Israeli terrorism – nobody to condemn?


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Monday, 29 December 2008 03:34

We have witnessed terrorism at its barbaric best in Gaza since yesterday. Israeli terrorism has not even be condemned by the so-called ‘United Nations’ organization, which has proved once again that it is only functioning as an anti-Muslim body.
Israeli F-16 bombers have unleashed their full fury at innocent Palestinians and over 280 civilians have been reported dead. We now hear that after the aerial death and destruction, Israel has prepared its land forces to move into Gaza.

The number of civilian casualties is at least two times the number of casualties that occurred in the Mumbai carnage, yet there is no public outcry. How long will we ignore this hypocrisy of the international community?

Hamas, has vowed to retaliate, saying Israel had violated an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire intended to stem violence in the region.

“We will stand up, we will defend our own people, we will defend our land and we will not give up,” senior spokesman Osama Hamdan said.

The U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Zalmay Khalilzad, blatantly supported Israel’s contention that it was up to Hamas to stop the violence. Such is the absurdity of the international community that helpless civilians are being crushed for NO REASON!

“Israel has the right to self defense and nothing in this press statement should be read as anything but that,” Khalilzad said.

I, on my part, condemn aggression of the Zionist forces and support of the United States of America in the strongest possible terms. May God damn these Zionist forces to hell.

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2 Responses to “Israeli terrorism – nobody to condemn?”

  1. In response to the latest bombings of Israel on Gaza, I could gather some typical christian and Muslim responses. Its pretty interesting how people of two faiths of common origin react so differently when it comes to the deaths of us – human beings. I for my part condemn what Israel has done. What else can i do except talk. What else can anyone do in this regard? The people who are in power are so deluded that they cant even differentiate between the oppressor and the oppressed. That’s how crazy everyone has become!
    Anyway, doesn’t the deaths of hundreds of women and children in Gaza call for a simple feeling of remorse or regret? This is what a christian whom i met online has to say,

    The article also has lots of comments from others who feel that Israel was wrong. I hope people over here would drop by and contribute their thoughts too. And sure, there are lots who condemn the Gaza strikes. I could manage to gather some. Their thoughts are listed in the link that i have provided above

  2. Lets be frank ladies and gentlemen, lets get to the root of this problem, and the root is simple RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE! The people of gaza give power to a group of religious radicals like Hamas whose blindness and ignorance goes so far as to deny another peoples right to exist. You can argue back and forth all you want on whose fault this is but the the source of all this death is not because of “israeli terrorists” but religious intolerance . Now lets be honest what nation would not do the same thing if an organized group was purposely setting off rockets onto your soil. I guarantee you more than one nation of the united nations would have a similar if not so different to that of Israels. Its due to the fact that groups like Hamas are determined to make this a religious war. Hamas brought this storm on the people of Gaza. Hamas uses the death of the innocent to justify religous intolerance.

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