Hertford Templar Welcomes Publication of Prayer

(From http://www.conspiracyarchive.com)

13:41 – 01 September 2008

A HERTFORD member of the mysterious Knights Templar order has welcomed the Vatican’s publication of a new prayer which was recited by the brotherhood.

The Vatican newspaper published the prayer composed by the monastic military order during their captivity after falling foul of Pope Clement V and King Philip IV of France in 1307 on heresy charges.
Modern day Templar Ben Acheson told the Herald: “This seems to be an attempt at apologising. Saying sorry by releasing a poem is rather cryptic and dramatic, but the Templars and the Vatican like to conduct business that way when it comes to matters grave and ancient.”

Experts claim that the prayer, recently released from the Vatican’s secret archives, sheds light on the Templars’ trial and say that the prayer exonerates the order from any wrongdoing.

Documents from Vatican’s secret archives shed light on the trial of the Knights Templar. Among the released documents was a parchment apparently showing that Pope Clement V had at first cleared the order of heresy.

The prayer appeals to the Virgin Mary to free the order, “despite all the lies that have been thrown at us by liars” and guide the order’s enemies toward “truth and charity.


TM:I have no definite opinion on the Acheson claims. The local Hertfordshire “press,” however, have been “reporting” on this for quite some time, and never seem to seriously question the validity of the Achesons. This, it seems, is outright exploitation of the public’s credulity in the wake of the Da Vinci Code phenomenon.



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