Secret Honor of George W. Bush

(Spoiler Alert: Contains plot details of “Batman: The Dark Knight”)

(Conspiracy Nation, 08/27/08)In the 1984 film, “Secret Honor”, Richard Nixon is portrayed as having purposefully created the Watergate scandal to thwart the evil intentions of persons above him in power. But Nixon could never let the truth of his sacrifice be told. And so there is the idea of Nixon having “secret honor.”

The latest Batman movie also closes with this idea of “secret honor.” Kennedy-esque district attorney Harvey Dent (Two Face) is corrupted into going outside the law in pursuit of justice. Dent is apparently killed by Batman. He and Commissioner Gordon decide the truth about Dent cannot be told since it would devastate the morale of Gotham City. Instead, Dent is made into a hero, and Batman “takes the fall”, being held responsible for Dent’s crimes. Batman thereby has “secret honor.”

Batman, in the latest Dark Knight installment, is generally thought to represent George W. Bush. Condoleezza Rice would be Robin (absent in the latest “Batman”). Alfred the Butler would be Dick Cheney. (Background: “Batman Forces On The Prowl”.

In 2004, Conspiracy Nation broached this idea of Dubya Bush having secret honor. Bush had been “out of the loop” on the fateful day of September 11, 2001 (9/11). “In the loop” on 9/11/01 was Alfred the Butler: Dick Cheney. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, George W. Bush “was frustrated with the poor communications that morning. He could not reach key officials…” Bush was handed a fait accompli and could not reveal the whole truth. Akin to the situation of Batman “taking the fall” to preserve the morale of Gotham City, Dubya Bush had to play along with the concocted story of 9/11. To do otherwise would have destroyed the faith of Americans in the federal government. But secretly, George W. Bush has honor in the affair. (Background: “The Secret Honor Scenario”

And what is next for Batman Bush? Donald Freed, who wrote the script for the 1984 movie “Secret Honor” (directed by Robert Altman), is reportedly working on a new play: “Patient #1”. It reportedly is “set in 2009 at an elite psychiatric clinic in South Florida” and “imagines a heavily sedated President George W. Bush, after he has left the Oval Office.” (“Donald Freed”, Wikipedia, Aug. 26, 2008)

An alternate scenario has George W. Bush hightailing it to Paraguay, there to live out his days, safe from extradition.

A third scenario has Dubya Bush leaving as his legacy the Biblical War of Gog and Magog, followed by the arrival of the Jewish Messiah and/or Jesus Christ.

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