadi diledakkan, maka menimbulkan suara cukup keras dan tanahnya pun bergetar, pohon dan tanaman di sekitarnya rusak. Tapi anehnya 2 botol aqua yang berisi bensin tidak tumbang apalagi terbakar, begitu juga gubuk kayunya juga masih tegak berdiri. Uji coba tersebut dilakukan oleh Pusdik Zenit TNI AD yang dipimpin oleh Kol. C2i Puguh Santoso. Keterusterangan dari pihak TNI akan batas kemampuan PT. Pindad sebenarnya sangat disayangkan, karena rahasia batas kemampuannya akan diketahui pihak lawan. Tapi keterusterangan tadi bisa dimaklumi, apa sebabnya?

Nah kalau berita dari dua koran Singapura dan Australia itu di-blow up dan dilansir oleh mass media dunia, maka TNI dan juga negara Indonesia bisa terancam diserang oleh pihak luar, mungkin akan mengalami nasib seperti Iraq.

Coba perhatikan beberapa kejadian sebelumnya:

  1. Paska runtuhnya gedung WTC tanggal 11 September 2001, Presiden AS George Walker Bush menabuh genderang perang dunia melawan para pejuang dan aktivis muslim dengan julukan “teroris” (the global war on terrorism atau G-WOT). Dia mengajak kepada masyarakat internasional untuk mendukung langkahnya, dengan dua opsi: “Carrot or Stick”; bersama kami (AS) memerangi para teroris akan mendapat hadiah carrot/wortel/ dollar, tidak mau mendukung AS akan menerima pukulan stick/tongkat/ rudal.
  2. Presiden Megawati pernah mengatakan bahwa, jika AS menyerang Indonesia, maka tak akan mampu melawan tentara George Walker Bush dan tidak akan bertahan walau hanya sepekan. Mengapa Presiden Megawati sampai mengatakan demikian? Bisa jadi karena kemampuan militer Indonesia memang sangat jauh tertinggal jika dibandingkan dengan tentara AS. Apakah George Walker Bush serius dengan ancamannya, bila Indonesia tidak mau mendukungnya akan diserang?

    Jawabnya: Sangat mungkin! Tapi, dari dua pilihan tersebut, carrot-lah yang dipilih Megawati. Ia menyeret bangsa Indonesia menjadi sekutu Bush, menjadi “Proxy Forces” atau agen perantara untuk menangkapi rakyatnya sendiri . Masya Alloh tega nian bunda.

    Karenanya, ia langsung mendapatkan upah di depan (down paymen) sebesar US $ 500 juta. Katanya, untuk menstimulir perekonomian nasional. Terbuktilah sekarang. Ujian harta ini lebih berbahaya daripada kenaikan BBM.

    Sabda Nabi saw:

    “Sesungguhnya aku sudah memohon kepada Robbku untuk umatku, janganlah Dia membinasakan mereka dengan paceklik yang merajalela, jangan menundukkan mereka kepada musuh dari luar kelompok mereka yang menodai kedaulatan mereka. Sesungguhnya Robbku berfirman: Wahai Muhammad, sungguh jika Aku telah menetapkan suatu ketetapan, maka tidak bisa lagi ditolak. Aku berikan kepadamu untuk umatmu agar mereka tidak dibinasakan oleh paceklik yang merajalela, dan agar mereka tidak dikuasai musuh dari luar mereka yang akan menodai kedaulatan mereka, sekalipun musuh itu berkumpul dari seluruh penjuru dunia, kecuali jika sebagian mereka membinasakan sebagian yang lain, dan mereka saling manahan satu sama lain”

  3. Frederick Burks, mantan penerjemah Departemen Luar Negeri AS mengatakan: “Pada tanggal 16 September 2002 ada pertemuan rahasia di rumah Presiden Megawati, di jalan Teuku Umar Jakarta. Pertemuan itu diikuti lima orang: Megawati, Karen Brooks, (Direktur National Security Council wilayah Asia Pasific), Ralph Boyce (Dubes AS untuk Indonesia), Frederich Burks dan seorang wanita agen khusus CIA sebagai utusan spesial Presiden Bush”. Dalam pertemuan berdurasi 20-an menit itu, utusan khusus Bush meminta Mega agar me-render (menyerahkan secara rahasia) ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir kepada pemerintahan AS, sebagaimana kasus Umar al-Faruq. Mega menolak, dengan alasan, Umar al-Faruq bisa di-render karena tidak dikenal oleh publik Indonesia dan tak mempunyai pendukung, sedangkan ustadz Abu Bakar dikenal publik dan banyak pengikutnya.

Sehingga jika di-render bisa menimbulkan instabilitas politik dan agama, yang tidak mungkin ditanggungnya. Akhirnya agen CIA itu mengancam;

“Jika ustadz Abu tidak diserahkan sebelum pertemuan APEC, maka “Situasinya akan bertambah buruk..” Benar saja, ancamannya dibuktikan sebulan kemudian, yaitu dengan peledakan Bom Bali I pada tanggal 12 Oktober 2002 pukul 00.00.

Jadi siapa yang berada di balik peristiwa Bom Bali I? Apakah Amrozi cs pelaku utamanya? Amrozi hanya membawa karbit 1 ton dengan mobil L300. Mengapa polisi takut melakukan rekonstruksi? Jika Anda ragu, jangan sekali-kali mengeksekusi mereka, karena jika Anda muslim, maka akan murtad!

Ingatlah hakim yang memvonis mati mereka tela mati duluan, jaksa yang menuntut hukuman mati (Urip Tri Gunawan) mereka kini dipermalukan dengan terbongkarnya suap Rp 6 M, apakah Anda mau menyusul terhina seperti mereka?

Penulis adalah Direktur Lembaga Kajian Strategis Islam (LKSI)

Adam Malik, CIA, Tiga Serangkai dan Operasi Tas Hitam

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Adam Malik, CIA, Tiga Serangkai dan Operasi Tas Hitam

Nurul Hidayati – detikNews

Jakarta – Dari 800 lebih halaman di buku Membongkar Kegagalan CIA karya Tim Weiner, wartawan The New York Times yang pernah meraih Pulitzer, cerita soal Indonesia hanya makan 5 halaman saja, dimulai pada halaman 329. Meski sekelumit, namun pengakuan perwira CIA bahwa Adam Malik adalah agen CIA menggegerkan Tanah Air.

“Saya merekrut dan mengontrol Adam Malik,” ujar Clyde McAvoy, perwira CIA itu, dalam sebuah wawancara pada tahun 2005. McAvoy bertemu dengan Adam Malik di sebuah tempat rahasia dan aman di Jakarta pada 1964.

“Dia adalah pejabat Indonesia tertinggi yang pernah kami rekrut,” tambah McAvoy.

Adam Malik dirinci lebih dalam lagi setelah itu. Disebutkan, dalam beberapa minggu yang menegangkan pada bulan Oktober 1965, Negara Indonesia terpecah dua.

Tim Weiner menulis, “CIA berusaha mengkonsolidasi sebuah pemerintah bayangan, sebuah kelompok tiga serangkai yang terdiri atas Adam Malik, Sultan yang memerintah di Jawa Tengah, dan perwira tinggi angkatan darat berpangkat mayor jenderal bernama Suharto.

“Malik memanfaatkan hubungan dengan CIA untuk mengadakan serangkaian pertemuan rahasia dengan Duta Besar Amerika yang baru di Indonesia, Marshall Green. Sang Duta Besar mengatakan bahwa dia bertemu dengan Adam Malik “di sebuah lokasi rahasia” dan mendapatkan “gambaran yang sangat jelas tentang apa yang dipikirkan Soeharto dan apa yang dipikirkan Malik serta apa yang mereka usulkan untuk dilakukan” buat membebaskan Indonesia dari komunisme melalui gerakan politik baru yang mereka pimpin, yang disebut Kap-Gestapu.

Tim Weiner juga menulis, “Pada pertengahan bulan Oktober 1965, Malik mengirimkan seorang pembantunya ke kediaman perwira politik senior kedutaan, Bob Martens, yang pernah bertugas di Moskow ketika Malik juga bertugas di sana sebagai diplomat Indonesia. Martens menyerahkan kepada utusan Malik itu sebuah daftar yang tidak bersifat rahasia, yang berisi nama 67 pemimpin PKI, sebuah daftar yang telah dia rangkum dari kliping-kliping surat kabar komunis.”

Pada bagian lain disebutkan juga bahwa Duta Besar Green, McGeorge Bundy (Penasihat Keamanan Nasional) dan Bill Bundy (Asisten Menlu untuk Timur Jauh), melihat Suharto dan Kap-Gestapu layak mendapat bantuan AS. Namun Duta Besar Green mengingatkan bahwa bantuan itu tidak boleh berasal dari Pentagon atau Deplu. Program bantuan itu tidak akan bisa dirahasiakan; risiko politisnya sangat besar. Akhirnya disepakati bahwa uang itu harus ditangani oleh CIA.

Mereka sepakat untuk mendukung militer Indonesia dalam bentuk bantuan obat-obatan senilai US$ 500.000 yang akan dikirimkan melalui CIA dengan pengertian bahwa angkatan darat akan menjual obat-obatan tersebut untuk mendapatkan uang tunai.

Dubes Green, setelah berunding dengan Hugh Tovar, mengirimkan pesan telegram kepada Bill Bundy, yang merekomendasikan pembayaran uang dalam jumlah yang cukup besar kepada Adam Malik:

“Ini untuk menegaskan persetujuan saya sebelumnya bahwa kita menyediakan uang tunai sebesar Rp 50 juta (sekitar $ 10 ribu) buat Malik untuk membiayai semua kegiatan gerakan Kap-Gestapu. Kelompok aksi yang beranggotakan warga sipil tetapi dibentuk oleh militer masih memikul kesulitan yang diakibatkan oleh semua upaya represif yang sedang berlangsung…

Kesediaan kita untuk membantu dia dengan cara ini, menurut saya , akan membuat Malik berpikir bahwa kita setuju dengan peran yang dimainkannya dalam sebuah kegiatan anti-PKI, dan akan memajukan hubungan kerja sama yang baik antara dia dan angkatan darat.

Kemungkinan terdeteksinya atau terungkapnya dukungan kita dalam hal ini sangatlah kecil, sebagaimana setiap operasi “tas hitam” yang telah kita lakukan.”

Tim Weiner juga menulis, “Sebuah gelombang besar kerusuhan mulai meningkat di Indonesia. Jenderal Suharto dan gerakan Kap-Gestapu telah membunuh begitu banyak orang. Dubes Green kemudian memberi tahu Wapres Hubert H Humprey dalam sebuah pembicaraan di kantor wakil presiden di Gedung Capitol bahwa “300.000 sampai 400.000 orang telah dibantai” dalam “sebuah pertumpahan darah besar-besaran”.

Wakil Presiden menyebutkan bahwa dia telah mengenal Adam Malik selama bertahun-tahun, dan Dubes memujinya sebagai “salah satu orang terpintar yang pernah dia temui.” Malik dilantik sebagai menteri luar negeri, dan dia diundang untuk berbincang-bincang selama 20 menit dengan Presiden Amerika di Oval Office. Mereka menghabiskan waktu berbincang-bincang tentang Vietnam.

Pada akhir pembicaraan mereka, Lydon Johnson mengatakan bahwa dia memiliki perhatian amat besar tentang perkembangan di Indonesia dan dia mengirimkan salam hangatnya untuk Malik dan Suharto. Dengan dukungan AS, Malik kemudian terpilih menjadi ketua Sidang Umum PBB.” (nrl/anw)

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