Russia accuses West of rearming Georgia under cover of aid supplies

Last Updated: 11:08AM BST 06 Sep 2008

Russia has accused the West of using humanitarian deliveries to secretly re-arm Georgia.

President Dmitry Medvedev awards medals to Russian troops involved in the Georgia conflict

President Medvedev has accused the West of being provocative in its response to the war in the Caucasus Photo: AP

Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, said: “The rearming of the Georgian regime is continuting, including under the guise of humanitarian assistance.”

He accused the West of being provocative in its response to the war in the Caucasus.

“I wonder how they would feel if we now dispatched humanitarian assistance to the Caribbean, suffering from a hurricane using our navy,” he said.

His anger was directed towards the use of US warships to ferry humanitarian supplies to Georgia after it was invaded by Russian forces.

Nato has since denied reports that it was building up a naval presence in the Black Sea, saying the arrival of some warships was part of previously planned exercises.

Mr Medvedev, speaking at a meeting of his advisory state council, said the war had showed that Russian interests could not be dismissed.

“Russia will never allow anyone to infringe the lives and dignity of its citizens,” he said. “Russia is a nation to be reckoned with from now on.

“Millions of people supported us, but (we) haven’t heard words of support and understanding from those in the same circumstances who pontificate about free elections and national dignity and the need to use force to punish an aggressor,” he said.

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