A hexagram is two equilateral triangles superimposed over each other. If you placed a hexagram over the Reverse side of the Great Seal, five of the points in the hexagram would point to letters in the latin words “Annuit Coeptis” and “Novus Ordo Seclorum” which translates to “Announcing the Beginning of,” and “the New World of the Ages” or “New World Order.”

asmon.jpg (36241 bytes)

Following the points of the hexagram in a clockwise order, they point to the following letters; “A” in Annuit, “S” at the end of Coeptis, “M” at the end of Seclorum, “O” at the end of Ordo and “N” in Novus. These letters spelled out “ASMON” which is an anagram of “MASON”. The word “Mason” is the shortened version of “FreeMason.”

The Masonic Square and Compass
The “G” stands for “God” (Lucifer)

A symbol of the Freemasons is the Square and Compass, and it makes for a good working substitute for super imposing a hexagram over the Great Seal and it obtains the same resulting letters of “ASMON” by putting the eye of the pyramid between the two legs of the compass. Five points, two from the compass and three from the square, were pointed at the letters “ASMON” which again, is the anagram of “MASON.”

asmonrlato.jpg (40208 bytes)

On the following map, you can see an upside down star (Satanic symbol) with the southern most point touching the White House. Located just north of this star is the Supreme Council 33° Temple, the place where Freemasons become 33rd Degree Masons. Also visible in the area of the U.S. Capitol Building is the symbol of the Freemasons; the square and compass.

wtau.gif (40265 bytes)
Washington D.C.

The top of the compass is made up of the streets surrounding the Capitol building. Making up the left leg of the compass is Pennsylvania Avenue which reaches in a straight line from the U.S. Capitol The top of the compass is made up of the streets surrounding the Capitol building. Making up the left leg of the compass is Pennsylvania Avenue which reaches in a straight line from the U.S. Capitol Building to the White House. The right leg of the compass is partially made up by the section of Maryland Avenue that’s between the U.S. Capitol Building and the modern day Federal Aviation Administration building. If you were to continue drawing a straight line while following the angle of Maryland Avenue, the line will end at the northern edge of the Jefferson Memorial which is directly South of the White House.

The Triple Tau

Another instance of connections between these symbols is a direct East to West line connecting the Capitol Building to the Washington Monument and a North to South line connecting the Washington Monument to the Supreme Council 33rd Degree Temple which is located 13 blocks north of the White House. The alignment of the North to South line from the Washington Monument to the Supreme Council 33rd Degree Temple implies that the real center of power in Washington is located in the temple. These two sets of lines make a right angle in the shape of a Square, from the Square and Compass symbol of FreeMasonry.

If you were to continue the East and West line from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, the “Square” becomes and inverted “T” with one leg pointing toward the Supreme Council 33rd Degree Temple and the other two legs pointing toward the Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial. According to Masonic symbology this is known as the “Triple Tau” which is decoded from the words “I am that I am” by using the Atbash Cipher in conjunction with the Hebrew Alphabet. It is also one of the symbols used by the Royal Arch Masons. According to a Royal Arch degree in Masonry the Triple Tau is described by the following paragraph;

“The Triple Tau, signifying, among other occult things, Templum Hierosolyma, ‘the Temple of Jerusalem’. It also means Clavis ad Theosaurum – ‘A key to a treasure’ – and Theca ubi res pretiosa deponitur – ‘A place where a precious thing is concealed’, or Res ipsa pretiosa – ‘The precious thing itself’.”

Decoding the Great Seal

Superimposing this same Square and Compass symbol on the Front side of the Great Seal you will notice that the same five points were super imposed over key areas of the Eagle on the Seal. The eagle replaced the Phoenix(the original national bird) in 1841 as the National bird. The Phoenix has been a Brotherhood symbol since ancient Egypt. The Phoenix was adopted by the Founding Fathers for use on the reverse of the first official seal of the United States after a design proposed by Charles Thompson, Secretary of the Continental Congress.

asmonrlato.jpg (40208 bytes)

On the Front side of the Great Seal, the five points from the Square & Compass point to the following areas; the tip of the right wing, the tip of the left wing, the arrows held by the left talons, the tail feathers, and the olive branch held by the right talons. If a person were to derive letters from these areas by following the same clockwise fashion mentioned above on the reverse side of the seal, they would get the following result; “R” for the right wing, “L” for the left wing, “A” for the arrows, “T” for the tail feathers and “O” for the olive branch. These letters spell out “RLATO”. If you noticed from the previous decoding of “ASMON” to “MASON“, the letter M was moved from the middle of this series of letters to the left side. If you did the same with “RLATO” by moving the “A” to the left side of this series of letters and got “ARLTO”

“MASON” and “ARLTO” seemed to be portions of names of both the fraternity of Freemasonry and a geographic location. By adding four letters, “FREE” to “MASON” you get “FREEMASON”. If you take “ARLTO” and add the four letters “ING” & “N” in the appropiate locations you end up with “ARLINGTON.”

If a person were to take the “M” from “MASON” and turn it upside down, you would get “W” and the new series of letters from the reverse of the Great Seal would be “WASON”. By adding the five letters of “HINGT” in the appropiate location the result is the name of the next geograpic location; “WASHINGTON.” If you add the five letters of “CHES” & “N” to “ARLTO” in the appropiate locations the result is “CHARLESTON.”

From the Reverse side of the Great Seal, we eventually end up with the words “FREEMASON” and “WASHINGTON” by adding and adjusting the appropriate letters to “MASON”. You learned from Chapter 2 that George Washington was a Freemason. Washington D.C. was named after George Washington. Many of the Founding Fathers of the United States were masons. Today the majority of the most influential politicians serving in Washington are Freemasons.

From the Front side of the Great Seal, we ended up with the words “ARLINGTON” and “CHARLESTON.” These two words are the names for Arlington, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina. What is the significance of these locations? Arlington, Virginia is the home of the Pentagon which is directly across the Potomac river from Washington D.C. and Charleston, South Carolina is the home of North America’s first Scottish Rite Lodge founded by the Freemasons.

Another thing to notice are the connections between the words derived from both the front and reverse sides of the Great Seal. Freemason (from the Reverse) and Charleston (from the Front) symbolically connect with each other. The first Masonic Scottish Rite lodge in North America was founded in Charleston, South Carolina and both have the number 33 in common. Charleston is located near 33° N Latitude and the 33rd Degree is the highest degree attainable in Freemasonry.

Washington(from the Reverse) and Arlington(from the Front) symbolically connect to each other by their symbiotic connection between the military presence of the Pentagon in Arlington and the White House in Washington where the Commander in Chief is located.

The geographic layout of both Arlington and Washington D.C. make up a square and its northern most point touches 39° N Latitude which happens to be a multiple of a very special number; 19.5°. 19.5° can be found by dividing 39° by the two boundary lines converging on this latitude. Therefore, 39° divided by two gives us 19.5°.

Why is 19.5° special? Over the course of several years of research, Richard C. Hoagland of the Enterprise Mission has found the number 19.5° in relation to Masonic and Ancient Egyptian symbology encoded in missions carried out by NASA. According to Hoagland, 19.5 is a number that is key to the geometric layout of ancient ruins at the Cydonia Region on Mars, which was photographed by the Viking Orbiter spacecraft in 1976, the year of the 200th Birthday of the United States, a country founded by Freemasons.

The Monuments of Mars, a book written by Hoagland, lays out the discovery of a geometric pattern encoded into the ruins of an ancient City and a Face like structure at Cydonia. This pattern shows that the artifacts at Cydonia are artificial in nature and were built by some race of intelligent beings. This complex was found in a series of photographs that were ridiculed by NASA and quietly filed away, one of them being photo 35A72 which contained the image of Cydonia.

Cydonia, Mars

According to Hoagland, the key or “Rosetta Stone” to the Cydonia complex was a five-sided structure that was named the D&M Pyramid (lower left corner; marked as “D”) after its discoverers, Vincent DiPietro and Gregory Molenaar. Further study of the D&M pyramid by Erol Torun, a cartographer for the Defense Mapping Agency, revealed the geometric alignments and connections between these Monuments of Mars. Multiple instances of 19.5 were found in this Pyramid and in the alightment of objects in the Cydonia region.

If the number 19.5 is present in Washington D.C. and Arlington, Virginia by dividing the latitude by two, what would happen if I compared this area to Cydonia? Very weird connections. Since the D&M pyramid is the geometric “Rosetta Stone” of the Cydonia region, what kind of a large five sided object in the area of Arlington, Virginia and Washington D.C. would serve a similar purpose? The Pentagon!

Now, with all the above information in your mind here is something even more interesting. We can clearly see Luciferic designs within the design of Government Center, Washington D.C. Lets take our knowledge one step further now.

Cydonia, Mars (above), has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Everybody seems to be so interested in the face (center left). There is also a crator (in the upper right corner), “the city”, sits in the upper left corner, and the D&M pyramid (five sided) sits below center left. We know Avebury, England is an exact duplicate of the Cydonia region on Mars.

David Percy made this connection a while back. He reported his findings on the television show SIGHTINGS.

The Pentagon was built in the 1940’s by General Leslie Groves, the same general who was in charge of the Manhattan Project which created the Atomic Bomb. According to the Masonic conspiracy theory, King Kill 33°, by James Shelby Downward, General Groves was a FreeMason.

The Pentagon

The layout of the Geometry at Cydonia is most interesting (below). Notice the points of the D&M pyramid point to the center of the city, the face and the spiral mound(a circular hill-like structure called the Tholus, in the lower right corner). The same geometry exits not only in Avebury, England but in WASHINGTON D.C. AS WELL!!!!

Mars, Cydonia

After seeing the layout of the Geometry at Cydonia in The Monuments of Mars and how three corners of the D&M pyramid pointed to the City, the Face and a circular hill-like structure called the Tholus it occured to me that the same geometry existed in the area of Washington D.C. and Arlington. In other words, the Pentagon is the Rosetta Stone of this entire area.

If you start with the center of the Pentagon and draw lines outward through the five corners, these lines will end up connecting with the White House, Anacostia Park in the Anacostia Area of the District of Columbia, George Washington Masonic Memorial, Baileys Crossroads in Fairfax County, Virginia, and Rosslyn in Arlington, Virginia. According to the official webpage of Fairfax County, Bailey’s Crossroads is located in the “MASON” district, an obvious reference to Freemasonry.

The Pentagon corner facing South/Southeast pointed to another Masonic reference at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia. Finding all of these landmarks, and then connecting them with lines to make an even larger five sided pentagon that covered the Washington D.C/Arlington, Virginia area, we have a geometric pattern we can make comparisons with.

Washington D.C.

Matching the scale of an image of Cydonia with an image of Washington D.C. and Arlington, you can see the startling match below.

The large pentagon geometry was offset slightly by being wider in the east, but symbolically it made sense. Why? This geometry was obviously designed to be looked upon by the “Great Architech of the Universe” who resides in the Eastern sky according to the Freemasons. I also added the upside down star, the Square and Compass, and the inverted Tau symbol found in the map of Washington D.C. to show the connections between those Masonic symbols and the larger geometric layout revealed in this paper. The really strange part about this is discovered when you learn that Washington D.C. was built in the late 1790’s, while the Pentagon was built in the 1940’s, a time difference of 150 years, as if to imply this geometry is part of a long term plan.

After laying out this geometry on a picture of the Washington D.C/Arlington, Virginia area, I superimposed the geometry over Cydonia and it matched. The D&M Pyramid, the Face, the City and the Tholus geometrically matched the locations of the Pentagon, the White House, Arlington in Virginia and the area known as Anacostia in D.C.

Picture of The Cydonia region on Mars with the Luciferic Design (Washington D.C.) superimposed on it.

The result of this became very obvious;

The Washington D.C./Arlington, Virginia area is an exact geometric duplicate of Cydonia.

Now, let’s look at this in chronological perspective. The City of Washington D.C. was designed in the 1790’s, the Pentagon was built in the 1940’s and the geometry linking the Washington D.C./Arlington, Virginia area is a duplicate of the geometry of Cydonia. All of this was designed as part of a long-range plan spanning decades and centuries.

According to many estimates, the date of the artifacts at Cydonia range from 300,000 to 3 Million years old or older. If that’s the case, then how could the Freemasons, who founded the United States of America in 1776, have knowledge of Cydonia geometry at least two hundred years before the Viking Orbiter photographed Mars in 1976?

There’s only one obvious and correct answer. The Freemasons have possession of knowledge passed down through history from an ancient inter-planetary civilization that existed thousands of years before “official civilized history” supposedly began 6,000 years ago in the Middle East.

Not all Freemasons are evil. There are ones who know what is going on but they choose not to do anything just yet for their own reasons. The time is coming soon.

(source :

41 Responses to “Freemason”

  1. Jhon smith Says:

    fuck the goverment!

    we need ANARCHY!

  2. Ferenc Gáll Says:

    Dear Henry! Being a believer of many-many conspiracies (I hate the stigma “conspiracy theorist”, for it is a “brush-off”) your words are oil on my fire. Ferenc

  3. Ferenc Gáll Says:

    Why is the date set for December 1, 2008, when it is still Nov. 30? Please tell.

  4. Ferenc Gáll Says:

    Stupid question it was!!! Naturally, you are 6 hrs. ahead of me.
    IU : haha..yes sure..i’m 6 hrs ahead you, ferenc..

  5. Carla Suarez Says:

    Graet investigation !!! Congratulations

  6. This is all very interesting, to be sure. But i have a few questions before I decide my fathers part of a conspiracy.

    Why do you the beleive that the “G” in the middle fo the square and compass, if relating to “God” definately mean “lucifer” instead of the more conventional “God”?

    (dont take offence at this) it seems a LITTLE liek you’re clutching at straws ever so slightly with the “MASON” and “ARLTO” things being part of other names.

    If Freemasons or Martians, or which ever sect, wished to be secret, why would they put hints in things like money? I dont get that bit.

    What motives do they have for causing us harm? They could just simply be present and observing. The classic meaning of Freemasonry, told to me by various bits of research, is that it is closely related to alchemy. not alchemy in the sense of “creating gold” but alchemy in the sense of “advancing man kind”

    Surely, just because something is secret doesn’t mean it is evil?

    Please answer these for me, I’m very interested to see the varying opinions on these issues.


    a fifteen year old who doesn’t know what to beleive.

    • Gordon, I’d recommend starting with the “In God We Trust” part of the dollar bill, and learn about his son, Jesus. Research the evidence yourself, it has brought great truth and change to my life, I just had to quit listening to what other people told me. So by all means, find the truth for yourself. But A book I’d recommend, which you can get used off Amazon for $4 with shipping, is “Surprised By Faith”, by Dr. Don Bierle. It’s an easy yet very informative read.

    • They like to keep things secret and put their symbols everywhere so that it sticks to your Subconscious mind. Through this you kinda accept their symbolism into your life. Infact this may be interesting: I was at my friends house and her younger sister was drawing some pictures. I saw one of her pictures and it was the Pyramid with the all seeing eye, dumbfounded i asked her: where have you seen this before… and she replied dunno its just a doodle.
      This is just a simple example of how your subconcious mind picks up symbolism and subliminal messages. They also like to include these in films and TV.
      When watching TV, especially in a dark room, a connection between the person and whats going on occurs which puts that person in a trance. The person feels affiliated with whats going on. Thats why people feel emotions, people cry in films, laugh and feel empathy for fictional characters. In this moment, a person will most likely accept what theyre being told is the truth. This is why its perfect to put subliminal messaging into Television and Films because our subconscious mind really connects with it. This can have corruptious effects on all people especially the young. New world order is aimed at the New Generation.. You will easily spot masonic symbols in modern pop.
      Many people im sure dont like to be indoctrinated lol, so if they find out they are out there… well they will watch out for their work and do the best they can to not get affected by it. If people know the jig is up!
      Thats why they wanna be secret.


      Also a 15 year old, looking to find the right path in life 😉

      good luck 😀 and wake up as many people as you can out there!

      • Now, I understand the grounding for that theory of subliminal symbolism, but is it not also possible that the symbols are actually a part of the human unconscious? I mean, left to their own devices, I’m sure that, even if a human had never seen a any shape before, they’d still given the right equipment, draw triangles, circles, squares, stars, etc. Seeing also that an eye is something that often both sees things and shows the emotions of the person, combining a triangle and an eye is just a sort of natural step, just like placing a hand inside a circle or an animal fang inside a diamond- you know, there’s a certain aesthetic appeal to it all.

        So, it’s possible, is it not, that Freemasons have simply formalised an ancient doodle?

  7. ??????????? Says:

    watch the history channel they gave a show all about this

  8. ?????????2 Says:

    by the way its not like that its very interesting though ill look more into this

  9. free masonic Says:

    really man you are a fanatic but is really interesting your article i think are coincidences and you must to use your brain in other things

  10. Gordon, you are making good points.

  11. I am doing Bible study now and one of my subjects in Free masonary. Just because something is secret does not mean it is evil but in this case it does mean it is evil..How can something not be evil if you look at it in a christian way? Free masons are great in covering up, or desplaying themselves as christians, but get past the three grades, then youll understand more about it.

    Its funny that the free masons only talk about joining them and the first three grades in free masonary….Makes yo wonder!

  12. It takes the wisdom of the Almighty from the unseen world that can let us comprehend the mining of the sign and the mark or anything we would like to create. Albert Einstein did it.

  13. jak-art Says:

    sama kaya buku karya dan brown, the lost symbol..nothing special..

  14. non-masonophobic Says:

    Hmm.. so many ppl worry too much bout useless things.. Worry bout devil/satan/lucifer/etc when no one can even give any proof of it’s existence.. Yet we became ignorant with what happened to our real world, where famine and climate drastic changes are at large..
    Pathetic the way many human has fallen to the imagination of their non-sensible fear..

  15. Sorry, this is drivel – the last post has a good point..
    It beats me how anyone can take the map-based stuff seriously.
    Try reading some good science and history books — you are mistaking fantasy for reality.

  16. for all people whos do not believe about masonic : open your mind, your eyes and your heart . .

  17. sayap malaikat Says:

    Very interesting but fool.

  18. Brandon Says:

    Everything seems very well researched, but one correction i have is the “G” in the middle of the compass actually stands for “Golgotha”. Which means “the place of the skull”

    In many masonic images, there is a skull in the middle of the compass, and instead of making it obvious, they just put a G there to represent “the place of the skull”

    Very nicely done on the other stuff though.

  19. hey, that’s word “INDONESIAN” ?
    saya mau tau ttg blog ini terus apa yg dimaksud dlm blg ini ..
    please tell me something

    i’m from jogja

  20. wow its so HIstorical



    too much connecting something has nothing to do !!!!!!

  24. you are man .
    very good
    ya zahra

  25. my god is allah
    read thh qouran.
    down whit big satan -u.s

  26. ive been reading the thread and its obvoius you guys hate freemasonry so much. anyway you are all entitled to your own opinions however let me get this straight to all of you mason-mockers,,,we are not evil, we dont worship satan, all the conspiracies arent true, if it was , it should have been featured in great documentaries, all that despise freemasonry have been partly involve in the crafts and did not receive favorable responses like admitted to the fraternity (try to research the persons), worship of the devil baphomet has its own history and its not freemasonry, the pentagram is different from a pentacle, and a lot more.
    i dont believe on the credibility of people saying the G is golgotha or what not. it is an initiial for GOD., the supreme being who created heavens and earth. we are ordninary people making ourselves better by charity works, without something in return, we take care of the orphans and the widows, donate to people sticken by famine or disasters and you call us evil? evil doesnt know GODLY works. evil doesnt take joy in helping others in distress. we simply pass by this world and we are just doing the moral law, not with conspiracies and NEW world order, not the dollar bill issue much more with the maps of washington.
    ask 1 2B1….and you’ll see.

    masonic brother


    you fucking damn masonic fukcing dam i hate yo TODDDDD

  28. hindra332 Says:


  29. note that Freemason are best people that you can mix with in this hypocrite , fake , insincere world.Freemason helps you to know yourself better and work constantly on your weakness like those who wrote stupid unintelligent things that they don’t even know.we are everywhere and we will always remain everywhere.we respect all religions, we don’t critics anyone who believe in god , there is only one god , no matter what your religion is you are still pryaing it,man created religions not god.

    Jealousy is the only thing that is bugging you and the thirst of discovering this ancient brotherhood of man society is making you angry, Freemason is not secret but discrete, you cannot let any dumb or stupid human being be among us, as they will spoil the readings are intelligent and DEEP.Guys you can use your physical power or visual network to do what ever you want but you will never be part of this humble , simple, honest and discrete brotherhood of man society.

    Educate yourself , work on your intelligence and be simple , you will see the other side of life.

    May god forgive those who use him as an excuse for putting the others down.

    Bro A.L

  30. nice shot!

    I like it!!!

  31. confusedman Says:

    hey hey, what does the mean of that tittle “INDONESIA UNDERGROUND” ? someone, tell me please?

  32. JanKenPon Says:

    Most people are stupid or well called unintelligent being. They are just acting based on emotional and illogical sense. This is what we called a human incarnation on the instinct level. Since internet and globalization are so common in today’s modern world you might expect to meet them almost in every corner of the cyber world. though most of them but not necessarily all of them are coming from 3rd world country. They are just too lazy to get educated and too fancy to be governed by the demon called ‘Sloth’ and ‘Pride’

  33. Untuk semua yg di Indomesia yg dihantui perasaan tidak percaya itu sungguh sgt di sayangkan. Novel yg beredar di Indonesia itu tujuannya untuk memperkenalkan sekalian memberi peringatan klu
    memang itu benar2x ada (dg dibuktkan apa yg ada di musium prasasti itu ). Disini di USA semua sdh tahu sp gol kelas bawah, dimana yg dulunya hanya diketahui gol ” the Elite” aja. Semua kerusuhan & sgl penyimpangan poitik , penyimp semua jenis agama dll siapa yg mendanai ? Hati2x sj dg negara kita tersayang…krn kebanyakan tokoh 2x politik di dunia didanai si “F” ini. Di kristen disebut Anti Kristus di Islam di sebut Dajjal. Anggotanya adalah sekuler (semua agama) jd menuding agama satu dg yg lain tidak akan ada manfaatnya, karena boroknya ada di manusia yg beragama tp munafik ( kaki tangan “F”) . Be prepare for something worst in the future keep searching in youtue to find out more. Krn mereka ada hub dg organisasi lain spt skull & bone Yale Univ, The Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, The brotherhood, Illuminati, Foreign Council Reletionship, dll ( these people are worldwide to make you away from your real faith to become human who do anything to make money to do their evil plan, to ruin the whole human life in the earth ). Believe me the don’t have a good plan for your kids & your family . And also full with sins doing….

  34. manusia diciptakan oleh Alloh SWT untuk beribadah kepada NYA apabila manusia tidak beribadah kepada NYA maka hidupnya akan sengsara, tidak bahagia….

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