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Mumbai: Why are Jews a Target?

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Terrorist attack in Mumbai, India: When there is a conflict between Pakistan and India, why are Jews a Target?

Together with all of the Jewish people, we mourn the indescribable loss of all those murdered in Mumbai, India, and in particular our Jewish brethren, precious souls. The unforgettable noble soul Rabbi Aryeh Leibush Teitelbaum of blessed memory, a strong follower of True Torah Jews Against Zionism, and a relative of that famous champion of the anti-Zionist cause, Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum; the well-respected Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg; Rebbetzin Rivkah Holtzberg; Benzion Korman; and other Jews. They were all murdered in cold blood by the hands of the terrorists. G-d will certainly take revenge on all who kill innocent people, and especially such precious souls, no matter what their justification was for such a heinous crime. Whoever does not respect the life of G-ds creations will have to face Heavenly retribution on the great and awesome Day of Judgment.

The question, however, is: what was the motive of the terrorists in attacking a small Jewish synagogue with a few Jews in it, when they could have attacked a large hotel or other public place and claimed many more victims?

The answer: Zionism!

Please read the following words of the only surviving terrorist, excerpted from the Times of India:

Kasab has told police that they were sent with a specific mission of targeting Israelis to avenge atrocities on Palestinians. This was why they targeted Nariman House, a complex meant for Israelis. Sources said Kasab’s colleagues, killed in the operation, had stayed in Nariman House earlier.

Read the words of the Wall Street Journal:

One of the assailants, who identified himself as Imran Babar and said his unit contained six militants, used Mr. Holtzberg’s cellphone to call a popular Indian TV show on Thursday. In the call, he fumed about a recent visit by Major-General Avi Mizrahi, head of Israel’s Ground Forces Command, to the disputed Indian state of Kashmir, a predominantly Muslim area where Indian forces are battling an Islamic insurgency.

Zionism has already brought so many misfortunes upon Jews, and they have their share in this tragedy as well.

From this tragedy we also see the obligation of the hour and the importance of making known to the entire world that Zionists do not represent Jews. True Torah Jews did not create the State of Israel, and have no connection to it. We do not vote in its elections; we do not accept their monetary benefits. It is therefore a terrible crime to blame the Jewish people in general for their actions.

We are looking for more funding and new tactics so that our voice and our outcry should be heard around the world. We must break through the wall of the media, which ignores our message.

At the same time, we wish to protest against the Zionists shameful act of desecration of the victims bodies. They draped their coffins with Zionist flags, and made their funerals into a sensational Zionist ceremony, with the purpose of gaining political capital at the victims expense. How can we bear the pain of the Teitelbaum family, who unceasingly pleaded with the Zionist officials not to hold these ceremonies? What happened would have certainly offended the deceased Aryeh Leibush. Sources say that the family offered to pay for a private plane to fly Aryeh Leibushs body to the Holy Land for burial, so that he would not have to go in the Zionist air force jet.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Teitelbaum’s family had rejected Israel’s offer to include him in the official memorial ceremony at Ben-Gurion Airport on Monday night, when the victim’s bodies arrived from India on an IAF jet. In line with their group’s anti-Zionist stance, the family emphasized that they wanted no government involvement in the burial of Teitelbaum’s remains, nor did they did want his coffin to be wrapped in an Israeli flag as those of the other Jewish and Israeli victims would be.

Haaretz reports:

Victim’s family rejects offer of official memorial ceremony

Teitelboim’s family, which belongs to the anti-Zionist Satmar Hassidic sect of Orthodox Judaism, has rejected Israel’s offer to hold an official memorial ceremony for him along with the other Jewish and Israeli fatalities.

But all their entreaties fell on deaf ears.

Rabbi Aryeh Leibush Teitelbaum grew up in the Satmar Chassidic community in New York, a community well known for its anti-Zionist stance. He married the daughter of the Rebbe of Toldos Avraham Yitzchok, also a well known anti-Zionist group. He was an American-born Jew living in Jerusalem, and he never chose to become an Israeli citizen. He never accepted government benefits, although he needed money to support his large family of children. Instead he earned his livelihood by traveling around the world working for kosher supervising agencies. He considered participation in the Zionist elections to be a severe sin.

In short, he was a strong opponent of the Zionist state, yet unfortunately, as he was laid to eternal rest, he was dealt a disgraceful blow. For Orthodox Jews, who believe in the Afterlife, it is clear that such treatment is like a second death.

Our message to the Zionists is:

Haratzachta vegam yarashta?

Have you killed this man and inherited him as well? Is it not enough that he died as an innocent casualty of your conflict? Do you have to reap benefit from his death too?

May we be privileged to see the redemption, when there will be peace throughout the world.

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Six million Jews were killed as a result of the Zionists

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Vayoel Moshe
Vayoel Moshe

Written by Satmar Grand Rebbe Joel Teitelbaum, zt’l
Translation of Section 110, Vayoel Moshe, published in 1961, (from the middle of Section 110):

Six million Jews were killed as a result of the Zionists

Everyone ignores the fact that it has been these Zionist groups that have attracted the Jewish people and have violated the Oath against establishing a Jewish entity before the arrival of the Messiah. It is because of the Zionists that six million Jews were killed. The fact is that this is the bitter punishment stipulated in the Talmud…. (Tractate Ketuboth, p. 111), which results in the payment of a spiritual and physical debt from the Jewish People. Afflictions and tribulations only appear in this world because of the wicked, and the punishment is meted out first upon the righteous. However the Zionists have committed horrible actions; that they have always slandered and spoken libelously against the Jewish People to other nations, and have even inciting non-Jewish leaders against the Jewish People to convince them to expel Jews from their countries. The Zionists believed that this strategy would make it easier to take over the Holy Land and establish their State there.

We see from letters written by great rabbis in the early days of Zionism how great was their deathly fear of the consequences of the slander and libel of the Zionists; unfortunately their fears were realized.

In addition to this, facts have come to light regarding the extent of the cruelties committed by Zionist organizations that resulted in the whole dreadful catastrophe. Some of these activities that took place in Hungary came to light as well in court cases that later occurred in the Holy Land. The Zionists undertook a number of explicit actions that they believed would assist them in meeting their objectives in the creation a state. It is not, however, my intention to discuss this subject at length in this book because I am writing it solely for the purpose of clarifying Jewish law as it pertains to the establishment of a state. However, I mention these events to point out the fact that it is only this abominable idea of establishing a state that has caused all the hardships, sufferings and misfortunes that have befallen us, aside from the fact of countless Jews who have died because of the Zionist wars that are forbidden by Jewish law.

The actions committed by the Zionists provoked hatred and persecution against Jews living in Arab Lands

The majority of Jews from Arab countries who have come to the Zionist state had resided in peace and tranquility, lacking nothing, until the establishment of the heretical regime, that is, the Zionist state, which has been the original cause of hatred and persecution in their native countries. The Zionists themselves made this all possible with various tricks and ruses in order to increase the persecution so that the Jews living in Arab lands would have to move to the Holy Land utterly penniless. Then the Zionists bragged about this that they were the “saviors” of these Jews although it had been the Zionists themselves who were the initial cause of all this upheaval.

Section 111

On the contrary, the Zionists worked to make sure that the doors of many nations were closed to Jewish refugees

The Zionists constantly boast that the only place of refuge on earth for Jews is their state. However, anyone with a brain in his head can see that it has been because of the Zionists that the doors of other countries were shut to the Jews. This is because the Zionists always exert every effort to prevent Jews from going anywhere else other than to their own state. Any person who takes even the slightest action of offering Jews the possibility of finding refuge in any other country to fulfill the statement of our Sages in the Talmud (Tractate Pesachim, p. 87) that “G-d did an act of charity to disperse the Jews among the nations” faces savage attacks of all kinds from the Zionists, who hurl all types of insults, slander and curses, claiming that such a person is a self-hating Jew who hates the Holy Land.

Moreover, Zionist officials and ministers fan out all over the world, attending banquets with world officials to convince them to refuse to allow their nation to serve as lands of refuge for Jews, and on the contrary, implore them to coercively redirect these Jews to the Zionist state in violation of the Oath prohibiting mass immigration to the Holy Land as explained by the Talmudic sages. The Zionists coerce most of those Jews who have arrived in the Zionist State into heresy and apostasy, and the children of these Jews are defiled in dreadful ways. These “immigrants” continue to suffer poverty and enormous destitution. All the Zionists care about is that they should have a strong state with a huge pool of available soldiers for their army and other coercive organizations and activities.

These Zionist evildoers used their G-d-given free will to choose evil, arrogance and heresy, and have been the cause of all the suffering and tribulations to the Jewish People to assure that Jews find no peace and respite in any country, and work to assure that the doors of the nations are shut. Furthermore, nations can claim that they do not have to offer refuge to Jews because the Jews now have their own state where they can seek refuge. The Zionists, who are viewed by the nations as the leaders of the Jewish People, demand that Jews not go anywhere other than to their state.

However, it is obvious that were it not for the Zionist state, the biblical promise to our Patriarch Jacob that his descendants would always find refuge and solace would be fulfilled. The Zionists declare that only they are the “saviors” of the Jewish People; just two years ago they boast that they were “rescuing” refugees from Egypt, despite the fact that it was the Zionists themselves who caused all the suffering and expulsions, as is the case in all their activities. Just recently it was publicly that the Zionists demanded that a number of nations accept no Jewish refugees.

If not for the Zionists the British government would have kept the doors of their country open, and a large number of Jews would have been saved

While the British government still controlled the Holy Land, the Zionists, who the British saw were seeking to establish their state, were the direct reason why they chose to close their doors to prevent a large influx of Jews. Anyone who remembers who these events unfolded knows for a fact that were it not for the Zionists with their heretical ideas of establishing a state, the doors of the Holy Land itself would have remained open to Jewish refugees, and many Jews would have been saved. During Islamic (Turkish) rule in the Holy Land, the reason that the gates of the Land were closed because of the Turks feared Zionist immigration.

The Zionists were authorized by the British to distribute annual immigration permits, and sought to offer such permits only to those Jews who were Zionists and supported the path of Zionism, heresy and atheism. Anyone wishing to travel to the Holy Land has to flatter the Zionists and their ways. Scripture warns us with regard to heresy (Mishley, 5:8): Stay away from its doorway, and it all the more dangerous for anyone who has to agree to their “doorways” and follow their teachings, as has been the cause that tens of thousands of pure Jewish souls were to die, and many were the fatalities of those ensnared to this heresy under the guise of love for the Holy Land. This is why many G-d fearing Jews have been reluctant to travel to the Holy Land. Anyone fearing G-d fears the danger of heresy more than any other danger in the world. This is all merely the tip of the iceberg concerning the tribulations and suffering that has befallen the Jewish People because of them.

Why the Zionists resemble an arsonist who sets a fire and then scrambles to assist the victims, who imagine the arsonist to be the savior

In my later years I heard an important rabbi offer a fitting parable about the Zionists: Once there was an evil and cruel man who was vengeful and constantly on alert. He wanted to take revenge against his friend, and burn all his and wealth and possessions. So he hired a second wicked person who was expert in these sorts operations to do his task in a way that the victim would not even notice that it was he who had committed this act. Since the hired criminal knew that the would-be victim often welcomed guests into his home, he went to the victim’s home in the evening disguised as a guest and asked for a place to spend the night. The unwitting victim welcomed him in immediately and gave him a room for the night. In the middle of the night the wicked man observed that the householder and his family members were all asleep and that they would not notice anything. He silently set about to start a fire in a hidden area and then quickly returned to his room and pretended to be asleep.

The flames soon became noticeable and awakened the entire household in great panic; everyone soon realized that everything was on fire, but due to their confusion, panic and sorrow, the members of the family could not properly decide how to save their property. In order to avoid suspicion the wicked guest, who had caused the fire, pretended to wake up in great panic and rushed to the aid of the householder, who noticed that the guest was able to calmly do a good job to save more furniture and household objects than the householder himself.

The following morning, when the householder went to the synagogue with a heavy and bitter spirit, he told his friends what had happened in the terrible calamity that befallen him. He explained that he was now left impoverished and destitute, and that he had no idea where to look for a new home and livelihood. While telling the story he mentioned the importance of the commandment of welcoming guests, because of which he had invited a guest to his home to whom he was grateful for having helped save what little could be rescued from the fire in his home. The victim of the arsonist was asked by his friends to identify the guest. He described him, and they immediately recognized him as the very cruel and wicked man who was renown for these sorts of deeds.

His friends mocked him and told him to watch himself because were it not for that “guest,” there would have been no fire at all, for the “guest” was actually an arsonist who had set fire to the house, and was no “savior” at all. They added that the householder should never again allow that evildoer to cross his threshold, for if he ever again has anything to do with that evildoer, his tricks will be even worse, and could result in the death of the householder altogether, G-d forbid.

The lesson of this parable is obvious – through their sins and their deeds the Zionists are the cause of all troubles and sufferings, yet they always come around to brag that they are the “saviors” when they are actually the arsonists! Those that do not wish to seek the truth fall for the ruse and think that they are saviors. Satan blinds their eyes so that they end up in heresy and atheism, G-d forbid. By analyzing all the activities of the Zionists one can easily discover that their acts are utter destruction and no salvation. It would require a book specifically dedicated to this subject to deal with this subject, but I already wrote that in this book I do not wish to get into these issues, but simply wanted to shed light on these matters. G-d will guide those that seek the truth, but this is the hardest and last challenge that has faced the Jewish People until now. The tribulations prior to the arrival of the Messiah have already been described in the Talmud by Rabbi Yochanan, who said that cannot tolerate any more suffering and that we now we need the mercy of G-d to strengthen our true faith in G-d, his holy Torah and in his servants who have served him with all their hearts and souls in the generations before us.

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What’s Really Going On With Gold And Silver?

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By Alex Panameno

When gold hit $700 per oz, it brought the price to a negative 7% compared to a year ago. This would roughly mirror the huge correction “within” the bull market we saw from 1970 to 1980. The same Bull Run that took gold from $34.50oz. In January 1970, to $850oz. by January 1980, that’s roughly a 2,450% increase!

The question still lies… Why has gold dropped?

I challenge you to see things for what they really are, in terms of U.S. dollars; Gold has indeed dropped from its March highs of $1,000 per oz.

That’s only because gold is traded in U.S. dollars and the U.S. dollar has rose so much against other currencies. In fact, if you are in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, or most other countries, gold is actually at an all time high!

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons the U.S. dollar has surged higher.

To say the U.S. dollar rally is real or sustainable is like saying everything we know about economics is wrong! How can the U.S. dollar get stronger as the U.S. economy deteriorates?

The obvious answer is that it can’t!

The U.S. dollar is being devalued at an alarming rate. Faster than what took place in Argentina, Mexico, and Russia put together. The only difference is that our government has better ways to hide it.

Just think about the recent bailouts, how much has our government thrown down the endless “bail out hole”

Let’s add it up!

* $ 800 billion to support mortgage consumer debt.

* $100 billion for Fannie Mae

* $100 billion for Freddie Mac

* $150 billion for Stimulus package (from January)

* $8 billion for Indymac

* $29 billion for Bear Stearns

* $ 700 billion for Wall Street ( Bank of America; Merrill Lynch, City Group, JP Morgan, Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo; Wachovia, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs)

* $143.8 Billion for AIG ( which keeps growing)

* $25 Billion for the big three in Detroit.

* $138 billion for Lehman Brothers (post bankruptcy) through JP Morgan.

* $ 50 Billion for money market funds.

* $ 620 billion for general currency swaps from the feds.

Totaling : $2,863,800,000,000

This doesn’t include the hundreds of billions the feds have and will continue to buy in commercial paper. Plus, what they lend out to other financial firms.

Not to mention, the feds recent supply of new credit lines to Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, and Singapore to “help those countries deal with the global credit crisis.” The feds will start at $30 billion and have promised up to $100 billion dollars per country.

Can someone say hyper-inflation!

If you can’t see where the U.S. dollar and gold are headed, I’ll be crystal clear! The dollar is going in the exact same direction as the Zimbabwe dollar and Mexican peso. Between the last devaluations of the peso, it’s lost 99.9%. If you want to know the price of gold in old pesos; you just have to multiply gold by 100,000.

With everything that has taken place, many “main-stream” TV commentators believe or want us to believe, that the U.S. dollar is now the currency of choice; a safe haven or flight to quality.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

The fact is that the U.S. dollar is now seen as a liability, not an asset. More and more countries are walking away from it.

The reason the U.S. dollar has gone higher is due to the $598 trillion dollar derivatives market. You see, hedge funds have over leveraged themselves and have been hit with tremendous margin calls as markets move against them. They have been forced to liquidate their investments overseas, which is why overseas markets are now crashing. They’re liquidating to come up with equity to pay off margin accounts, which need to be paid off in U.S. dollars.

The dollar is NOT rising because it’s a “safe haven” or a flight to quality; but rather to satisfy U.S. margin accounts. Remember until further notice, margin accounts in most emerging world markets can also be satisfied in U.S. dollars hence, the surge in demand for the U.S. dollar over the past few weeks.

Now let’s talk about deflation. It’s true deflation is here! Deflation is a normal stage in any depressionary economic cycle. Prices of goods and services are going down, they have to. We have an over inventory of cars, electronics, homes, etcS The universal law of supply and demand kicks in. Sellers of goods and services are forced to devalue their prices in order to attract buyers. Regardless of lower prices, people just aren’t buying.

Have no fear, deflation won’t be here long. The un-federal reserve assures us of that, every time they create money out of thin air.

Hyper inflation is just around the corner!

Anyone with a head on their shoulders knows that current consumer price index (CPI) is phony! Real inflation is much higher then government reported numbers.

Whether you believe hyper inflation is coming or not, you better prepare for it.

It happened to the Argentina, Russia, Germany, and recently to Zimbabwe.

It’s true; our government is just as irresponsible in their creation of money.

Another key issue that’s looming on the horizon is the five dollar floor for mutual funds. By law, mutual funds have to sell out of stocks that are trading under $5 per share. With the recent drop in the Dow, a lot of stocks are getting dangerously close to that mark, and when they get there, all mutual funds holding that stock, will have to sell it, creating a snow ball effect. Plus don’t forget we are walking into the worst retail Christmas season, ever forecasted. When the depressing numbers hit Wall Street, get ready to see the DOW take another dive!

Now let’s talk about the nasty rumor of market manipulation and price fixing in the gold and silver markets.

The commodity futures trading commission (CFTC) puts out the “Commitments of Traders” (COT) reports. In where the public can clearly see the net long or short positions held by non-commercial and commercial institutions in all exchange trade commodity markets. Well, without dragging this out.. It’s true! Up until the first week of November, two well known bullion banks held %76 of all the short positions in the silver pits and the same two Institutions also held 60% of all the short positions in the gold pits at the New York Mercantile Exchange and the COMEX division.

The question is, “can this go on forever”? The answer is NO!

In fact, the CFTC is now in an active investigation of both the gold and silver pits.

Plus! At or before the expiration of the specified futures contract (gold/silver) all short positions must be satisfied by either the sale of the commodity (gold and silver) or the buying back of the short position. Well, we know they can’t sell metals they don’t have, therefore the only other option is to buy the short positions back, with a sizable profit I’m sure. Nevertheless, they will be bought back. Which will add a frenzy of buying, ultimately sparking the next Bull Run in that market.

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has never been better to own tangible gold and silver. We all know what gold and silver are capable of when the buying frenzy starts. You don’t need to be a doomsdayer to know that the worst is yet to come.

* The largest load of bank loans re-adjusting the first quarter of 2009 and not stopping until 2012

* Bank failures

* Foreclosures

* Rising unemployment.

* Inflation

* Crashing U.S. dollar

* The introduction of the North American Union and the Amero.

These are all the reasons why more and more people are gravitating to Tangible metals.

Alex Panameno

Trading Director

Goldworth Financial

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Afghanistan, Another Untold Story

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by Michael Parenti

Barack Obama is on record as advocating a military escalation in Afghanistan. Before sinking any deeper into that quagmire, we might do well to learn something about recent Afghan history and the role played by the United States.

Less than a month after the 11 September  2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, US leaders began an all-out aerial assault upon Afghanistan, the country purportedly harboring Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda terrorist organization. More than twenty years earlier, in 1980, the United States intervened to stop a Soviet “invasion” of that country. Even some leading progressive writers, who normally take a more critical view of US policy abroad, treated the US intervention against the Soviet-supported government as “a good thing.” The actual story is not such a good thing.

Some Real History

Since feudal times the landholding system in Afghanistan had remained unchanged, with more than 75 percent of the land owned by big landlords who comprised only 3 percent of the rural population. In the mid-1960s, democratic revolutionary elements coalesced to form the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). In 1973, the king was deposed, but the government that replaced him proved to be autocratic, corrupt, and unpopular. It in turn was forced out in 1978 after a massive demonstration in front of the presidential palace, and after the army intervened on the side of the demonstrators.

The military officers who took charge invited the PDP to form a new government under the leadership of Noor Mohammed Taraki, a poet and novelist. This is how a Marxist-led coalition of national democratic forces came into office. “It was a totally indigenous happening. Not even the CIA blamed the USSR for it,” writes John Ryan, a retired professor  at the University of Winnipeg, who was conducting an agricultural research project in Afghanistan at about that time.

The Taraki government proceeded to legalize labor unions, and set up a minimum wage,  a progressive income tax, a literacy campaign, and programs that gave ordinary people greater access to health care, housing, and public sanitation. Fledgling peasant cooperatives were started and price reductions on some key foods were imposed.

The government also continued a campaign begun by the king to emancipate women from their age-old tribal bondage. It provided public education for girls and for the children of various tribes.
A report in the San Francisco Chronicle (17 November 2001) noted that under the Taraki regime Kabul had been “a cosmopolitan city. Artists and hippies flocked to the capital. Women studied agriculture, engineering and business at the city’s university. Afghan women held government jobs—-in the 1980s, there were seven female members of parliament. Women drove cars, traveled and went on dates. Fifty percent of university students were women.”

The Taraki government moved to eradicate the cultivation of opium poppy. Until then Afghanistan had been producing more than 70 percent of the opium needed for the world’s heroin supply. The government also abolished all debts owed by farmers, and began developing a major land reform program. Ryan believes that it was a “genuinely popular government and people looked forward to the future with great hope.”

But serious opposition arose from several quarters. The feudal landlords opposed the land reform program that infringed on their holdings. And tribesmen and fundamentalist mullahs vehemently opposed the government’s dedication to gender equality and the education of women and children.

Because of its egalitarian and collectivist economic policies the Taraki government also incurred the opposition of the US national security state. Almost immediately after the PDP coalition came to power, the CIA, assisted by Saudi and Pakistani military, launched a large scale intervention into Afghanistan on the side of the ousted feudal lords, reactionary tribal chieftains, mullahs, and opium traffickers.

A top official within the Taraki government was Hafizulla Amin, believed by many to have been recruited by the CIA during the several years he spent in the United States as a student. In September 1979, Amin seized state power in an armed coup. He executed Taraki, halted the reforms, and murdered, jailed, or exiled thousands of Taraki supporters as he moved toward establishing a fundamentalist Islamic state. But within two months, he was overthrown by PDP remnants including elements within the military.

It should be noted that all this happened before  the Soviet military intervention. National security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski publicly admitted–months before Soviet troops entered the country–that the Carter administration was providing huge sums to Muslim extremists to subvert the reformist government. Part of that effort involved brutal attacks by the CIA-backed mujahideen against schools and teachers in rural areas.

In late 1979, the seriously besieged PDP government asked Moscow to send a contingent of troops to help ward off the mujahideen (Islamic guerrilla fighters) and foreign mercenaries, all recruited, financed, and well-armed by the CIA. The Soviets already had been sending aid for projects in mining, education, agriculture, and public health. Deploying troops represented a commitment of a more serious and politically dangerous sort. It took repeated requests from Kabul before Moscow agreed to intervene militarily.

Jihad and Taliban, CIA Style

The Soviet intervention was a golden opportunity for the CIA to transform the tribal resistance into a holy war, an Islamic jihad to expel the godless communists from Afghanistan. Over the years the United States and Saudi Arabia expended about $40 billion on the war in Afghanistan. The CIA and its allies recruited, supplied, and trained almost 100,000 radical mujahideen from forty Muslim countries including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria, and Afghanistan itself.  Among those who answered the call was Saudi-born millionaire right-winger Osama bin Laden and his cohorts.

After a long and unsuccessful war, the Soviets evacuated the country in February 1989. It is generally thought that the PDP Marxist government collapsed immediately after the Soviet departure. Actually, it retained enough popular support to fight on for another three years, outlasting the Soviet Union itself by a year.

Upon taking over Afghanistan, the mujahideen fell to fighting among themselves.  They ravaged the cities, terrorized civilian populations, looted, staged mass executions, closed schools, raped thousands of women and girls, and reduced half of Kabul to rubble. In 2001 Amnesty International reported that the mujahideen used sexual assault as “a method of intimidating vanquished populations and rewarding soldiers.’”

Ruling the country gangster-style and looking for lucrative sources of income, the tribes ordered farmers to plant opium poppy. The Pakistani ISI, a close junior partner to the CIA, set up hundreds of heroin laboratories across Afghanistan. Within two years of the CIA’s arrival, the Pakistan-Afghanistan borderland became the biggest producer of heroin in the world.

Largely created and funded by the CIA, the mujahideen mercenaries now took on a life of their own. Hundreds of them returned home to Algeria, Chechnya, Kosovo, and Kashmir to carry on terrorist attacks in Allah’s name against the purveyors of secular “corruption.”

In Afghanistan itself,  by 1995 an extremist strain of Sunni Islam called the Taliban—heavily funded and advised by the ISI and the CIA and with the support of Islamic political parties in Pakistan—fought its way to power, taking over most of the country, luring many tribal chiefs into its fold with threats and bribes.

The Taliban promised to end the factional fighting and banditry that was the mujahideen trademark. Suspected murderers and spies were executed monthly in the sports stadium, and those accused of thievery had the offending hand sliced off.  The Taliban condemned forms of “immorality” that included premarital sex, adultery, and homosexuality. They also outlawed all music, theater, libraries, literature, secular education, and much scientific research.

The Taliban unleashed a religious reign of terror, imposing an even stricter interpretation of Muslim law than used by most of the Kabul clergy. All men were required to wear untrimmed beards and women had to wear the burqa which covered them from head to toe, including their faces. Persons who were slow to comply were dealt swift and severe punishment by the Ministry of Virtue. A woman who fled an abusive home or charged spousal abuse would herself be severely whipped by the theocratic authorities. Women were outlawed from social life, deprived of most forms of medical care, barred from all levels of education, and any opportunity to work outside the home. Women who were deemed “immoral” were stoned to death or buried alive.

None of this was of much concern to leaders in Washington who got along famously with the Taliban. As recently as 1999, the US government was paying the entire annual salary of every single Taliban government official. Not until October 2001, when President George W. Bush had to rally public opinion behind his bombing campaign in Afghanistan did he denounce the Taliban’s oppression of women. His wife, Laura Bush, emerged overnight as a full-blown feminist to deliver a public address detailing some of the abuses committed against Afghan women.

If anything positive can be said about the Taliban, it is that they did put a stop to much of the looting, raping, and random killings that the mujahideen had practiced on a regular basis. In 2000 Taliban authorities also eradicated the cultivation of opium poppy throughout the areas under their control, an effort judged by the  United Nations International Drug Control Program to have been nearly totally successful. With the Taliban overthrown and a Western-selected mujahideen government reinstalled in Kabul by December 2001, opium poppy production in Afghanistan increased dramatically.

The years of war that have followed have taken tens of thousands of Afghani lives. Along with those killed by Cruise missiles, Stealth bombers, Tomahawks, daisy cutters, and land mines are those who continue to die of hunger, cold, lack of shelter, and lack of water.

The Holy Crusade for Oil and Gas

While claiming to be fighting terrorism, US leaders have found other compelling but less advertised reasons for plunging deeper into Afghanistan. The Central Asian region is rich in oil and gas reserves. A decade before 9/11, Time magazine (18 March 1991) reported that US policy elites were contemplating a military presence in Central Asia. The discovery of vast oil and gas reserves in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan provided the lure, while the dissolution of the USSR removed the one major barrier against pursuing an aggressive interventionist policy in that part of the world.

US oil companies acquired the rights to some 75 percent of these new reserves. A major problem was how to transport the oil and gas from the landlocked region. US officials opposed using the Russian pipeline or the most direct route across Iran to the Persian Gulf. Instead, they and the corporate oil contractors explored a number of alternative pipeline routes, across Azerbaijan and Turkey to the Mediterranean or across China to the Pacific.

The route favored by Unocal, a US based oil company, crossed Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Indian Ocean. The intensive negotiations that Unocal entered into with the Taliban regime remained unresolved by 1998, as an Argentine company placed a competing bid for the pipeline. Bush’s war against the Taliban rekindled UNOCAL’s hopes for getting a major piece of the action.

Interestingly enough, neither the Clinton nor Bush administrations ever placed Afghanistan on the official State Department list of states charged with sponsoring terrorism, despite the acknowledged presence of Osama bin Laden as a guest of the Taliban government.  Such a “rogue state” designation would have made it impossible for a US oil or construction company to enter an agreement with Kabul for a pipeline to the Central Asian oil and gas fields.

In sum, well in advance of the 9/11 attacks the US government had made preparations to move against the Taliban and create a compliant regime in Kabul and a direct US military presence in Central Asia. The 9/11 attacks provided the perfect impetus, stampeding US public opinion and reluctant allies into supporting military intervention.

One might agree with John Ryan who argued that if Washington had left the Marxist Taraki government alone back in 1979, “there would have been no army of mujahideen, no Soviet intervention, no war that destroyed Afghanistan, no Osama bin Laden, and no September 11 tragedy.” But it would be asking too much for Washington to leave unmolested a progressive leftist government that was organizing the social capital around collective public needs rather than private accumulation.

US intervention in Afghanistan has proven not much different from US intervention in Cambodia, Angola, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Grenada, Panama, and elsewhere. It had the same intent of preventing egalitarian social change, and the same effect of overthrowing an economically reformist government. In all these instances, the intervention brought retrograde elements into ascendance, left the economy in ruins, and pitilessly laid waste to many innocent lives.

The war against Afghanistan, a battered impoverished country, continues to be portrayed in US official circles as a gallant crusade against terrorism. If it ever was that, it also has been a means to other things: destroying a leftist revolutionary social order, gaining profitable control of one of the last vast untapped reserves of the earth’s dwindling fossil fuel supply, and planting US bases and US military power into still another region of the world.

In the face of all this Obama’s call for “change” rings hollow.

Michael Parenti’s recent books are Contrary Notions: The Michael Parenti Reader and the forthcoming God and His Demons. For further information, visit

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The Mumbai Attacks The Real Perpetrators and their Goals

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Pakistani security forces raided a camp of a charity run by ...
picture : AFP

For the past many months, the world’s eyes were focused towards the horrendous developing situation in India, wherein a serving Lieutenant General was charged guilty of massacre against both Hindus and Muslims in the “Samjhauta (Friendship) Express”

train in which countless people were burnt alive in their cottages before reaching Pakistan from India. . His name was Lt. Col. Purohit, who was later on reported to have also supplied RDX chemical explosives to Hindu extremists to carry out their attacks.

But then after a few days, suddenly there appear ten “Pakistani” individuals (mostly young) who run about the vicinity of Mumbai wreaking havoc and carnage wherever they go. The Indian media, though know for its objective and straightforward reporting, for the first time showing irresponsibility pointed the finger straight towards Pakistan and its nationals. This has never happened before.

Pakistani soldiers patrol the restive Swat valley in February ...

Some of the notable events and occurrences that are indeed questionable during all these tensions include:

  • How did “people who sailed from Karachi” come to know about the exact whereabouts of the city and especially the layout of the hotel premises? Employees of the Taj Hotel have said that the way in which the terrorists rioted through the whole building was amazing. One of them even said that “They know the place better than us or for that matter, even the Manager himself!”
  • Pictures of one of the attackers in a black T-shirt and grey jeans have been spread over the internet. Even the Associated Press managed to capture a picture, which also clearly shows that the attacker had been wearing an orange-colored male bangle in his left arm. Many Hindu religious sources including Wikipedia clearly say that such bangles are worn by far-right Hindus (too conservative) on their right arms (by males) and left arms (by females).. Similar orange bangles were also worn by Hindu extremists when they were openly slaughtering Muslims in Gujarat and Christians in Orissa. Some religious sources say that the wearing of these bangles signify the “good-luck charm for the fulfillment of any religious undertaking”. Sort of like a “Hindu jihad”, if I were to basically put it that way. The question is: Why would a “fundamentalist Muslim” who is willing to “wage war against the infidels” wear a bangle that purely represents extremist Hindu ideology and beliefs?
  • Immediately reports came in the Indian media that the “Deccan Mujahideen” claimed responsibility for the attacks”. If that were the case, then we all know that Deccan is the provincial capital of Hyderabad, not the Hyderabad in Pakistan but the one in India! Furthermore, authentic investigative and intelligence-briefed findings show that there is no such “jihadi” organization by this name, which furthermore proves that this was another hoax.
  • One Indian channel went as far as broadcasting “real time videos” of a particular “Rehman chacha” (Rehman uncle) hailing from Faridkot district, Pakistan. Reportedly, the attackers had called him from their SIMs and taken further instructions… This is indeed appaludable, for one of the largest news channels in Pakistan, Express News, did extensive thorough findings in search of this person and found out there wasn’t anyone with such a name who ever belonged to Faridkot.
  • The Indian Govt. then again changed her statement and said it was a particular “Amir Jamal” from Faridkot. Again, the Express News team went on research and found out that this very man had died 3 years ago! His own kin related the event to the news team.
  • And again… now the Indian Govt. says it was a particular “Amir Kasab”… we’ll see what develops regarding another sham like this.
  • Some sources revealed on Pakistani media that they were “surprised” at they themselves not knowing of the fact that during all the tragedy in Mumbai, the Jewish settlement at ‘Nariman House’ was also loaded with MI5, Mossad and FBI agents. Furthermore, a handful of CIA agents were also among those dead at the Taj Hotel and were also present at the Oberoi Palace. As we move on, we came to know that the international Jewish terror organization “Chabad Lubavitch”, was also based at Nariman House. The question is: What were the reasons and circumstances under which agents of the MI5, Mossad, FBI, CIA and Chabad Lubavitch were resident in India? Are the Israelis who lived there in that much need of security?
  • The next day, the beneficiaries of all these events, the Hindu right-wing extremist parties such as the BJP, RSS, Vishwa Prashad, etc. get more active in fostering anti-Pakistan, anti-Muslim sentiments among Hindu nationals. The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) played the forefront role, it even had highly-sentimental nationalistic and anti-Pakistan, anti-Muslim statements and banners printed in various leading Indian newspapers and magazines. All this seems to have benefited them a lot. Obviously, the Indian media and the Global Eye before was focused towards some of their members infiltrating the Indian Army’s hierarchy and infusing racist ideologies in them. They got the perfect chance to “turn the tables over”.
  • India pinpointed names of 3 terrorists to the Pakistan Govt. The names were of “Tiger” Memon (Mushtaq Abdur Razzaq Memon), Daud Ibrahim and Mas’oud Azhar. The former two are themselves Indian nationals, it is senseless to claim that they “perpetrated these acts from Pakistan” when the ISI and Govt. have repeatedly said they are not here. Mas’oud Azhar is a religious activist from Bahawalpur who is accredited for the establishment of the jihadi organization “Jaish e Muhammad”.
  • The American Govt. then, as expected, showed sympathy for the Indian Govt. and has recently sent a list of “terrorists” to be reviewed and approved by the U.N. Security Council. Among the names are 4 of the top-ranking former Director Generals of the ISI (Pakistan). And most notable among them is Lt. Gen. (R) Hameed Gul. The purpose and intent is obvious: The Zionists and Neocons in the American Govt. along with their Hindu counterparts want to corner and malign Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) from all sides. In a half-hour exclusive interview to Geo News’ program “Crisis Cell” dated Nov. 4, 2008, Hameed Gul said that the reason the American Govt. and India is behind him is because he always spoke out in advance about the recent upcoming plans of Zionists and Indian Govt. against Pakistan. The question: Hameed Gul was a good friend of Milt Bearden of CIA and had good communication with the American Govt. (in cooperative terms) during his serving tenure, then why is he being blamed also? I hint its because of him being a devoted Muslim who believes in the policies of “true Islamic jihad” and who is known to be quite indulged in religion. He is known to support the just and true Islamic government that was just being formed by the genuine Taliban before it got purposely and timingly demolished by the U.S. Hameed Gul has also repeatedly spoken in detail about the various covert/overt plots that India’s R.A.W. and Israel’s Mossad are churning up in collaboration with each other. Is this a plot to silence him up?
  • Now during all this mayhem, the Zionists wage their propaganda in line with what they used to threaten the Iranian Govt. Issues are being raised whether Pakistan’s nuclear assets are safe or not. To this, one of Pakistan’s top nuclear scientists, Dr. Samar Mubarakmand, replied that indeed Pakistan’s assets are 100% safe by the Grace of Allah and can never be detonated accidentally, as they are protected by a very complex secret code. This shows how the Indian Govt. and the American Zionists are propagandizing against Pakistan.
  • On December 5, 2008, Russia and India signed a “Joint Nuclear Cooperation Treaty”. PM Manmohan Singh of India had this to say (basic excerpts):

“Russia and India will work together to bring forth an International Order… we shall work together in (nuclear) research and development”

Pakistani policemen stand guard in Karachi in November 2008. ...

Indian Media reported the first of these steps involved Russia setting-up a nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu.

One wonders: Why all this now? Was it pre-planned? It seems so. But we still don’t know.

One thing we are sure of is that this time, for real and directly head-on, the Zionists en par with their Indian counterparts including Israelis at the background are very desperate to malign, destabilize and eventually ‘abolish’ the ISI. Which, Insha’Allah, they never can.

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Still Preparing To Attack Iran, The Neoconservatives In The Obama Era

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By Robert Dreyfuss

What, exactly, does Barack Obama’s mild-mannered choice to head the Department of Health and Human Services, former Sen. Tom Daschle, have to do with neocons who want to bomb Iran?

A familiar coalition of hawks, hardliners, and neoconservatives expects Barack Obama’s proposed talks with Iran to fail ­ and they’re already proposing an escalating set of measures instead. Some are meant to occur alongside any future talks. These include steps to enhance coordination with Israel, tougher sanctions against Iran, and a region-wide military buildup of U.S. strike forces, including the pre-positioning of military supplies within striking distance of that country.

Once the future negotiations break down, as they are convinced will happen, they propose that Washington quickly escalate to warlike measures, including a U.S. Navy-enforced embargo on Iranian fuel imports and a blockade of that country’s oil exports. Finally, of course, comes the strategic military attack against the Islamic Republic of Iran that so many of them have wanted for so long.

It’s tempting to dismiss the hawks now as twice-removed from power: first, figures like John Bolton, Paul Wolfowitz, and Douglas Feith were purged from top posts in the Bush administration after 2004; then the election of Barack Obama and the announcement Monday of his centrist, realist-minded team of establishment foreign policy gurus seemed to nail the doors to power shut for the neocons, who have bitterly criticized the president-elect’s plans to talk with Iran, withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq, and abandon the reckless Global War on Terrorism rhetoric of the Bush era.


“Kinetic Action” Against Iran

When it comes to Iran, however, it’s far too early to dismiss the hawks. To be sure, they are now plying their trade from outside the corridors of power, but they have more friends inside the Obama camp than most people realize. Several top advisers to Obama ­ including Tony Lake, UN Ambassador-designate Susan Rice, Tom Daschle, and Dennis Ross, along with leading Democratic hawks like Richard Holbrooke, close to Vice-President-elect Joe Biden or Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton ­ have made common cause with war-minded think-tank hawks at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), and other hardline institutes.

Last spring, Tony Lake and Susan Rice, for example, took part in a WINEP “2008 Presidential Task Force” study which resulted in a report titled “Strengthening the Partnership: How to Deepen U.S.-Israel Cooperation on the Iranian Nuclear Challenge.” The Institute, part of the Washington-based Israel lobby, was founded in coordination with the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and has been vigorously supporting a confrontation with Iran. The task force report, issued in June, was overseen by four WINEP heavyweights: Robert Satloff, WINEP’s executive director, Patrick Clawson, its chief Iran analyst, David Makovsky, a senior fellow, and Dennis Ross, an adviser to Obama who is also a WINEP fellow.

Endorsed by both Lake and Rice, the report opted for an alarmist view of Iran’s nuclear program and proposed that the next president set up a formal U.S.-Israeli mechanism for coordinating policy toward Iran (including any future need for “preventive military action”). It drew attention to Israeli fears that “the United States may be reconciling itself to the idea of ‘living with an Iranian nuclear bomb,’” and it raised the spurious fear that Iran plans to arm terrorist groups with nuclear weapons.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with consultations between the United States and Israel. But the WINEP report is clearly predisposed to the idea that the United States ought to give undue weight to Israel’s inflated concerns about Iran. And it ignores or dismisses a number of facts: that Iran has no nuclear weapon, that Iran has not enriched uranium to weapons grade, that Iran may not have the know-how to actually construct a weapon even if, sometime in the future, it does manage to acquire bomb-grade material, and that Iran has no known mechanism for delivering such a weapon.

WINEP is correct that the United States must communicate closely with Israel about Iran. Practically speaking, however, a U.S.-Israeli dialogue over Iran’s “nuclear challenge” will have to focus on matters entirely different from those in WINEP’s agenda. First, the United States must make it crystal clear to Israel that under no circumstances will it tolerate or support a unilateral Israeli attack against Iran. Second, Washington must make it clear that if Israel were indeed to carry out such an attack, the United States would condemn it, refuse to widen the war by coming to Israel’s aid, and suspend all military aid to the Jewish state. And third, Israel must get the message that, even given the extreme and unlikely possibility that the United States deems it necessary to go to war with Iran, there would be no role for Israel.

Just as in the wars against Iraq in 1990-1991 and 2003-2008, the United States hardly needs Israeli aid, which would be both superfluous and inflammatory. Dennis Ross and others at WINEP, however, would strongly disagree that Israel is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Ross, who served as Middle East envoy for George H.W. Bush and then Bill Clinton, was also a key participant in a September 2008 task force chaired by two former senators, Daniel Coats (R.-Ind.) and Chuck Robb (D.-Va.), and led by Michael Makovsky, brother of WINEP’s David Makovsky, who served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the heyday of the Pentagon neocons from 2002-2006. Robb, incidentally, had already served as the neocons’ channel into the 2006 Iraq Study Group, chaired by former Secretary of State James Baker and former Representative Lee Hamilton. According to Bob Woodward’s latest book, The War Within: A Secret White House History 2006-2008, it was Robb who insisted that the Baker-Hamilton task force include an option for a “surge” in Iraq.

The report of the Coats-Robb task force ­ “Meeting the Challenge: U.S. Policy Toward Iranian Nuclear Development” ­ went far beyond the WINEP task force report that Lake and Rice signed off on. It concluded that any negotiations with Iran were unlikely to succeed and should, in any case, be short-lived. As the report put the matter, “It must be clear that any U.S.-Iranian talks will not be open-ended, but will be limited to a predetermined time period so that Tehran does not try to ‘run out the clock.’”

Anticipating the failure of the talks, the task force (including Ross) urged “pre-positioning military assets,” coupled with a “show of force” in the region. This would be followed almost immediately by a blockade of Iranian gasoline imports and oil exports, meant to paralyze Iran’s economy, followed by what they call, vaguely, “kinetic action.”

That “kinetic action” ­ a U.S. assault on Iran ­ should, in fact, be massive, suggested the Coats-Robb report. Besides hitting dozens of sites alleged to be part of Iran’s nuclear research program, the attacks would target Iranian air defense and missile sites, communications systems, Revolutionary Guard facilities, key parts of Iran’s military-industrial complex, munitions storage facilities, airfields, aircraft facilities, and all of Iran’s naval facilities. Eventually, they say, the United States would also have to attack Iran’s ground forces, electric power plants and electrical grids, bridges, and “manufacturing plants, including steel, autos, buses, etc.”

Palling Around With the Neocons

At a Nov. 6 forum at WINEP, Patrick Clawson, the erudite, neoconservative strategist who serves as the organization’s deputy director for research, laid out the institute’s view of how to talk to Iran in the Obama era. Doing so, he said, is critically important, but only to show the rest of the world that the United States has taken the last step for peace ­ before, of course, attacking. Then, and only then, will the United States have the legitimacy it needs to launch military action against Iran.

“What we’ve got to do is to show the world that we’re making a big deal of engaging the Iranians,” he said, tossing a bone to the new administration. “I’d throw everything, including the kitchen sink, into it.” He advocates this approach only because he believes it won’t work. “The principal target with these offers [to Iran] is not Iran,” he adds. “The principal target of these offers is American public opinion and world public opinion.”

The Coats-Robb report, “Meeting the Challenge,” was written by one of the hardest of Washington’s neoconservative hardliners, Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute. Rubin, who spent most of the years since 9/11 either working for AEI or, before and during the war in Iraq, for the Wolfowitz-Feith team at the Pentagon, recently penned a report for the Institute entitled: “Can A Nuclear Iran Be Deterred or Contained?” Not surprisingly, he believes the answer to be a resounding “no,” although he does suggest that any effort to contain a nuclear Iran would certainly require permanent U.S. bases spread widely in the region, including in Iraq:

“If U.S. forces are to contain the Islamic Republic, they will require basing not only in GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] countries, but also in Afghanistan, Iraq, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. Without a sizable regional presence, the Pentagon will not be able to maintain the predeployed resources and equipment necessary to contain Iran, and Washington will signal its lack of commitment to every ally in the region. Because containment is as much psychological as physical, basing will be its backbone.”

The Coats-Robb report was issued by a little-known group called the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC). That organization, too, turns out to be interwoven with WINEP, not least because its foreign policy director is Michael Makovsky. Perhaps the most troubling participant in the Bipartisan Policy Center is Barack Obama’s éminence grise and one of his most important advisers during the campaign, Tom Daschle, who is slated to be his secretary of health and human services. So far, Daschle has not repudiated BPC’s provocative report.

Ross, along with Richard Holbrooke, recently made appearances amid another collection of superhawks who came together to found a new organization, United Against Nuclear Iran. UANI is led by Mark Wallace, the husband of Nicole Wallace, a key member of Sen. John McCain’s campaign team. Among UANI’s leadership team are Ross and Holbrooke, along with such hardliners as Jim Woolsey, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Fouad Ajami, the Arab-American scholar who is a principal theorist on Middle East policy for the neoconservative movement.

UANI is primarily a propaganda outfit. Its mission, it says, is to “inform the public about the nature of the Iranian regime, including its desire and intent to possess nuclear weapons, as well as Iran’s role as a state sponsor of global terrorism, and a major violator of human rights at home and abroad” and to “heighten awareness nationally and internationally about the danger that a nuclear-armed Iran poses to the region and the world.”

Barack Obama has, of course, repeatedly declared his intention to embark on a different path by opening talks with Iran. He’s insisted that diplomacy, not military action, will be at the core of his approach to Tehran. During the election campaign, however, he also stated no less repeatedly that he will not take the threat of military action “off the table.”

Organizations like WINEP, AIPAC, AEI, BPC, and UANI see it as their mission to push the United States toward a showdown with Iran. Don’t sell them short. Those who believe that such a confrontation would be inconceivable under President Obama ought to ask Tony Lake, Susan Rice, Dennis Ross, Tom Daschle, and Richard Holbrooke whether they agree ­ and, if so, why they’re still palling around with neoconservative hardliners.

Robert Dreyfuss, an independent journalist in Alexandria, Va., is a contributing editor at the Nation magazine, whose Web site hosts his “The Dreyfuss Report,” and has written frequently for Rolling Stone, The American Prospect, Mother Jones, and the Washington Monthly. He is the author of Devil’s Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam.

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Target Pakistan?

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The battle for Afghanistan and Iraq may be heading for stalemate and a quagmire. The Americans are now targeting Pakistan on almost a daily basis as unmanned drones crisscross into Pakistani territory and strike targets deep inside sovereign Pakistani airspace. While the Government in Islamabad keeps mum amidst allegations that they have allowed the Americans to strike inside Pakistan but do not have the courage to tell their people for fear of a certain political death.
For over seven years American and NATO forces are on the brink of a major military defeat and have squandered hundreds of billions of dollars worth of bombs and missiles on Afghanistan, needless to say many of which have wreaked havoc amongst poor ordinary Afghan citizens across the length and breadth of that nation. A strong re-emergent Taliban in Afghanistan under the leadership of Mullah Omar has now a grip on vast stretches of the territory and have denied the Afghan Government its writ.

Faced with a dangerous situation the Americans are now intensifying their attacks inside Pakistan which tantamount to a declaration of war and which is also prompting the threat of reprisals. A fact that is already evident from the increase in attacks on supply convoys that pass through Pakistan to keep the American led campaign in the so-called war on terror.

With all that in mind one has to question why India is now beatings its drums of war after what was clearly a massive Indian Maritime and security failure to prevent a bunch of young men armed with AK 47 Assault rifles. New Delhi blamed Pakistan. The initial knee jerk response from the Indian media about Pakistani involvement has polluted the air and obscured the truth. Many here are convinced that the group has an internal Indian dimension to it and may even be staged by the Hindu right wing BJP party which has been spitting venom against the Muslims and is directly involved in the massacre of thousands of Muslims in Gujarat State, besides covering up the role of extremist Hindu groups who have now been able to penetrate the Indian intelligence and military setup.

Islamic fundamentalism may be one thing but extremist Indian groups like the RSS, Shive Sena and the larger BJP is for all to see and gauge. So what are we to make of it and why is India now bent upon demanding the handover of 20 people that India alleges are involved in destabilizing that country. A list that goes back to 1981 and includes even Sikh freedom fighters who were at the time struggling for the independence of their homeland Khalistan. But India is not the main worry. For the people of Pakistan it appears the worst may be yet to come and there are apprehensions even in concerned quarters that Americans and even the Israelis are shaping un alliance or what is now called a nexus to target Pakistan.

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Pakistan arrests suspected Mumbai plotter

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Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi speaks during a rally Reuters – Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi speaks during a rally in this picture taken April 21, 2008. Lakhvi, one of the suspected planners of last month’s attack by gunmen on Mumbai, was arrested by Pakistani security forces in a raid on a militant camp, several sources in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistani Kashmir, said December 8, 2008. Picture taken April 21, 2008. REUTERS/Abu Arqam Naqash (PAKISTAN)

By MUNIR AHMAD, Associated Press

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Pakistani security forces arrested an alleged mastermind of the Mumbai attacks during a raid on a militant camp, a move likely to please India and the United States, two officials said Monday.

Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi was among at least 12 people detained Sunday after the attack on the camp run by the banned group Laskhar-e-Taiba in Pakistan’s part of Kashmir, the officials said. The officials — one from the intelligence agencies and one from a government agency — spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

Troops backed by a helicopter overran the camp close to the town of Muzaffarabad, briefly exchanging fire with militants there, a senior intelligence official said on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of his job.

He said more than 12 detainees were being questioned over any possible links to the Mumbai attacks, which left 171 people dead in India’s commercial capital.

It was not immediately clear what Pakistan intended to do with Lakhvi.

Pakistan and India do not have an extradition treaty. Last week, President Asif Ali Zardari indicated any one arrested in Pakistan in connection with the attacks would be tried in Pakistan.

Indian officials say the sole Mumbai attacker captured alive has told them that Lakhvi recruited him for the mission and that Lakhvi and another militant, Yusuf Muzammil, were its masterminds.

U.S. officials allege Lakhvi has directed Laskhar-e-Taiba operations in Chechnya, Bosnia and Southeast Asia, training members to carry out suicide bombings and attack populated areas. In 2004, he allegedly sent operatives and funds to attack U.S. forces in Iraq.

Source : and Associated Press

Finding the Tomb of Jesus and True Christianity

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Tomb of Jesus

By : David Livingstone

There’s a lot of hoopla these days about the possible discovery of the tomb of Jesus. It if were ever at all possible to even prove, however, it would not discredit “Christianity” in the least. But it would completely dismantle the Gnostic version that was created by Paul, which much of Christianity has adhered to for much of the last 2 thousand years. Ideally, it will lead to a rediscovery of the true meaning of Jesus’ message.

First of all, it’s perfectly to be expected that this strategy was to be eventually implemented, along with the recent assault on our perceptions of history and truth perpetrated by The Da Vinci Code, or the movie The Book of Secrets, and so on.

But the version of “Christianity” that the Illuminati claim to be discrediting is that same distortion of it for which they are themselves responsible.

I don’t mean to disparage any Christians, and I respect the light they may derive from that interpretation of Christianity. However, the evidence has suggested to me that Paul was a willing agent in the corruption of Jesus’ original message, and I suspect he may have been an agent of that family who were the prime instigators of the conspiracy, over the last 2000 years, to topple religion on this planet, and replace it with their Luciferianism. I mean the House of Herod the Great.

What is very fascinating about this family is that they were closely associated with 3 other families who were central in the origination and dissemination of Mithraism, that cult which so eventually pervaded the Roman Empire, and for which there have been numerous attempts to suggest that Christianity was merely a derivation of it.

The truth is that Mithraism belonged to the many and varied black magic rituals of the Kabbalah, ostensibly dedicated to the dying-gods of antiquity. In this case, they were purportedly dedicated to the god the Persian Magi, those sorcerers who were identified by the ancient world and the founders of all their occult doctrines, but were mistaken as the pupils of Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrianism. They were Kabbalists.

This is a very obscure area of history, so it may be difficult for readers to follow me, but the first evidence of the cult of Mithraism is found in the House of Commagene, in what is now Turkey, who were connected with the Herodians. The full network of these families also included the Claudio-Julian dynasty of Rome, who were emperors from the time to Caesar to Nero. Nero was the first emperor to have been initiated to Mithraism by a Magi. The other family were the Priest-Kings of Emesa in Syria, a hereditary family who for several centuries came to maintain the worship of Sol Invictus, which was interchangeable with Mithraism.

But it was also the Magi who through their astrological skill discovered the coming of the Jewish Messiah, and then reported it to Herod, who then implemented the infamous “slaughter of the innocents”. The evil mission failed. But this did not deter the Herodians in their mission to supplant Judaism with their own mystery religion.

When they failed to suppress the advent of the Jewish Messiah, they attempted to kill him, and then to co-opt his message. Their agent in this corruption was Paul. Robert Eisenmen, a leading scholar of the Dead Sea Scrolls, has written an excellent article which reveals the numerous pieces of evidence which lean to suggest that Paul was indeed such an agent.

But what is most incriminating about Paul, the Thirteenth Apostle, is his decidedly Gnostic interpretation of Christianity. As I discuss in my book, I think the Herodians attempted to kill Jesus as a form of human sacrifice, as a way, in accordance with their mysteries, that the victim would “die for their sins.”

Paul then became the missionary of this version of Christianity, without revealing its true esoteric meaning.

And so here is the complete justification as touted by Paul:

If Christ is not risen, then is our preaching in vain, and your faith also is in vain. Yes, and we are found false witnesses of God; because we have testified of God that He raised up Christ… if Christ is not raised… you are yet in your sins. Then they also which are fallen asleep in Christ are perished. If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.” (1 Cor. 15: 12-19).

But, it is only Paul’s version of Christianity that is dependent on the death of Jesus. But maybe Jesus’ message was not in his death. The majority of early Christians did not believe that Jesus was God or son of God, until they were suppressed by the emerging Christian establishment, and finally by the Nicene conference of 325 AD. In fact, the Early Church, which was composed of Jesus’ immediate followers, were orthodox Jews, and were in conflict with Paul’s repudiation of the Law.

As another example, Islam, while hailing Jesus as the Messiah and a true prophet of God, denies that Jesus was crucified, and denounces his equation with God or the son of God as pagan influence. The evidence corroborates the claim.

No, Jesus was an orthodox Jewish reformer, in the tradition of the many reformers mentioned in the Bible. He tried to reproach the Jewish priesthood of his time for their corruption, xenophobia and misanthropy. He tried to remind them that the meaning of piety was not to be found in mindless and detailed adherence to ritual, but in the implementation of justice. Above all, he wanted to teach the meaning of loving your neighbour, even your enemies.

This was a great and powerful message. It is by estranging us from this supreme tenet, and inducing us to equate religion with ritual, and patriotic association to our fellow co-religionists, that the Illuminati have managed to lull us into a degree of apathy by which we simply stand by and watch them rape and pillage their way across much of the rest of the world.

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The Salafi

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The Salafi

oleh: David Livingstone

(disalin dari situs

Pada awal tahun 1800-an, sebuah kelompok misionaris yang ditunjuk oleh gabungan gerakan Universitas Oxford, Gereja Anglikan dan Kings College of London University, yang berada di bawah Scottish Rite Freemasonry, sebagai bagian dari persekongkolan untuk membantu mengembangkan pembentukkan okult persaudaraan di dunia Islam, yang berdedikasi kepada penggunaan terorisme atas nama Illuminati di kota London [ 1 ]

Pimpinan promotor the Oxford Movement adalah Perdana Menteri Benjamin Disraeli, Lord Palmerston dari the Palladian Rite, dan Edward Bullwer-Lytton, pimpinan dari sebuah cabang aliran Rosicrucian yang dikembangkan dari

Jamal ud Din al Afghani
the Asiatic Brethren. The Oxford Movement juga didukung oleh Jesuit. Juga terlibat keluarga Kerajaan Inggris, dan banyak didukung oleh Jesuit. Juga terlibat keluarga Kerajaan Inggris, dan banyak tokoh kantor perdana menteri serta para pembantunya. Lytton, pimpinan dari sebuah cabang aliran Rosicrucian yang dikembangkan dari the Asiatic Brethren. The Oxford Movement juga didukung oleh Jesuit. Juga terlibat keluarga Kerajaan Inggris, dan banyak tokoh kantor perdana menteri serta para pembantunya.
Benjamin Disraeli adalah seorang Grand Master Freemasonry, juga Knight of the Order of the Garter. Adalah di dalam bukunya Coningsby ia mengakui, melalui seorang karakter bernama Sidonia, untuk memerankan temannya Lionel de Rothschild, bahwa , “dunia diperintah oleh orang-orang yang sangat berbeda dari apa yang dibayangkan oleh mereka yang bukan berada di belakang layar”. Sebagai pengaruh dari perkumpulan-perkumpulan rahasia, Disraeli juga berkata dalam sebuah debat Parlemen sbb:
Adalah sia-sia untuk menyangkal … sebagian besar Eropa – keseluruhan Italia dan Perancis, dan sebagian besar Jerman, tidak perlu menyebutlan negara-negara lain – adalah tertutup dengan sebuah jaringan dari perkumpulan rahasia, seperti permukaan bumi yang sekarang tertutup dengan jala-jalan kereta api. Dan apakah tujuan mereka?. Mereka tidak berusaha menyembunyikan dirinya. Mereka tidak menghendaki pemerintahan yang konstitusional. Mereka tidak menginginkan melakukan perbaikan lembaga, mereka juga tidak mau dewan provinsi maupun catatan hasil suara ; mereka hanya ingin mengakhiri gereja kristen. … [ 2 ]
Benjamin Disraeli

Bulwer-Lytton adalah the Grand Patron of the Societas Rosicruciana di Anglia (SRIA), didirikan pada tahun 1865 oleh Robert Wentworth Little, dan berdasarkan atas the Asiatic Brethren. Banyak anggota the Asiatic Brethren., atau Fratres Lucis, menjadi anggota sebuah loji Masonik Jerman yang disebut L’Aurore Naissante, atau “the Nascent Dawn”, didirikan di Frankfurt-on-Main dalam tahun 1807. Di loji inilah dimana Lord Bulwer Lytton diinisiasi. [ 3 ] Bulwer-Lytton, yang menjabat senagai kepala Britain’s Colonial Office dan India Office, juga anggota penganut the cult of Isis and Osiris. Dia menulis the Last Days of Pompeii, dan The Coming Race, atau Zanoni, dimana dia membentuk yayasan untuk kemudian diusulkan untuk rasist Nazi. Dia menjadi pendiri the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood of John Ruskin, the Metaphysical Society of Bertrand Russell, dan perkumpulan okult seperti the Golden Dawn of Aldous Huxley, dan the Theosophical Society of Madame Blavatsky.

Di Mesir, gerakan Oxford memusatkan perhatiannya dalam membentuk sebuah “reformasi” gerakan Islam, dikenal sebagai Salafi, untuk mengabdi kepada Illuminati dalam rangka memproteksi kepentingan mereka yang semakin meningkat di Terusan Suez, yang kemudian akan menjadi penting untuk pengapalan minyak ke Eropa dan ke seluruh dunia. Dalam tahun 1856, Ferdinand de Lesseps memperoleh konsesi dari Said Pasha, seorang raja muda Mesir, yang memberikan kewenangan mendirikan sebuah perusahaan untuk tujuan pembangunan sebuah terusan terbuka untuk kapal laut seluruh bangsa di dunia. Terusan tersebut mempunyai dampak kuat yang menimbulkan perubahan terhadap perdagangan dunia, memainkan perang penting dalam meningkatkan penetrasi Eropa dan kolonisasi Afrika.
Dalam tahun 1875, hutang pengganti Said Pasha, Ismail Pasha meningkat, memaksanya menjual saham Terusan kepada Inggris. Dengan demikian, pemerintah Inggris, di bawah Benyamin Disraeli, dibiayai oleh temannya, Lionel Rothschild, mencapai hampir setengah keseluruhan jumlah saham dalam Perusahaan Terusan Suez, dan meskipun bukan merupakan kepentingan terbesar, hanya sebagai tujuan praktis untuk mengontrol kepentingannya. Sebuah komisi penyelidikan terhadap kelemahan keuangan Ismail dalam tahun 1878, dipimpin oleh Evelyn Baring, First Earl of Cromer, dan yang lainnya, telah memaksa raja muda untuk menyerahkan tanah milik bangsanya, untuk tetap berada di bawah pengawasan Inggris dan Perancis, dan menerima posisi berdaulat sesuai dengan UUD. Orang-orang Mesir yang marah bersatu diseputar Ahmed Urabi, sebuah kerusuhan yang akhirnya memberikan sebuah alasan kepada Inggris untuk bergerak dalam rangka “melindungi” Terusan Suez, diikuti oleh invasi resmi dan pendudukan yang menjadikan Mesir sebuah koloni
Agen provokator kerusuhan melawan Ismail diorganisir oleh gerakan Jamal ud Din al Afghani, pendiri apa yang disebut gerakan “pembaharuan” Salafi dalam Islam. Melalui seorang Afghani inilah misi Inggris bertindak, namun tidak hanya menggulingkan pemerintahan Mesir, tetapi juga menyebarkan pengaruh okult di seluruh wilayah Timur Tengah.
Selama 40 tahun karirnya sebagai seorang agen intelijen Inggris, Jamal ud al Afghani dibimbing oleh dua orang Inggris yang memahami soal-soal Islam dan spesialis cult, yaitu Wilfred Scawen Blunt dan Edward G. Browne. [ 4 ] E. G. Browne adalah seorang Orientalis terkemuka Inggris abad ke-19, dan anggoata diantara para anak didiknya – protégés – di Universitas Cambridge, departemen Orientalis, Harry “Abdullah” St. John B. Philby, seorang spesialis intelijen Inggris di belakang gerakan Wahhabi. Wilfred S. Blunt, anggota lainnya dari the British Orientalist school, diberikan tanggungjawab oleh the Scottish Rite Masons untuk mengorganisir loji-loji di Persia dan di Timur Tengah. Al Afghani merupakan agen utama [ 5 ]

Edward G. Brown
dressed as Persian
Sedikit sekali diketahui mengenai asal-usul Jamal ud Din al Afghani. Walaupun sebutan “Afghani”, dipakai dibelakang namanya yang dengan mana ia dikenal, namun terdapat beberapa laporan bahwa ia adalah seorang Yahudi.[ 6 ] Pada sisi lain, beberapa sarjana percaya bahwa dia bukan seorang Afghan, akan tetapi seorang Syi’ah Iran. Dan meskipun menyandang sebagai seorang pembaharu ortodoks Islam, al Afghani juga bertindak sebagai juru dakwah kepercayaan Bahai, proyek pertama dari the Oxford Movement, sebuah kepercayaan yang akan menjadi jantung agenda satu agama dunia – one-world-religion – Illuminati.
Edward Scawen-Blunt
in Pilgrimage to Najd
Dalam tahun 1645, keluarga Afghani mendaftarkan dia pada sebuah madrasah (sekolah Islam) di kota suci Najaf, sekarang Iraq. Disana, Afghani diinisiasi menjadi anggota “the mysteries” oleh pengikut Sheikh Ahmad Ahsai. Sheikh Zeyn ud Din Ahmad Ahsai adalah pendiri the Shaikhi school. Setelah meninggal, Ahsai digantikan oleh Seyyed Mohammad Rashti, yang memperkenalkan sebuah gagasan “perfect Shiah – Shi’ah yang Sempurna, disebut Bab, artinya “pintu gerbang”, yang akan datang. Dalam tahun 1844, Mirza Mohammad Ali mengklaim sebagai Bab yang dijanjikan, dan mendirikan Babiisme, diantara para pengikutnya adalah Afghani, yang juga mempunyai hubungan keluarga tertentu.. [ 7 ]
Salah seorang pengikut Bab, Mirza Hoseyn Ali Nuri, mengumumkan bahwa dia adalah merupakan penjelmaan dari the “One greater than Himself”, yang telah diprediksikan oleh Bab, dengan diberikan gelar Baha Ullah, artinya dalam bahasa Arab “Kemuliaan Tuhan – Glory of God”. Baha Ullah merupakan keturunan dari penguasa Mazandaran, sebuah provinsi di sebelah utara Iran, berbatasan dengan Laut Kaspia di utara. Mereka adalah dinasti Ismailiah, yang melakukan perkawinan silamg dengan keturunan keluarga Bostanai, Exilarch (salah satu garis keturunan para penguasa komunitas Yahudi di Babilonia kira-kira abd ke-2 sampai abad ke-11 M)pada abad ke-7 M. [ 8 ] Menunjuk kepada dirinya sendiri, Baha Ullah menyatakan, “The Most Great Law is come – Hukum Paling Agung sudah datang”, dan Kemolekan Masa Lalu memerintah di atas singgasana Daud – and the Ancient Beauty ruleth upon the throne of David. – Jadi izinkanlah Penaku berbicara mengenai sejarah abad masa lalu – Thus hath My Pen spoken that which the histories of bygone ages have related.”
Baha Ullah pendiri kepercayaan Bahai, yang mencampurankan beberapa agama menjadi satu , yaitu dari Islam, Kristen, Zoroaster dan Yahudi, namun mengklaim menggantikan semua agama dalam “sebuah kepercayaan dunia”. Prinsip-prinsip dasar ajaran Bahai adalah persatuan semua agama dan persatuan umat manusia. Bahai percaya bahwa semua pendiri agama-agama besar dunia merupakan penjelmaan Tuhan dan agen-agen rencana progresif tuhan untuk pendidikan ras manusia. Karena itu menurut Bahai, meskipun terdapat perbedaan-perbedaan, agama-agama besar dunia mengajarkan kebenaran yang serupa.
Meskipun demikian, kepercayaan Bahai dengan cepat mereka tidak disukai di Persia karena ajarannya yang ekstrim. Dalam tahun 1852, seorang pemimpin Bahai ditahan karena usaha pembunuhan Shah Persia, setelah gerakannya ditindas, dan banyak dari para pengikutnya dibuang ke Baghdad dan Istambul. Sepanjang kurun waktu ini, sebagaimana dilaporkan oleh Robert Dreyfuss, pimpinan Bahai tetap memelihara hubungan dekat, baik dengan Scottish Rite Freemasonry dan berbagai macam gerakan yang telah mulai menyebar di seluruh India, Kekaisaran Ottoman, Rusia dan bahkan Afrika. [9]
Baha Ullah
Al Afghani ternyata berasal dari Asadabad, sebuah kota di Persia, dekat dengan Hamadan, sebuah wilayah pemukiman Ismaili. Seperti Ismaili sebelum Afghani, ia yakin bahwa agama perlu untuk rakyat jelata, sambil mengamankan kebenaran atheisme untuk elit. Menurut Nikki R. Keddie, dalam studinya mengenai Afghani, “Banyak doktrin-doktrin esoterik Ismaili permulaan abad disajikan dengan mutu interpretasi yang berbeda dari naskah-naskah yang sama, mengikat rakyat jelata dan elit dalam sebuah rencana yang sama, jadi Jamal ud Din mempraktekan pengajaran dengan tingkat berbeda yang dapat menyatukan elit yang rasionalis dan mengikat rakyat jelata yang religious masuk ke dalam gerakan politik yang sama.[ 10 ]
Beberapa orang dari mereka yang menyaksikan Afghani mengajar dan menegaskan mengenai penyimpangannya dari ajaran ortodoks. Di anatara mereka adalah Lutfi Juma, menceriterakannya bahwa, “kepercyaannya bukan Islam yang benar meskipun dia menyampaikan ajaran Islam, dan Saya tidak bisa menilai mengenai kepercayaan para pengikutnya” Dan yang lainnya, Dr. Shibli Shumayyil, seorang pengagum Afghani, menulis bahwa ketika ia mendengar Afghani menulis sebuah tratise – buku yang membahas dengan mendalam – yang menentang “pengikut-pengikut fahan materialis” ia memberikan komentar, ” Saya terkagum-kagum, karena Saya tahu dia sebelumnya bukanlah seorang yang religius. Adalah sulit bagi Saya setelah pengalaman secara pribadi dengan dia untuk langsung memberikan penilaian mengenai apa yang Saya dengar, dan mengenai dia setelah itu, tetapi Saya lebih cenderung berpikir bahwa ia bukanlah seorang yang beriman” [ 11 ]
Disamping Afghani memperoleh banyak ilmu filsafat Islam, terutama sekali mengenai Persia, termasuk Avicenna, Nasir ud Din Tusi, dan yang lainnya, dan Sufisme. Bukti-bukti menjelaskan bahwa dia menguasai karya-karya tersebut, tetapi juga ia memperlihatkan tertarik kepada subyek-subyek okult, seperti rahasia-rahasia alfabet, kombinasi huruf, alkemi (ilmu kimia abad pertengahan) dan subyek-subyek Kabbalah lainnya. Juga Afghani memperlihatkan ketertarikannya kepada ilmu mistik, dari jenis Neoplatonic, sebuah tratise dua belas halaman mengenai Gnostikisme yang dicatat dengan tulisan tangannya.
Banyak kontroversi terhadap kegiatan Afghani selama periode tahun 1858-1865. Namun, menurut seorang biografer, Salim al Anhuri, seorang penulis yang kemudian mengenalnya di Mesir, yang pertama Afghani melakukan perjalanan di luar Iran adalah ke India. Dia pernah tinggal di sana, ia melanjutkan, disitulah Afghani memperoleh kecenderungan bid’ahnya. Dia mempelajari bidang agama yang ada kaitannya, tukas Anhuri, menjurus kepada ateisme dan panteisme. dengan His studies in religion, relates Anhuri, led into atheism and pantheism. Pada dasarnya Afghani percaya kepada filsafat yang berhubungan dengan Lurianic Kabbalah, mengenai evolusi alamiah dari alam semesta, dimana kemajuan intelektual manusia merupakan bagiannya. Sebagaimana dijelaskan Anhuri, Afghani percaya bahwa:
Manusia mulai dengan mengatakan bahwa setelah mati ia akan dipindahkan ke dalam kehidupan abadi, dan bahwa kayu atau batu yang akan membimbingnya kepada tempat tertinggi jika dia memperlihatkan catatan untuk hal itu serta memperlihatkan ketaatan terhadapnya, dan dari peribadatan seperti ini timbul pembebasan dari kepahitan pikiran mengenai sebuah kematian tanpa adanya kehidupan setelahnya. Dan nampak kepada Afghani bahwa api lebih kuat dan lebih besar dalam manfaat dan kerugian, maka dia berbalik kepadanya. Kemudian dia melihat bahwa awan lebih baik daripada api dan lebih kuat, maka dia melekatkan dirinya dan menggantungkan diri kepada mereka. Hubungan dari mata rantai ini, ditempa oleh dua alat khayal dan hawa nafsu bersama-sama dengan insting dan sifat alami manusia, diteruskan untuk meningkatkan sampai manusia memuncak dalam keadaan yang paling tinggi. Hasil daripada hukum alam adalah reaksi yang membawa kepada pembuktian bahwa semuanya yang di atas adalah pembicaraan tidak beralasan yang bermula dari hawa nafsu, dan bahwa itu tidak mempunyai kebenaran dan tidak ada definisi. [ 12 ]
Dalam tahun 1866 Afghani muncul di Qandahar, Afghanistan, kurang dari dua dekade setelah usaha Inggris gagal, bekerjasama dengan Aga Khan. Dan menurut sebuah laporan, dari seorang Afghanistan di dalam pemerintahan lokal Afghanistan, Afghani adalah:
… benar-benar ahli dalam bidang sejarah dan geografi, berbicara bahasa Arab dan Turki dengan fasih, berbicara bahasa Persia seperti orang Iran. Nampaknya ia tidak mengikuti agama tertentu. Cara hidupnya lebih menyerupai orang Eropa daripada seorang Muslim. [ 13 ]
Pada akhir tahun 1866, Afghani menjadi penasihat rahasia Azam, penguasa Afghanistan. Seorang asing bisa menduduki posisi penting dengan cepat menjadi perhatian ceritera masa kini. Beberapa sarjana berspekulasi bahwa Afghani, kemudian menyebut dirinya sendiri “Istanbuli”, ia, atau dirinya adalah seorang agen Rusia yang mampu mendapatkan dukungan uang dan politik untuk Azam dari Rusia untuk melawan Inggris, yang menyebabkan kekuasaannya berakhir. Ketika Azam menyerahkan singasananya kepada salah satu saingannya, Shir Ali, dia mencurigai Afghani, dan mengusir dari wilayahnya dalam bulan Nopember 1868.
Selama tinggal di Afghanistan, Afghani tetap memelihara hubungannya dengan Bahai, Freemasonry Inggris, dan beberapa Sufi yang berbasis di India, dimana ia juga bertemu dengan Muslim Nizari. Menurut laporan intelijen Inggris waktu itu, , selama ia melakukan perjalanan ke India, Afghani menggunakan nama Jamal ud Din Effendi. Kemudian mengunjungi Aga Khan, pimpinan Ismaili. Disamping sebagai seorang Syekh Sufi ordo Mawlavi, atau Mevlevi, yang sangat terpengaruh mistik Iran dan puisi abad ke-13, Jalal ud Din ar Rumi juga sebagai juru dakwah kepercayaan Bahai, yang konon dikirim langsung dalam misi tersebut oleh Baha Ullah sendiri..
Salah satu laporan yang dicatat tahun 1891, dari seorang muslim India yang tidak disebutkan namanya, bertindak sebagai seorang agen Inggris, yang berpura-pura menjadi pengikut Bahai dalam rangka mengumpulkan informasi yang lebih banyak, menyatakan sbb:
Berikut ini adalah isi pernyataan yang dibuat oleh seorang yang jelas mengetahui betul, seperti keadaan sebenarnya atas kehadiran Saiyid Jamal-ud-din di India, yang digambarkan oleh informan sebagai seorang Persia, namun ybs menyebut dirinya sendiri sebagai seorang Turki dari Konstantinopel.
Di kota pantai Akka (Acre?) tinggal seorang yang bernama Husen Ali, seorang Turki, yang menyebut dirinya sebagai Baha-ullah Effendi alias Jamal Mubarik (the Bless Beauty). Orang ini menyatakan bahwa semua agama adalah jelek, dan mengatakan bahwa dia sendiri adalah Tuhan. Dia memurtadkan sejumlah orang memeluk agama Bahai dan mengumpulkannya di Baghdad. Kira-kira empat tahun lalu mereka memberontak melawan Shah, tetapi mereka ditindas dan secara perlahan-lahan keluar dari Persia pindah ke Turki di Asia. Baha-ullah sekarang berada dalam pengawasan di Akka, disebut “Az Maksud” [Ar Maqud, sebuah istilah umum diantara penganut Bahai Iran untuk menyebut Tanah Suci] oleh orang-orang murtad.. Agen-agen Balla-ullah pergi ke seluruh dunia dan berusaha keras untuk meyakinkan semua orang bahwa mereka sedang dikunjungi oleh utusan-utusan Tuhan., dan pengikutnya akan menjadi penguasa-penguasa di muka bumi. Anak laki-laki Baha-ullah, Muhammad Ali, berkunjung ke Bombay dalam rangka misi ini, dan kemudian kembali ke Akka. Para agennya ditugaskan dimana-mana, Saiyid Jamal-ud-din termasuk salah seorang dari agennya.
Dia datang ke Kailaspur dan tinggal selama 10 hari bersama saya. Dia menceriterakan semua mengenai Baha-ullah kepada saya dan misinya, dan mengusulkan untuk menunjuk saya menjadi agennya, dan mengajak saya pergi ke Bombay untuk bertemu dengan Muhammad Ali. Saya menyetujuinya untuk menjadi murid Baha-ullah dalam rangka menemukan mengapa in order to discover mengapa Saiyid Jamal-ud-din datang ke India. Saya setuju menjadi agennya untuk alasan yang sama, dan dia sekarang sering menulis surat kepada saya. Saya tidak menyimpan surat-suratnya, namun bisa di dapat bila diinginkan. Sekarang dia berada di Farukhabad, dan Saya percaya bahwa dia sudah memurtadkan sejumlah orang-orang yang kemudian mengikuti Bahai di India. Dia mempunyai banyak uang dan memnelanjakannya dengan sesuak hatinya, berpergian naik kereta api dengan kelas utama. Di Bombay ada seorang bernama Agha Saiyid Mirza [Afnan], seorang pedagang dari Shiraz, yang memberi dia uang yang banyak. [ 14 ]
… Pada tanggal 21 September 1891, informan yang sama menulis surat langsung kepada Jenderal Supdt., Departmen T. dan D. [Pengawasan Umum, Departemen Thagi dan Dakaiti, bertanggungjawab memonitor para penjahat dan pembuat kerusuhan - General Superintendent, Thagi and Dakaiti Department, responsible for monitoring criminals and trouble-makers], sebagai berikut:­ “Orang bernama Saiyid Jamal-ud-din Shah bukan ‘Rumi,’ dia seorang yang berasal dari Astrabad Mazinderan di Persia, dan namanya adalah Mirza Muhammad Ali. Dia bukan pengikut ajaran Muhammad [Muslim] tetapi seorang “Babi,” dan kantor pusatnya di Akka, Palestine. [ 15 ]
Kemudian Afghani muncul di Istanbul dalam tahun 1870, dibawa ke sana oleh Ali Pasha, seorang Freemason, dan Grand Vizier selama lima kali semasa Sultan Abdul Majid dan Sultan Abdul Aziz berkuasa. Afghani sangat tidak disukai oleh para alim ulama karena pandangan-pandangan bid’ahnya, oleh karena itu Hasan Fahmi, seorang sarjana terkemuka pada waktu itu, dan Syekh al-Islam dari Kekaisaran Ottoman, menyampaikan sebuah Fatwa yang mengumumkan bahwa Afghani seorang kafir, dan kemudian dia diusir dari Turki.
Dalam tahun 1871 Afghani pergi ke Kairo, disponsori oleh Perdana Menteri Mustafa Riad Pasha, yang pernah bertemu dengan Afghan di Istanbul, dan menempatkannya dalam pekerjaan dengan gaji yang besar, dan menunjuknya menduduki jabatan yang bergengsi di Universitas Islam Al Azhar. Pada mulanya, Afghani tetap secara ketat ortodoks, tetapi dalam tahun 1878, dia pindah ke perkampungan Yahudi di Kairo, dimana di sana ia mulai membuka organisasi politik. Kemudian Afghani mengumumkan pembentukkan the Arab Masonic Society. Meskipun kepada umum diketahui sebagai Islam ortodoks, para anggota lingkaran dalam Afghani menunjukkan dengan jelas ketaatannya kepada Gnostisisme Ismailia. Afghani menyebut kepada persaudaraan Masoniknya sebagai ikhwan al saffa wa khullan al wafa, yang sengaja mereferensi kepada persaudaraan Ismailia yang menggunakan nama yang sama pada abad-ke-10.[ 16 ]
Dengan bantuan Riad Pasha dan Kedutaan Besar Inggris, Afghani mereorganisasi the Scottish Rite dan Grand Orient lodges of Freemasonry, dan mulai mengorganisir disekitar dia sebuah jaringan terdiri dari beberapa negara Islam, terutama sekali Syria, Turki, dan Persia. [ 17 ] Setelah beberapa tahun kemudian gerakan Afghani memikat pengikutnya, dari kalangan penulis muda dan aktivis, diantaranya adalah Mohammed Abduh, yang sudah menjadi pimpinan apa yang sering dianggap sebagai gerakan “modernis” dalam Islam, dengan kata lain dikenal sebagai Salafi, dan Sad Pasha Zaghlul, yang mengaku dirinya seorang Freemason, serta pendiri Wafd, Partai Nasionalis Mesir. [ 18 ]
The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor
Afghani mengakui sebagai seorang representasi dari sebuah perkumpulan rahasia misterius Egyptian quasi-Masonic, seperti yang diduga mewakili pengajaran peninggalan Sabiin yang masih dipertahankan dari the Grand Lodge of the Ismailis of Cairo, yang menjadi dikenal diantara pengilut okult Barat sebagai the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor (H.B. of L.), juga ternyata juga yang mulanya dipengaruhi dibelakang pembentukkan Samuel Honis’ Rite of Mizraim.

Salah seorang teman Afghani yang paling dekat adalah James Sanua. Sanua dilahirkan di Kairo dari keluarga yang berhubungan erat dengan keluarga Yahudi Italia yang berasal dari Yahudi Sephardic. Sanua dibesarkan sebagai Yahudi oleh ayahnya, yang lahir di Italia, dan kemudian menjadi penasihat penting bagi

H.P. Blavatsky
keluarga kerajaan Mesir. Sebagai tambahan sebagai seorang yang dibesarkan dilingkugan keluarga Yahudi, dan menguasai delapan bahasa asing, Sanua begitu menguasai dengan baik Qur’an dan adat-istiadat Islam yang mendapatkan untuk dirinya gelar “sheikh”, sebuah faktor yang menjurus kepada desas-desus mengenai kepindahan agamanya kepada Islam.
Semasa mudanya Sanua belajar di Italia, disana ia berkenalan dengan gagasan Giuseppe Mazzini. Ketika ia kembali ke Cairo, dia dengan sepenuh hati mengabdikan dirinya mengajarkan ajaran Mazzini. Sanua juga bertanggungjawab atas pendirian yayasan teater Mesir Modern, yang mempelopori industri perfilman. Namun demikian, peranannya mengundang kecurigaan di mata pihak berwenang Mesir. Dan ketika ia mengetahui adanya persekongkolan untuk meracuninya, ia terbang ke Perancis, di sana dia lebih menyukai dikenal sebagai Abu Naddara. Di Paris, Sanua mendirikan sebuah jurnal yang didedikasikan terhadap prinsip, yang utamanya kepada Bahai, mengenai sebuah one-world-religion – satu-agama-dunia, seringkali menyajikan tulisan-tulisan Afghani.
Pacar Sanua, Lydia Pashkov adalah wanita asal Rusia dan nekerja sebagai wartawan di harian Le Figaro di Paris. Melalui hubungan dengan mereka, Afghani menjadi bersahabat dengan direktur kantor pusat regional Illuminati di bagian selatan Lebanon, seperti Sheik Medjuel el-Mezrab, yang menikah dengan seorang Inggris who married British dilettante,- pencinta kesenian untuk hiburan – Jane Digby, dan Lydia Pashkov. Antara tahun 1870 dan 1875, nampaknya Illuminati memulai sebuah proyek yang meniru the Italian Carbonari di seluruh negara di Timur Tengah. [ 19 ]
Baik Sanua maupun Lydia Pashkov adalah juga temannya Helena P. Blavatksy yang suka melakukan perjalanan bersama-sama. yang pada tahun 1856, Mazzini diinisiasi ke dalam the Carbonari. Helena P. Blavatsky, medium dan mistis yang terkenal, adalah the godmother dari kebangkitan okult dalam akhir abad ke-19. Setelah menulis karya-karya yang monumental seperti Isis Unveiled, dan The Secret Doctrine, the Theosophical Society dibentuk dalam tahun 1875, untuk menyebarkan ajarannya ke seluruh dunia. Dalam The Theosophical Society terdapat anggota Freemasonry, yaitu Henry Steel Olcott dan George H. Felt yang ditunjuk kemudian sebagai presiden dan wakil-presiden. Diantara angota-anggota paling awal termasuk juga Albert Pike. Menurut Manly P. Hall, seorang ahli sejarah terkemuka Masonic, menjelaskan:
The Secret Doctrine dan Isis Unveiled merupakan hadiah dari Madame Blavatsky untuk umat manusia, dan kepada mereka yang visinya dapat menembus awan ancaman malapetaka yang sudah diambang pintu, adalah tidak berlebihan untuk menyatakan bahwa tulisan-tulisan ini merupakan bacaan paling penting yang dikontribusikan kepada dunia modern. Tidak akan bisa mereka dibandingkan dengan buku-buku yang lain, dapatkah cahaya matahari dibandingkan dengan lampu glowworm – ulat yang berkelap-kelip. The Secret Doctrine adalah jelmaan kemuliaan dari sebuah kitab suci. [ 20 ]
Blavatsky mengklaim menerima tanzil dari “Secret Chiefs”, atau ruh “Ascended Masters”, yang membantu umat manusia untuk meningkatkan dirinya menjadi sebuah ras yang super. Pada awalnya Blavatsky memberikan nama kepada para Masternya,seperti “Tuitit Bey”, “Serapis Bey”, dan “Hilarion”, yang nama-nama tersebut diakui milik the “Brotherhood of Luxor”. Menurut Joscelyn Godwin, dalam The Theosophical Enlightenment, jika kita menginterpretasikan the “Brotherhood of Luxor” sebagai sekelompok kecil penganut okult dimana Blavatsky bergabung dengan mereka di Mesir, maka kita dapat menganggap bahwa Jamal ad-Din al Afghani merupakan salah seorang daripada anggotanya.. [21 ]
Meskipun tidak terdapat bukti langsung bahwa Blavatsky telah bertemu dengan Afghani, menurut K. Paul Johnson, dalam The Masters Revealed, kenyataan akan menunjukkan terjadinya kontak. Tidak hanya Afghani yang akrab dengan teman-temannya Sanua dan Pashkov, tetapi dia dengan Blavatsky, kedua-duanya berada di India antara tahun 1857 dan 1858, demikian juga kedunya berada di Tbilisi dalam pertengan 60-an, dan keduanya berada di Cairo dalam tahun 1871. Lagi-lagi Afghani meninggalkan Mesir menuju ke India pada akhir tahun 1879, dimana pada tahun yang sama Blavatsky dan Olcott tiba di sana. Setelah meninggalkan India pada akhir tahun 1882, Afghani tinggal di Paris sepanjang tahun 1884, dimana Blavatsky pada tahun itu menghabiskan waktunya di sana.
Melalui Jamal ud Din al Afghani, Blavatsky memperoleh doktrin-doktrin sentral, derivasi dari Ismailisme, yang kemudian dia menghubungi komunitas okult Barat. Sebagaimana Johnson menjelaskan, dalam tulisan Blavatsky, The Eastern Gupta Vidy dan the Kabbalah, dia mengklaim the “real Kabbalah” ditemukan di dalam buku the Chaldean Book of Numbers. Meskipun buku tersebut tidak diketahui oleh para sarjana, Blavatsky sering mengutip buku ini di dalam buku besarnya, Isis Unveiled dan The Secret Doctrine. Dia mengklaim telah menerimanya dari seorang “Sufi dari Persia”, dan sebagaimana juga dijelaskan oleh K. Paul Johnson, Afghani hampir bisa dipastikan sebagai sumbernya.
Menurut Johnson, sebuah struktur penting dalam doktrin Blavatsky hanya dapat menunjuk kepada satu sumber, yang juga berhubungan dengan gagasan pengikut okult lainnya, Gurdjieff: Ismaili Gnosticism. The Chaldean Book of Numbers mengajarkan sebuah kosmologi tujuh lapis mirip dengan elektrik mistikisme Ismaili.
…adalah merupakan petunjuk penting yang menunjuk kepada gnosisi Ismaili sebagai sebuah sumber penting baik bagi Blavatsky maupun Gurdjieff. Henri Corbin’s dalam Cyclical Time and Ismaili Gnosis menjelaskan sebuah doktrin proses evolusi kosmik tujuh lipat, diulang kembali di dalam sebuah skema sejarah tujuh lipat, paralel dengan sebuah tujuh lipats jalan inisiasi untuk adept-ahli individu. Ini sepadan sekali dengan surat-surat Mahatma [dari Blavatsky] yang mengajarkan bahwa “tingkatan seorang Adept-ahli diinisiasi dengan lambang tujuh tahap dimana ia menemukan rahasia dari prinsip-prinsip tujuh lipat secara alami dan manusia membangunkan kekuatan-kekuatan yang tidak aktif.” Doktrin Kehidupan kembali – Resurrection – membutuhkan arti yang spesifik dalam gnosis Ismaili yang menghubungkannya kepada pengajaran Blavatsky. Setiap prinsip-prinsip tujuh dari individu adalah “dibangkitkan” dari pengaruh prinsip berikutnya yang lebih tinggi. HPB tujuh lipat menguraikan prinsip-prinsip manusia yang disuguhkan juga secara bervariasi seperti Chaldean, Tibet, dan Chaldeo-Tibet. Tetapi faktanya analogi sejarahnya yang terdekat adalah Ismaili. [ 22 ]
Ajaran Blavatsky juga mempengaruhi penentuan sebuah perkumpulan rahasia terkemuka yang dikenal sebagai the Golden Dawn, yang muncul ke luar karena kontak Afghani dengan pimpinan Egyptian Rite Freemasonry. Setelah bergerak di dalam tanah selama beberapa waktu, sampai tahun 1848, the “Year of Revolutions”, the Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry kemudian dihidupkan kembali kegiatannya di Paris dan dalam tahun 1856 juga didirikan di Mesir, Amerika, Romania dan negara-negara lainnya. Dalam tahun 1872, ketika the Egyptian Rite yang dikenal sebagai the Ancient and Primitive Rite, the Grand Mastership dari ordo ini dijabat oleh John Yarker, yang

John Yarker

dilimpahkan kepadanya oleh Marconis de Negre. Yarker juga akrab dengan Blavatsky, bertemu di Inggris tahun 1878, dan menemuinya untuk merundingkan dengan Blavatsky mengenai sebuah inisiasi Masonic, meskipun terdapat upaya-upaya menyalahkan keterlibatannya dalam Freemasonry.
Di Paris, Yarker bertemu dengan Pascal Beverly Randolph, seorang okultis Africa-Amerika yang mengadakan perjalanan ke Mesir, dimana dia where he was supposedly initiated by a secret priestess of the Ismaili Muslims. Paschal Randolph was a noted medium, healer, occultist and author of his day, and also counted among his personal friends Bulwer-Lytton. Randolph’s Brotherhood of Eulis claimed descent from the Rosicrucian Order, by charter of the “Supreme Grand Lodge of France”, and taught spiritual healing, western occultism and principals of race regeneration through forms of sex magic. Through Randolph, Yarker passed on the tradition of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, that was reborn as the Hermitic Brotherhood of Light, a continuation of the Frates Lucis, or Asiatic Brethren.
Dalam tahun 1873, Carl Kellner, seorang rekan Randolph, salah seorang dari para pengikut okult yang berhubungan dengan Freemasonry Mesir, yang melakukan perjalanan ke Cairo pada waktu kegiatan al Afghani. Di Mesir untuk pertama kali bertemu dengan seorang muda misterius, menyandang nama Aia Aziz, juga dikenal sebagai Max Theon. Sebenarnya, Max Theon adalah anak dari pemimpin terakhir sekte Frankist, Rabbi Bimstein dari Warsawa, Polandia.

Max Theon

Max Theon melakukan perjalanan kemana-mana, dan di Cairo bekerja dengan Blavatsky, juga menjadi seorang murid Paulos Metamon, seorang “tukang sihir Coptic”. Paulos Metamon juga merupakan “Master” Blavatsky pertama, yang bertemu di Asia Minor dalam tahun 1848, kemudian bertemu lagi di Cairo dalam tahun 1870, dialah yang memperkenalkan Blavatsky kepada the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light. Yang menarik adalah, kosmologi tujuh lipat Ismailisme ternyat sudah terbiasa bagi Theon dan Blavatsky. Dalam tahun 1873, Metamon menyerahkan the Grand Mastership kepada Aziz, yang menggunakan nama Max Theon, kemudian pindah ke Inggris untuk menyebarluaskan ordo yang sama.
Adalah Carl Kellner dan Thoedore Reuss, anggota lainnya dari Bulwer-Lyttons’ Societas Rosicruciana di Anglia, yang menggabungkan ritus Egyptian Rite Freemasonry, yang diizinkan kepada Reuss oleh John Yarker untuk membawa rahasia orang dalam dari the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor. Mengenai Kellner, Reuss menulis:
Selama melakukan perjalanannya yang sering dan ekstensif di Eropa, Amerika dan Timur Jauh, Bro. Kellner melakukan kontak dengan sebuah organisasi yang disebut The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light. Dorongan yang dia peroleh melalui hubungannya dengan wadah ini, juga kenyataan-kenyataan yang tidak bisa disebutkan disini, hingga menyebabkan Bro. Kellner’s berkeinginan untuk mendirikan sejenis Academia Masonica yang akan memungkinkan saudara seiman yang sedang mencari-cari dapat mengenal semua tingkat dan sistem Masonic yang ada. Dalam tahun 1895 Bro. Kellner mendiskusikan secara panjang lebar dengan Bro. Reuss di Berlin mengenai bagaimana gagasan ini dapat direalisasikan.. Sewaktu dalam pembicaraan dengan Bro. Reuss ia tidak menyetujui usul mengenai nama Academia Masonica dengan memberikan alasan -alasan termasuk dokumentasi, menyarankan untuk memakai nama Oriental Templars. Namun pada waktu itu, yakni dalam tahun 1895 perundingan-perundingan ini tidak membawa hasil yang positif karena Bro. Reuss kemudian disibukkan dengan menggiatkan kembali Ordo Illuminati dan Bro. Kellner tidak bersimpati terhadap organisasi ini atau terhadap orang-orang yang aktif di dalamnya bersama-sama dengan Bro. Kellner. [ 23 ]
Adalah John Yarker yang diduga menyiapkan sebuah piagam untuk mendirikan the Ordo Templi Orientis, atau O.T.O., yang dipengaruhi oleh Reuss, yang berusaha untuk menghidupkan kembali tradisi-tradisi dari the Ancient Mysteries, the Knights Templars, the Freemasons, Rosicrucians dan the Illuminati. Ordo Templi Orientis berarti “Order of Eastern Templars”, yang mengacu kepada the Johannite myth dari Sabian atau pengaruh Ismaili. Lingkaran dalam okult the O.T.O. akan di atur paralel dengan tingkat tertinggi dari Egyptian Rite Masonry, dan doktrin-doktrin esoterik Rosicrucian dari the H.B. of L.

Aleister Crowley

Ketua O.T.O., Reuss, kemudian digantikan oleh Aleister Crowley yang terkenal karena kejahatannya. Aleister Crowley menyandang gelar tingkat ke-33 Mason dari the Scottish Rite, juga seorang anggota dari the Isis-Urania Temple of Hermetic Students of the Golden Dawn. Disingkat menjadi The Golden Dawn, ordo ini didirikan dalam tahun 1888, oleh Bulwer-Lytton, seorang Masons dan anggota dari the Societas Rosicruciana di Anglia. Kult Isis ini dibentuk sekitar tahun 1877 yang diorganisir berdasarkan naskah Isis Unveiled karya Helena Blavatsky. Anggota-anggota The Order of the Golden Dawn diantaranya termasuk William Butler Yeats, Maude Gonne, istri Oscar Wilde, dan Arthur Edward Waite. The Golden Dawn pada waktu itu dipimpin oleh McGreggor Mathers, yang melacak spiritual leluhur ordonya sampai kepada ordo the Rosicrucians, dan dari sana, melalui Kabbalah sampai ke Mesir Kuno. Dan sewaktu di Mesir dalam tahun 1904, dimana Crowley melakukan kontak dengan wujud makhluk bernama Aiwass, yang mendiktekan kepadanya untuk isi bukunya yang kemudian diberi judul Book of the Law, berisi a.l. semboyan terkenal dari okultisme modern, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”
The Salafi
Setelah Afghani meninggalkan Mesir, muridnya, Mohammed Abduh, dengan alasan yang tidak dapat dijelaskan ditunjuk sebagai the chief editor publikasi resmi pemerintah Mesir yang dikontrol Inggris, the Journal Officiel. Bekerja dibawah Abduh seorang temannya anggota Freemason, Saad Zaghul, yang kemudian mendirikan Partai Nasionalis Wafd. Dalam tahun 1883, Abduh bergabung dengan Afghani di Paris, dan kemudian pergi ke London, di sana ia mengajar di Oxford dan Cambridge, serta berkonsultasi dengan pejabat-pejabat Inggris mengenai krisis di Sudan melawan Mahdi.

Mohammed Abduh

Di Paris dan London, Abduh membantu Afghani dalam mengatur jurnal berbahasa Perancis dan bahasa Arab di Paris, yang disebut Al Urwah al Wuthkah, atau the “Indissoluble Bond”, juga sebuah nama organisasi rahasia yang dia dirikan dalam tahun 1883. Diantara anggota-anggota Afghani di Paris adalah orang-orang Mesir, Turki, India, Siria, Afrika Utara dan banyak juga mereka yang beragama Kristen serta Yahudi, dan Bahai Persia, yang diusir dari Timur Tengah.
Ketika Perancis menekan Al-Murwah al-Wuthkah, Abduh mengadakan perjalanan ke seluruh negara-negara Arab selama beberapa tahun, dibawah berbagai penyamaran, terutama di Tunis, Beirut, dan Siria. Di setiap kota, dia mencoba merekrut orang-orang untuk menjadi anggota perkumpulan rahasia fundamentalisme Afghani. [ 24 ]
Seperti gurunya, Abduh bergabung dengan gerakan Bahai yang sudah berupaya dengan hati-hati dalam menyebarkan kepercayaannya ke Mesir. Bahai mulai didirikan di Alexandria dan Cairo dalam tahun 1860. Abduh bertemu dengan Abdul Baha ketika dia mengajar di Beirut, dan keduanya mulai bercengkrama dengan sangat bersahabat, dan keduanya menyetujui falsafah sebuah agama dunia – one-world-religion philosophy. [ 25 ] Memuji keutamaan Abdul Baha dalam ilmu agama dan diplomasi, Abduh mengatakannya bahwa “[dia] lebih dari itu. Sesungguhnya ia seorang besar, dialah orangnya yang patut mendapatkan nama kehormatan yang diterapkan kepadanya.”[26]
Abduh dikenal dengan pandangan reformasinya mengenai Islam. Akan tetapi, dalam How We Defended Orabi, A.M. Broadbent menyatakan bahwa, “Sheikh Abdu bukan seorang fanatik yang berbahaya atau seorang yang beragama dengan antusias, dia termasuk orang yang paling luas pemikirannya dalam Islam, berpegang kepada sebuah keyakinan politik serupa dengan republikanisme murni, dan seorang Master of a Masonic Lodge yang bersemangat.” [ 27 ] Seperti pengikut Ismaili sebelumnya, dia akan meningkatkan murid-muridnya secara progresif masuk jauh ke dalam derajat bid’ah. Kepada initiates yang lebih tinggi, dia akan mengungkapkan doktrin-doktrin the Scottish Rite dan falsafah one-world government – satu-agama-dunia. Meskipun demikian, kepada mereka yang Abduh anggap lebih bersedia, dia akan memperkenalkannya sebagai seorang pejabat intelijen Inggris dari London. [ 28 ]
Dari tahun 1888, sampai dengan kematiannya dalam tahun 1905, Abduh secara tetap berkunjung ke rumah kediaman dan kantor Lord Cromer. Dalam tahun 1892, dia ditunjuk untuk melaksanakan administrasi Komite Mesjid dan Universitas Al Azhar, lembaga pendidikan Islam paling bergengsi, dan universitas tertua di dunia. Dari jabatan tersebut dan karena reputasi Al Azhar, dia mengatur keseluruhan sistem Islam di Mesir dan banyak dari dunia Islam juga.

Rashid Rida

Dalam tahun 1899, Lord Cromer, mengangkat Abduh sebagai Mufti Besar Mesir. Abduh sekarang kepala otoritas hukum Islam, juga sebagai the Masonic Grand Master of the United Lodge of Egypt. Lord Cromer adalah seorang anggota penting dari keluarga perbankan England’s Baring, yang menjadi kaya raya dari hasil perdagangan opium di India dan Cina. Motif Lord Cramer menjadikan Abduh sebagai yang paling berkuasa dalam semua urusan mengenai Islam adalah untuk merubah hukum Islam yang melarang bunga bank, Abduh kemudian mengupayakan sebuah penafsiran Qur’an, untuk menciptakan jalan yang diperlukan untuk memberikan kebebasan kepada bank-bank Inggris berkuasa di Mesir. Mengenai Abduh, Lord Cromer menceriterakan, “Saya curiga teman saya Abduh dalam realitasnya seorang agnostic – orang yang tidak peduli adanya Tuhan – I suspect my friend Abduh was in reality an agnostic,” dan dia mengatakan gerakan reformasi Salafi yang dipimpin Abduh, bahwa “Mereka adalah sekutu alamiah dari reformer Eropa They are the natural allies of the European reformer.” [ 29 ]
Gerakan Salafi kemudian bersekutu dengan Wahhabi dari Saudi Arabia, melalui anggota Freemason, Mohammed Rashid Rida, yang setelah kematian Afghani dalam tahun 1897, dan Abduh dalam tahun 1905, menjabat pemimpin Salafi, Rida menjadi anggota the Indissoluble Bond pada usia muda. Dia dipromosikan Afghani melalui perkumpulan Masonic dengan membaca Al-Urwah al Wuthkah, yang kemudian dia mengakui sangat besar pengaruhnya dalam kehidupannya. Rida tidak bertemu Afghani, tetapi pada tahun 1897, dia pergi ke Mesir untuk belajar bersama Mohammed Abduh. Meskipun Rida tidak berbagi menggagas opini mengenai gerakan Bahai, hanya karena melalui pengaruhnya saja gerakan Salafi menjadi kuat bersekutu dengan Negara Saudi Arabia.
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